Change the past or go back in time?

Hi, I am new to this forum and did not know which topic my question falls under.
I am a new at all this and would really appreciate your help.
I want to turn back time by one year (even 10 months will do) or go back in time or send myself a message back in time, to prevent me making a wrong decision, which is one that cannot be corrected…
I tried invoking Metatron a few times, by using his sigil and I feel I only succeeded the first time, I felt great heat in my throat and heart chairs and then after a few thoughts, that I believe came from him, I felt heat in my root chairs. Ever since, the only feeling of heat I have had when trying to invoke him is in my throat chairs and I have has no success, he hasn’t spoken or helped me, regardless of what I offer as promises to him.

Please help me, I was so happy a year ago, I actually realised it was the happiest time of my life and appreciated it, until I made a seemingly right and good (in moral terms) choice, but my life has been turned upside down, I have never been so desperate and unhappy. I can honestly say I see no light in the tunnel for me… I am willing to do almost anything, apart from harming someone.


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Hi and thank you. I will introduce myself.
I already searched through all topics concerning this, but found nothing that could actually help. So I will greatly appreciate if anyone could shed more light on this and help.

If you truly did a search, then you know that you can’t go back in time. Sorry, but it’s just not possible. Time magick works on the memory of an experience, not the experience itself.

If you really want to know how it works, and not just grasp at a fantasy, pick up a copy of Space/Time Magick by Taylor Ellwood, one of the pioneers in the time current. He has done a lot of work in this area.

it is better to focus on the present and shaping your future than trying to change the past

Hi, I know it can be done, I have never been more certain in anything in my entire life. I noticed a reference from lady_eva where she mentioned that she had success, but she would not discuss further details. I am also aware that Metatron possesses the knowledge and power to influence time-space, as everything in life happens simultaneously. I have read that he encourages us to change our past from the NOW. I am hoping lady_eva and/or someone else can help.

We get things like this all the time. :roll_eyes:

People like you come here expecting to pull off Hollywood movie level magick with absolutely no idea what you are talking about, and zero understanding of even the basic fundamentals of how things actually work.

Here is something you don’t seem to grasp. You have no skill, no knowledge, no nothing. Someone like Eva has decades of experience in a wide variety of magick that allows her to do things few others are capable of. Just because she says she has accomplished something like this, doesn’t mean it is possible for you.

Hell, I’ve been a magician for twenty years and I don’t think it’s even possible for me and I know what I’m doing.

Your desperation for a quick fix blinds you to this very salient fact. Magick is not easy, and space/time magick is definitely not easy. It’s not going to fix your life in the way you seem to think it will.

If it were that easy, everyone would do it to undo their traumas and past mistakes, and yet they don’t :thinking:

Like I previously stated, if you are serious about actually learning real magick, then check out the book I mentioned. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and ours.


While technically I do believe magic has no real limits…time travel really toes the line of what I can reasonably think as being possible for anyone or anything. At any rate its at least a 100 times easier to manifest all your desires in the present time…and believe me, that’s nowhere near easy in and of itself.
Time travel, while MAYBE not totally impossible, is at least so wildly impractical that literal godhood would be a more realistic goal.


Do you know what it was that made you happy? How were you happy? What I mean by that is, were you happy Physically? Emotionally? Mentally? Socially? Spiritually? I am going to attach a photo of a tool used in life coaching called the Wheel of Life, and look at it and see what areas were you happy in during that time? If you were only truly happy in only one aspect, perhaps this is an opportunity to grow happiness in other areas. I do not own this, I got it off the internet.
Also, look at what did not make you happy.
What was it that changed? When did you start talking or communicating with Metatron? Are there action steps you have taken to move in the direction of what it is you want? What magick are you doing to create more happiness now?
You do not need to answer them here, only answer them for yourself. IF you do not have answers, I would suggest you think and meditate on these questions until you do. Shadow work is so important.
As for your chakras, and Metatron … you do know that one of his names is the voice of god right? And the throat chakra is all about speaking. Have you been speaking with your heart? Are you really listening to what your heart has to say? Are you able to express yourself when you invoke him? Expressing yourself may not be through your voice, it might be through writing, or it could be art or some form of passion/ driving force in your life. When your throat chakra heats up, are there flashes of thought that weave through your mind that are not yours?
Communication may not be a voice, it could be thoughts it could be inspiration it could be sensations that lead to knowing.
If you are unsure about how to create and grow that connection an idea that I like is to grow it through your most developed passion/ form of expression. In my opinion, they are the same thing. I would set aside time, perhaps after your meditation with Metatron, to pursue this passion. This could be the love of puzzles, this could be some form of art… whatever it is that drives you and do this with the intention that this will connect you and Metatron. (Or whoever else you decide to work with.) I believe our energy expands and is more open and dense when we are in that state of creation… that drive. And I really think it helps to establish a method for communication with spirits.
here is a wheel of life Wheel of Life. I do not own this, this is not my page but you get the idea.

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I could use something like this to. But unfortunately what you call a mistake, was meant to happen. If you had done the correct thing, you would have never learned what you did. This may have caused further pain in future. Just tough if out, forget it and develop more skills. In time you may develop similar skills. You can check out ritual for hire on here to see if some of the more skilled members can help. Cheers my friend.

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This is kind of a conundrum… you come here to learn how to “time travel” to avoid making a mistake, if you pull it off, you never make the mistake that leads you to learn how to time travel, therefore you can’t avoid the mistake and then end up here learning how to time travel, and if you pull it of, you go back in time and then don’t commit the mistake that leads you here to learn how to time travel and…

You get the point.

Everyone here is right. And you are not. Sorry.

Whatever the mistake was, you can deal with the aftermath. That’s for sure.


I think you could but would end up creating a parallel reality if they do in fact exist


Yes you would be stuck in a tangent reality for sure. I often wonder if I am in one to be honest…

Why not focus on changing your present or future?

Trust me I wish I could change my past more than anyone, but fate makes the big decisions… I wish you the best and hope both your’s and my situation turn out for the best!


This was one of the “feats” interesting me. Good insights here… at least, indeed, it’s possible to learn from past’s mistakes.

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Yes that is what will happen

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How about sending a message in the past, for example somewhere you will find it, like in a book you were reading at the time? Is that a possibility, how would one go about doing this?

That is actually a fascinating idea and might have more chance of success.
There is a thread from a couple days ago where people discuss evoking their younger self. I have NOT done this and am only speculating here, but maybe that theory can have some worth for you.
I am not trying to give you false hope here, but only mentioning a concept that seems related.

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If this works let me know I’ll leave myself a birthday card with a bus ticket in it when I turned 18. The entire world would be fixed…

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Time is an aspect of Consciousness, it is, in its essence, Energy, and as such, can be manipulated (but I highly advise not to, as it is a sin in my eyes i think, this is my personal opinion, unless you are of Higher Consciusness of the Godly realms, so please dont) however, to travel through timelines is not a simple task, and unless you are Spiritually evolved enough, may cause you to jump into trouble, time travel in its essence is, imo, close to parallel dimensional travel, Time and Space are interellated, what could seem like 40 minutes in the astral, is actually 10 minutes in the physical i think, or vice versa

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Overall, i believe time travel to be useless, as all you will be doing is shifting the path of an existing physical reality, and we do not know what may happen to the original you that went back, however, imo, you will be stuck within that reality as that existing part of you that went back, watching from the sidelines the new reality that unfolds, unless you find a way to get back to the original reality, can you understand my theoretical explanation?

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