Charging claunech talisman

So i have decided to work with claunech, not really conversant with demons(i work mostly with angels).

Do not know how to work with demons nor have any relationship with them so i was wondering how to charge claunech talisman.

Didnt use the search function by typing “how to charge a talisman” because i want it to be strictly how clauneck would want his/her talisman to be charged,and not the general wat of charging talismans.

I will be using wealth magick method to contact clauneck(i am not performing the entire wealth magick ritual,was just interested in working with him and realized wealth magick book has a chapter on working with him).

I will appreciate if anyone who has SUCCESSFULLY worked with claunech tell me how he/she charged the talisman

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These are contradictory statements in a way.

Just because I’ve made a talisman, charge it and used it with an entity, doesn’t mean that I meet your requirement of being exactly the way that entity would have You do it.

Basically your reply requirements equate to you need to summon the entity and channel a method of charging the talisman yourself.

You don’t necessarily need to be clairaudient to do so, but you will need to know how to listen to your intuition.

Nothing we have done already is going to be exactly the way this entity would have You do it, so I am afraid there isn’t much for this sort of thing except make contact and figure out what they would have you do. :blush:


Okay,thanks for the reply.

For someone with zero astral sense and intuitive ability,i guess surmoning cl

Thanks for the response.
For someone with zero astral senses and intuitive ability, i guess it would be easier for me to fly than surmon clauneck and know how he will want his talisman charge…lol

I guess i willl edit my question to be just ,“how do you charge clauneck talisman”

Thank you once again

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  1. I painted his sigil very large (4 feet wide) in white latex paint on a wall of my house when I was redecorating. Make sure the wall faces East.

  2. I charged it the same way you generally charge it, because that’s how talismans work. (Whether Clauneck likes it or not, (he doesn’t care, he’s a sensible chap) magick basics don’t change. The underlying mechanics are what they are.
    You still have to get your energy with your intent that Clauneck can manifest through it into the talisman, to do this to use attention and intention together to bring and program the energy to do what you want. Do that any way you can, it doesn’t matter how just that you do it.

  3. Then I painted it over and finished the redecorating. Hey presto, permanent stealth sigil that is open for Clauneck on the wall, bringing prosperity to my whole house.

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Replace “Paimon” for “Clauneck”.

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I get it lol. Charging items will make more sense to you once you develop this a bit- you can do the steps anyways and they will work. They just will, but once you can feel energy, and sense it working and doing what you intend for it to- and develop a sense of knowing about it- like whether it’s pretty much instant or it takes quite a bit of energy to do.

It helps because you know then that you’ve done something, you generally sense how it will turn out and many beneficial items, but it takes a while to get there and just going through the steps and knowing that your intent/thoughts direct the energy to your desired effect is more than enough to succeed, until your senses and knowledge catch up. Eventually they will and you’ll have ahaha! Moments and the like. And more questions, of course.