Change the past to assist in the present

Yesterday i decided to make conntact with King Paimon. My reason for doing it was to gain aid in my personal quest and help me find way to understand different topics in school. Being as im fairly fresh its also good practice.
The entire “project” went well and during the work i did get some strange images into my head.
It could be described as slices of time as canvas painting. The idea that was presented was that every moment in existence was a different canvas. So that would mean that there in theory could be in existence a museum with paintings from every moment of my entire life or paintings for the entire universe.
That was one idea that was presentet to me and the other that followed was that one small change in one painting could have had a huge impact on my life like the 2butterfly effect". Presented was the fact that if i could come with a brush to this museum and change a painting it could change who i am right now.
This idea seemed interesting but i could not see why King Paimon would give it to me, it didnt seem to correspond to what i was asking for but i made sure to remember it.
Now today while i was thinking of this and what it would mean i came to some insights that i would like to share and have your thoughts and ideas on.
I think i grasped one key to how i could make some changes in the canvases and why it could be helpfull.
Now im not stating that this methods will change every decision you have made in life this can help remove obstacles in your life that comes from your past.
Seeing as my personal development might be held back by blocks from my past i think i realised why this insight was given to me.
The canvases are our memories and experiences which makes us who we are today. So if we tamper with one of those paintings say one where i fell down a roof and which today makes me afraid of hights. If i change that picture via hypnosis, meditation or NLP i can alter the meaning of that memory and the impact it has on me and rid me of that said fobia.
Then i will have altered that painting, and that will be a change in the past.

As im writting this im sure there must be some psychological term or theory for this but nothing i know of and this was given to me yesterday and writting it down helps me process it a little and mayby something in my gibberish might be usefull to someone.


I have been pondering on that idea as well for the past few months. It struck me as an epiphany and somehow I know it is possible. Time is not linear, it is a constant which means at any point we have access to all of it since we are in the dimension of time.
How to do it? I do not yet know but I know in my being that it is possible. Anything is possible. We create this reality after all and we agreed on the rules!


Hi there. This is a topic I know a thing or two about and yes, it is absolutely possible.
Like a lot of things, it’s actually fairly simple.

You ever see the movie Butterfly Effect? It’s sort of like that but with meditation and you get to be Ashton Kutcher!

I’m going to assume you know the basics of meditation or spell-working…

Ground yourself. Use whatever method you use in order to achieve a deep meditation state.

You’re correct, time is not linear nor is it a circle. It simply IS. There is even a scientific hypothesis going around that all Time is actually occuring right now. That is, in a singular moment. In order to understand the nature of Time, you can’t think in the normal three-dimensional perspective. Every moment that has ever occurred or ever will, including and and all variations (or “timelines”), is happening simultaneously.

So, knowing that, all you need to do is move to the moment that you wish to be in.
I have found that doing this within my own lifetime is easiest to accomplish (hence the Butterfly Effect reference).

Remember that time. That place. The thing you want to change. Concentrate on it until it becomes firmament around you. You are projecting yourself, via your memory, into another place that is equally valid as the present moment as this moment is.

You can act as something of a “spirit guide” to your Self in that moment. You will both be there although your self from that moment will not see you. They will, however, hear you subconsciously.

So you know, do your thing to encourage yourself to act differently in the situation. When you’re ready, you’ll “rubber band” back to this moment. Getting back is super simple so long as you tethered yourself to the present.


As ever,

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Just one question : Can a spirit help us to change our memory by helping us to access this part when all memories are ? Doing this in astral ?

Well i havent feelt the need to try. The ways i suggested was via hypnosis or nlp.
If you acces the ”gallery” then you shouldnt need an entity to change a memory then you can do it yourself.
I suggested paintings as an example since i like to view things in a visual way.
If you like reading you could see all things as books and rewritte them, If you like the Norse mythology you vem view the norns strands of life with knots and all.
Seeing as the akashan library should have a book of your life you could use that.
Changing your present is a personal Journey so a soul travel within and using the ”gallery” in anyway most suited for you.
As for spirit to help with it it depends If you are using a system and work with entites see If anyone there have that position and ask them for help.

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Thanks and this thread was awesome amaizing information
Thank you @Grimner and also thank you @levilevi that show me this

Great that you enjoy it, i never said it but its fairly obvious that regardles method you use a natural way to change it, If painting then you paint over the notice with what you want, If a book then you cross out what you dont like and rewritte that part and so on depending on how you view the gallery the approach is up to you. Good luck

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Now after doing this the change that you made at the time in the past and all the changes that happen in your life because of it becomes your new reality once you zip back to your current state in time. Is that what your saying? If this is factual how long did it take you to master this?

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I have found that through shadow work (see Carl Jung if unfamiliar but I prefer Teal Swan’s method) going into the underworld or subconscious and healing my shadow or showing the rejected unloved part of myself from my past I can change my vibration and shift current realities. Check out Beninho Massaro and his work on quantum realities. All time is now. The unfolding created a linear experience that appears as time. Break through the veil of illusion.


Side note on shadow work:
I tried for ages to do shadow work based on info from both of those sources and could never seen to grasp what the shadow was! It was always this very difficult to explain, elusive monster…
Just in case anyone IS wondering about the shadow, i found a really fucking simple explanation: Whatever you don’t like in somebody else is something you don’t like in yourself. That is your shadow. Work on it.
You don’t like that person because they talk a lot? Look within. Are you afraid that you talk too much?
The ideal state is neutrality. That is how one will know when the work is done.



I didn’t exactly practice. I had the notion and gave it a try.

This is exactly right.

I did shadow work simply to heal. Shifting realities was something I noticed that occurred. It wasn’t my intention. It naturally happened when my vibration changed.

i Find stuff like this fascinating to tell you the truth and I don’t know if your full of shit or being honest (I’m not calling you a lair though) there’s so much crap online and in life for that matter frankly. people just tell stories for there personal amusement which i find extremely stupid IMO. but anyways so when you do this and zip back to the present time do you have all memories of everything that changed. As you obviously know something as simple as taking a left turn instead of a right could dramatically change your whole life and would you have all memories from the first timeline? I mean you must or you would never have been able to tell this story and know that you succeeded. and don’t take my response as being rude in anyway because that’s not my intention. Did you have a solid guide when you tried doing this for the first time or did you just wing it?

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In my case, yes.

The idea popped into my head during a time of duress. I tried it and was successful. That’s not to say, however, that I didn’t necessarily have something guiding me.


Can you change the future too??

Well all your decisions change the future all the time so thats easy(;
The futur is what you make of it? But i assume thats not what you mean(:slight_smile:

Maybe I can know the right decisions to be made to manifest the desired future

Well to get some desired outcome then thats where magic comes in the picture then, do working towards the goal you want and use divination to guide you.

Ok can you please me for assistance??

Hello, I really need to warn my past self in order to avoid some horrible things that happened to me. Could you help with the steps I should make, please? Thank you