Change the past to assist in the present

The thing ha sallready happ ne and you cant change it. You cant make that actuall physical alteration of your past, you can modell the memories and those outcomes from it to make internal changes to yourself but the effect of the horrible things will still be there but your attitude towards them can change and they can be used to strengthen you insted.

Changing the physical consequences would do. Thank you very for your answer.

But physical consequences is what cant be changed.
Now a dont know what it is you wanna change and i dont know what impact it has had on your life, it could be a choice to run over a road leading to you getting hit by a car ana paralyzed or something that lead to the death of someone or perhaps only to untill missers and suffering.

We cant totaly reade out part but we can reinvent it to take more full adventshelg of it.