Chakras & The Book Of Revelations

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Hi, so the image here is a portrait of charkras?

Well, it is what I channeled for the hermit card in this deck. I mean, the cards are pretty esoteric enough, but the idea is to make the symbolism more comprehensible. It was as if I actually became in some cases, the perspective of the card.

DarkestKnight made the comment about mysticism, or the eastern idea of yoga, or of the hermit not really being part of western magick. It is really hard to get away from society in the modern western world. It is always waiting for you to drag you back into it whether you like it or not.

During the pandemic, we had an opportunity to really get away from it all, but some people went to far with it, and thus ended up in a universe where the intrusions are even greater than this one.


I moved these here because it’s a bit off-topic for DK’s Journal, and an interesting discovery that was a bit buried as well. :sunny:


Check out this bag my co-worker brought in. I saw this thread and the bag a while ago now, but didn’t respond until now. Is this a common design?