Change the past or go back in time?


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:flushed: :flushed: :flushed: oh dear

you can work on ameliorating the consequences of that decision

I did find this and a few other topics mentioning evoking your past self yesterday and I tried astral projection before going to bed, although nothing happened. Sometimes when I lay very still and focus on the blackness with my eyes closed, I see interesting visions/pictures (of past, future mechanisms, buildings or just events) and get a sudden electric jolt in my head. It feels like my head is exploding and it snaps me back to reality. I am wondering if sending a message to your past self is something experts like @Lady_Eva can shed light on?

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Maybe she can.
The jolt in your head seems interesting (or was it one of those spasms the body produces to check if we are still awake - happens often when I try to go into sleep paralysis)

i dont think astral projection can help with this, not unless you are able to pass through a sorta astral wormhole which would take you back to where you need to go

i am really not well versed on this subject, my best thoughts on it, are those above

Astral projection is capable of helping you view the past and future possibilities as one probable method.
You don’t go to the past nor can you change it, the past is the past, the choices you made is what created the events of today. While time can be pretty nonlinear in a general sense, it’s quite linear for our current existence point A to point B with a1 a2 etc between.