Chants to help evoke Lucifer?

Hello, I want to evoke Lucifer and ask him for his guidance, mostly to asking him to help me open my astral senses. I know what his Sigil is (see image), but what are some chants I could say to increase his chances of appearing near me? How is he toward beginners? What about beginners who ask to have their astral senses opened?


There is a lot of information on this forum about Lucifer. Try the search function in the upper right. You’ll find threads such as this:


He’s one of those that always comes. So your chance is already 100%.


I’m excited. I really hope Lucifer helps open the door to the wonderful world of spirits and perceiving thoughtforms by opening my Astral senses.

On another subject about Lucifer, I’ve heard people around here say that the Christian God and Jesus are extremely powerful or bloated entities because most of the world unknowingly gives them so much energy. Which brings me to another subject; with so much people who believe Lucifer is the evil to end all evils and wishing him total failure, why does Lucifer still seem to be in good health from what I can gather here? And how does he feel about what Christians think (I want to know this from his perspective)?

Well don’t forget that it doesn’t come free. You also need to do your own inner work, mediate, eat clean, strengthen the vessel.

Supposedly it was stated walk the hard narrow path. Seems the Christian path is pretty wide and bloated with everyone trying to save their souls into this egregious heaven.

When I dreamed of the land of the newly dead or storage I had a couple of guides. They tried to warn me not to take this narrow dark path. I think they knew I’d go against such outright urgency to avoid and balk their authority. Lotta angels in that place (low tiered angels or spirits that guided souls to wherever).

I can’t say I regret my choice at all. I just plunge in deeper the best I can. Hardly worried about drowning in this spiritual whirlpool.