Time Travel

So years ago, I remember reading that with Astral travel, you can actually project your consciousness back in time to an earlier part of your life, or even to a past life. Like X men Future Past. I wanted to know if this is true, because I’d like to go back to Middle School and do certain things over. Even if it doesn’t change my current time line, I can still get closer and enjoy the experience.


I have also heard that this is possible. Maybe someone with personal experience on it will comment. Maybe what you’re talking about refers to Soul Travel and not Astral Travel, they’re pretty similar as I understand them. Soul Travel being travelling to other dimensions and probably times.

I doubt it would change anything. The past is all memories anyway, using magic to effect how people feel and recall things is the closest way to changing the past. As well as healing yourself from the past either normally or with changing what you remember. I’d like to be able to soul time travel too.


This thread talks some of it, havent done it myself as Soul Travel is still on my to do list but im sure it would do the trick.
Using the ”paintings” as gateways.
It will not change the outcome of events but it will make the changes in you.

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It is possible to do and also possible to change events in the past. It is easiest to change small things and decisions for yourself like maybe you got chicken instead of steak at a restaurant. However even a small change like what you ate or drank during one meal creates massive ripples so it is best to avoid changing the past because you will seriously fuck up the present and only you and a few others with an elevated awareness are going to know it happened. I changed one small thing I did in the past that irked me and an entire city had rearranged itself and only a few people were aware of it. To everyone else the city had always been that way.


Try Olympic Planetary Spirit PHUL from what i understand she can teach you a form of time travel.

Hey, its interesting to read your exp.

How did you change your past?
Do you remember both versions now?

The change was done using an Enochian mantra that has since turned out to be a bit more trouble than it is worth at this current stage and yes I remember both versions and the before and after of every other change.

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Can you say your enochian mantra you are used for this and the whole method?

No even I am done using it for the time but I can tell you how to find it yourself. First you have to become somewhat familiar with the standard forms of Enochian and those practices. Then two books I have found particularly useful are Multidimensional Magick and then another called the Whole Enochian Dictionary. Now the second is not all that useful beyond the chart listing the properties of the Enochian symbols and letters which you will be able to use for the purpose of sigils or constructing your own words.
I got the mantra itself from an angel of the blacksun named Ahsh’Tahlon but just combining Enochian with the principles in Multidimensional Magick will get you pretty close and cause quite a few things to happen of interest. I just don’t hand out the formula itself after learning my lesson as it were so you should hopefully have the experience by time you make or find it on your own to not screw things up too badly.

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Wow!!! That is one of the highest form of magick you just practiced. Can’t even disbelieve you as you ARE a senior mage, who knows his stuff, for sure. Man this is crazy!, will take sometime for me to digest it.

Thanks mate I will start learning about it.