Changing an inherent perception: Drawing power from the cold. ( Help needed)


Changing an inherent perception: Drawing power from the cold.

I’ll start with the premise to save time, and below is how it all came to me.

I’m looking for help and tips in drawing power from cold. I understand the degree of internal alchemy this will take.
But I am and always have been, seen myself as and felt at my core as an extension of fire, that it is my element, my truth, my beginning and my end, as if I was born of it to be returned to it. ( I’ve always ran warm, a Leo, and fire scrying was my first intro to the occult at the age of 4, I would have panic attacks due to trauma and upon looking at a flame for the first time and every time after my mind would dissociate into the dance of the flame and within seconds cause a feeling of taking a Xanax, rather a calm wash over as if my parasympathetic nervous system was reset, the way that kumbhaka and breathe holds reset it PNS.

I have changed my relationship with “cold” from something dreadful, an enemy, a nuisance, to a warm and welcoming friend. I welcome it and its energy as a lover.

And have been only taking cold showers this entire year. I am working out a meditative practice involving snow and an outdoor location I meditate at where my first kundalini visions occurred. These visions were of me walking out to a frozen harbor where the entire sea was frozen and ships were frozen into the harbor. in my visions I join a group to meditate on this frozen ship on this frozen sea in the midst of a morning blizzard, entering while a father/son combo left, myself taking their place.

I think this vision was a spirit informing me or pointing me in the direction of doing “cold energy work” as if it were signs to affirm that I was to learn to “draw power from cold/winter”

I’d like this to be an open discussion about working with these elemental energies.

This morning I woke up earlier than most, and decided to work out, I hopped on bike for warmup ride to gym and found it was the first day of snow this winter. The sky was deadened and gray, and it was snowing.

I immediately was reminded of countless winters of being “cold, stiffened, rigid, drained of energy” both physically mentally and energetically.

I noticed this energy in myself this morning and surrendered my sight to the falling snow, imagining each piece of snow
landing viscerally, i.e. I imagined snowflakes landing on my sinuses… and with each one I felt the cold and melting water, and felt the inflamed tissue slowly relax and release until my sinus drained and I could breathe ( 30 seconds of what felt like an hour).

I rode off on my bike focused completely on the snow falling and each snowflake’s cold touch releasing tension and thoughts as I slowly fell into a meditative state.

Images came back of how winter sucked and it was all just how i perceived it and my relationship to it.

I then remembered the energy drain of winter as a concept and felt my energy waning

I decided that I no longer wished to feel such emotions about winter and the cold. I no longer could “hibernate” and retreat into the comfort of my abode. I remembered all the times I’ve pushed my body and mind to the extreme to get into so far out of my comfort zone it was borderline traumatic. almost being swallowed by the Indian ocean swimming naked in the southern shores of Goa during monsoon season as a 12 year old, jumping from 10+ feet cliffs and trees and buildings, ice baths in the dead of winter, instense running through torrential rain, freezing temps or scorching temps. to putting myself in the face of whatever childhood trauma. To forcing myself into traumatic social situations for years to domesticate myself like an animal.

I remembered how i felt most alive in this situation and felt the most prominent energetic experiences of my life. That it was in these moments exploring discomfort was where I found the truths i sought.

I heard whispers from my younger self, and phrases of power (personally charged mantras) I had created and used in my younger years to reprogram my consciousness/psychology.
“extreme to extreme but never in between” kept ringing in head, and i recalled how this was a clever way of understanding Squeeze theorem in Calculus 1 in high school.

I repeated it to myself and went for a ride in 20 degrees and snow pelting my face. I relaxed into a meditative state again, and tried to “feel” the energy of the snow and winter storms.

I was able to sense the “reduction of heat” or rather the absence of heat, as stillness the way a vast river/ocean is still but moving slowly and powerfully at the same time.

Now cold is the absence of heat and a form of “anti-energy” which i suppose is just another form of energy for my purposes here.

I’m looking for some water/air elemental practices I think.
with which to understand the inherent cold aspect of those.


i realized that since i’m searching to draw power from the absence of heat, what i’m seeking must be rooted in in an aspect of the void. so possibly space/ether element could be the root of which cold is an application/implication.

can anyone speak on void meditation or how to draw power from the void.


In the Norse mythology they have a interesting creation myth.

They believed in the void however they called it ginnungagap. Then from far sides of the void rose extreme heat and extreme cold.

Ice came from the north which was the land of Niflheim. The first world to exist was Muspell, a place of light and heat whose flames are so hot that those who are not native to that land cannot endure.

This is just a story of lore of course.

However you can draw power from the cold, why not invoke the powers of the realm Niflheim or even the beings of that realm.

Do it in a cold area, use runes and evoke or invoke these beings draw on their power of ice.

However becareful learn balance think of your inner temple (The Self) as the void.

If you have one element overpowering the other this leads to imbalance instead become the balance of heat and cold, fire and ice, become a child of Niflheim and Muspell.

I do not know why I used the Norse system for this, for I don’t work with it much anymore but this story seemed to fit your situation.

So maybe take a dive into the Norse system of magick and mythology.


@C.Kendall Yes. Ooh, I like this. Cold has other attributes than low kinetic energy. It bites hard, it builds mountains, it preserves and it strengthens and solidifies.

Well, I wouldn’t say cold is the the void. It’s a relative term too. The temperature scale starts at -273C (or, 0 Kelvin, absolute zero). Compared to the cold of space 20 degrees is boiling. It’s certainly hot enough to vaporise oxygen crystals which melt at 54.8 Kelvin.

Drawing in cold is still drawing in energy, it’s just that the energy is yin in comparison to your own energy. This is good if you are unbalanced with too much yang. It’s not a great idea imo if you are in balance or already have more yin energy than yang.


Can you provide any resources I could look into?
I’m not sure what I can and cannot trust let alone what to look for in the vastness of Norse.


to the best of my knowledge, I’ve always been a yin fire element.
so in your opinion it would be more beneficial to focus on yang energy? possibly the yang fire?


Uh, I have to be honest I don’t know much about the 10 characters. I think this is about who you are rather than balance, kind of like an astrology thing, I’m not sure if you need to do anything about it, other than be aware of possible Yin Fire negative traits in case you want to compensate for them maybe?

You have taught yourself good control of your energy in terms of meridian balance if you can run out in the cold and extreme heat and not get sick :smile:

But you said you wanted to draw power from the absence of heat, and I was kind of agreeing with you that you could, pointing out there’s plenty of kinetic energy left to draw from in’ cold’ things - depends how cold. You would just make them even colder and you hotter.

I do really like void meditations. Lucifuge did one with me and explained it’s how I can ‘rest’ and rejuvenate, since I feel pretty world weary a lot of the time, and that it’s how daemons can sleep, he said. I like it.

C Kendall posted a nice one recently, did you see…?


This Is SUCH a fucking synchronicity!! I was literally just doing this outside.

I found that instead of fighting the cold by using the Fire element, I could use my Will to increase my Cold Tolerance.

Instant results.

The only issue is my hands and I have to increase the tolerance there.

Imma do this using the runes, frost giants, deities of Winter/Cold/Death etc.


so i understand this process of increasing the heat. I have a similar tm I refer to as fireskin, which feels like a cloak of warmth and fire with tingles. like a low hum electricity almost.

But I wanted to not do something like this and commune with the cold.

But @Maulbeere makes a good point of absorbing the cold and enhancing the inner heat. I’ll work on this and see if it leads me to any deeper truths/understanding.

I’ll try to absorb energy from the cold to feed a bigger flame. so it seems like these two would need to be simultaneous like inhale/exhale at same time.


Care to show the technique @jetplane813? :joy:


I wanted to PM you but then i realized I often find myself wishing people would just post this sort of info publicly for sake of knowledge dissemination and connections being made.

Few ways it works for me.
Sometimes it’s passively generated, unsure what causes this.

  • sometimes triggered by subconscious thoughts or varieties of chinese tea I drink to enhance energy before work.

If I’m already having energy move throughout body or circulating or excited it become a matter of molding. through the below.

otherwise from scratch

  • raise energy or get it flowing internally
  • I commune with the space between my eyebrows and the top of my skull. I imagine that the top of my skull expands to the skies.
  • then i imagine a spark of a flame light in my gut and in it the space between my eyebrow and the tip of my skull. and the flame roars engulfing that space. Then I introduce a personal connection with the flame. This is done by tapping into a past experience/vision/connection I made with fire where it appeared to me in a strange artistic way like how Norse or Mayan or Aztec drawings are, after seeing the fire my consciousness was transported to a Lion watching a sunset somewhere in a safari type land.

-once I connect with fire internally, I release sexual energy ( slightly different feeling from the other energy but same) maybe flexing the sexual energy is a better way to phrase it.

  • feel the sexual energy spread like a cloak over my body, then feel the spreading of that energy again but as if another layer was being added.

I flex my prostate in term of tantra where its shooting energy up my spine is how i spread and intensify the sexual energy.

Then its just a matter of using emotions to feed the fire whatever energy it needs.
sometimes its love, sometimes its a blood lust , sometimes its the feeling of being drunk of power, or unbridled devotion/ gratitude to the universe for allowing me to feel this.

the streamlined version is basically

  • release sexual energy
  • feel it cloaking my body ( like its gas)
  • feel & visualize a spark for ignition
  • feel this spark spread throughout the “gas” and ignite it all
  • then temper the flame evenly, or more intensely.

I never temper it down as it often will fade naturally in time.

mind sharing your method?