Easy Demonic Talisman

This past year has really been the year of amulets and talismans for me. Whether I’m shopping for Thai occult amulets or putting together mojo bags for this or that, it’s been an interesting study. Recently I’ve begun working with demons and have found an area of my work life that King Paimon’s influence can benefit. I could always order a necklace or ring bearing his sigil, but I knew that I needed his help ASAP. So I came up with this little technique that you could use too!

I started the ritual by evoking King Paimon and offering him some frankincense and myrrh smoke. I drew his sigil on a piece of brown paper and wrote my petition on the back, presenting it to him and promising him some red wine and more incense if he helps. I needed his help taming the anger of my work environment and getting the respect of those who are above me. So I chose some lavender, mandrake root pieces, gravel root, and master of the woods. I blessed each herb with the power of King Paimon as I passed them through smoke, telling each herb what it’s supposed to do for me. I then wrapped the herbs in the paper with the petition facing towards the herbs. Next, I stapled the little package together so I could carry it in my pocket without the herbs falling out. And viola! A simple little package talisman that I can carry with me at work. Now you could always make a mojo bag with demonic sigils using a plethora of herbs, dirts, stones, etc. but this is just a super simple method for those who like to work with herbs or for those who need help fast. One or two herbs will do but the more the merrier I always say.