Channeled messages / King Paimon

Random tidbits that others may find useful

( In regards to contradictory information on King Paimon )

Em :angel:t2:: King Paimon, why is there such contradictory information out there?

King Paimon :crown: : There are a myriad of people who think they know me and what they are talking about, and it offends me greatly that they deceive and misread information regarding me to the masses. Humanity begs me for help but can’t even speak the truth. You are correct about what you know is true, these people have misinterpreted aspects of me and one day I will make them suffer for it; however my attentions are needed elsewhere.

( In regards to people working with him )

Em👼🏻: Do all these people really work with you?

King Paimon :crown:: Some do, some don’t. They seem to throw around the fact that they do likes it’s a badge to be proud of. They work with me, only because I wish it.

( In regards to humanity )

Em👼🏻: I’m beginning to lose hope for humanity .

King Paimon :crown:: My teachings will be present for those who will listen, those who won’t will be thrown out of the classroom… so to speak.

( In regards to not using his title as King unless he has specified otherwise )

King Paimon :crown:: I have earned my place of power, prestige and renown. They will address me by my title and with the respect and devotion I am entitled to… or they will wish they had.

( Advice given to me in regards to people being cruel / taking too much - that I believe may help others :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: )

King Paimon :crown:: You don’t need them, they need you or they need what they can get from you. Deny them. Keep you and everything of you for yourself and only give it to those deserving, who earn it.


I never really have worked with him, he spoke to me once but this resonated with me alot


I shall see what he says and / if he will answer these for you :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

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Thank you. PM me for the tarot reading(s) owed.

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I always pronounced his name (Pie-Mon)


In regards to your questions he stated he would prefer you invoke him yourself. The others I assume you’ll need to ask of him when invoking.

I did however put forward the questions I believe would be helpful for you to be as respectful as possible before invoking. ( he was more willing towards these )

2 - If invited over for tea time to discuss matters, is Jasmine tea and little sweet pastries acceptable?

King Paimon :crown:: It is indeed acceptable.

3 - King Bah–yay–moan or Pah–ee–moan?

King Paimon :crown:: The latter.


King Paimon likes red wine?


In my personal experience I have not offered that for him, I always give sweets or chocolates ( however this does not mean he doesn’t like it, I just haven’t personally given it ) I do believe others have offered Red wine on the forum and he’s liked it but I won’t ask him any more questions today like this. He seems very fond of peanut type chocolates though ! :black_heart:


Thank you :black_heart:

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The reason I have those two pronunciations listed was because yesterday when I tried to find the origin of his name, a certain language was suggested in translate. I researched pronunciations and meanings from that point. I don’t feel like it is my place to share further details about it as if he wanted that known publicly, he would have done so already through the various magi he’s interacted with over the years.

There’s also a great possibility that I am wrong with my findings and do not wish to add anymore misinformation to his legacy. The Christian Church has already marred his image by using propaganda to turn his character into a caricature.

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I always pronounce it like Pay-mon :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing @heartignited ! Reminds me a lot of what He has told me before that I shared here:


Yes I’ve read these many times :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: wonderful advice from a mighty King indeed.



Can you ask King Paimon about help and advice to come into contact with a dear friend I need to get back into contact with?

His name is Hamid Reza and I miss him dearly.

If you’re taking questions, may I ask for a small favor?

I tried to call him several times in the past. I mostly don’t get responses (with some exceptions from Bune, Lucifer and the angel Opfaal, were things indeed happened). May you ask if he just doesn’t wish to work with me or if I just still suck too much at magic?


Anyone interested in hearing some of his stories let me know.


Yes. Yes I would. Especially if he’s ever dropped hints regarding the stories found on Goetic seals.

@Purple. I used to know a Purple. His brother went by the nickname Periwinkle. I blame them mainly for why I got so accustomed to discussing philosophy and science while stoned to the point I could barely tolerate the boorishness of other stoners. Sorry for the useless random memory from my life.

Hi dear, unfortunately he really dislikes this. As stated before he wants peoples to invoke him himself. Sorry for any inconvenience !

Hey! I won’t be taking questions as he’s stated he wants people to invoke him himself. I’m uncertain if he does or does not wish to work with you, he may have used his Kings / other spirits to talk to you and you may not have noticed?

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Part two random tidbits

( In regards to information overload / different views )

King Paimon :crown:: It’s kind of like a stew and everyone’s opinion / knowledge is an different ingredient. The more ingredients you add, the more of an incomprehensible mess it becomes; the more tricky it becomes to identify the flavour etc.

( In regards to his personal interests )

Em :angel:t2:: Is your favourite subject art / creativity? Not the ones you teach but more so what you personally enjoy.

King Paimon :crown:: It is among my most favourable yes, alongside music, passion, lust, knowledge.

( In regards to someone saying King Paimon doesn’t like jokes, I thought it might make people laugh :joy: he’s quite sassy at times even if it’s unintentional )

Em :angel:t2:: Do you agree with this statement King Paimon?

King Paimon :crown:: Well it’s quite simple really, the majority of humans are just a lot less funny than they think they are.

( In regards to future telling )

Em :angel:t2:: Are we only able to predict the future due to it being able to change at any given moment?

King Paimon :crown:: Exactly correct, at it’s current course it can go in the way we assume; however that can change at any time.

( In regards to his relationship with his two Kings )

Em :angel:t2:: Are you close with your Kings or is it more so strictly business?

King Paimon :crown:: Business mostly, they do my bidding. That’s what they are there for.

Em :angel:t2:: Do you get along with them?

King Paimon :crown:: Yes, no quarrels with them.

( In regards to his status )

Em :angel:t2:: Are you considered a God, not just a daemon / angel?

King Paimon :crown:: To some humans and entities yes.