Knight Musings


Day 93:

I felt nauseous all day, and had a weird heavy feeling in my head.

130 PM - Ritual 4 of Success Magick: Confidence.

Performed the ritual opening and the Circle of Power, before vibrating the third Enochian key (I remembered to copy it down this time) and commencing the ritual. It went quite smoothly this time. I picked up the vague impression of movement around me, like a mechanism of some sort was tripped. It was very fleeting, and I am not sure if I just imagined it or not, but my senses received something despite my shielding. I think I may have gained some momentum now within these workings.

330 PM - 9 Breaths Purification and vibration of Ganesha mantra and Muladhara mantra for 24 minutes each.

No discernible sensation of energetic movement or warmth in the area of the chakra.

End of praxis.



Day 94:

1 PM - Ritual 4 of Success Magick.

Adding in the ritual opening and closing from Archangels of Magick, along with the Circle of Power, seems to provide a nice way to separate the magick from the mundane, even if I’m doing the ritual while shirtless and in shorts. In my personal paradigm, I am divine, regardless of my outerwear or lack thereof, so when I vibrate the Hebrew words of power representing recognition of God, I am not looking to anything outside of myself, but rather the divine spark within me. I could actually feel the descent back into the world after doing the closing this time.

4 PM - Chanted the angelic mantra for the senses for 30 minutes.

I felt a heavy band of energy across my scalp, and down the sides of my head. It felt like I was wearing a head band. My temples throbbed and I developed a brief ache on the right side.

I had again felt nauseous and my head felt weird most of the day, like I was under mild sleep deprivation. I wound up falling asleep pretty early after having pizza for dinner so that was the end of my praxis.



Day 95:

1 PM - Ritual 4 of Success Magick

Ritual opening, Circle of Power, vibration of the third Enochian Key, followed by the ritual proper. Nothing really to report.

430 PM - Chakra exercise, followed by chanting the mantra for the senses for 30 minutes.

Pulling power through my chakras seemed to give the mantra a bit of a boost. I felt more energy movement across my scalp and my Ajna started twitching.

End of praxis.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts for the last several days. Caught up in a lot of “what if” scenarios, and feelings of pointlessness.



Day 97:

2 PM - Ritual 4 of Success Magick

I’m beginning to think establishing early afternoon as the time for the Enochian rituals might not have been the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Sometimes it is just plain inconvenient and leaves me with a feeling of guilt if, for whatever reason, I don’t do it at the allotted time. Oops.

930 PM - 9 Breaths Purification, followed by EA’s chakra exercise.

I’ve been toying with the idea of removing my chakras for quite a while now, but my curiosity about the effect it would have for me waxes and wanes. On the one hand, I would love to fully develop my chakras and reap the powers each one is said to bestow, but on the other hand, I want to break free of any presupposed limitations the chakras are said to impose upon us (I don’t believe the propaganda about the chakras being an alien control mechanism; that just smacks of as much paranoid delusion as the fake moon nonsense certain people like to spout off about. However, I want to overcome all my limitations, and the only way to know for sure if the chakras are one of them, would be to remove them and gauge the effect).

The chakra system is completely unnecessary for magick, and was never really a part of the Western Magical Tradition until the writings of Cowley and Blavatsky in the 19th century, as far as I can tell, and then the New Age Movement in the 1960’s decided to run with it because Eastern mysticism was seen as the cure for what was ailing Western civilisation, thus heavily influencing most modern occult thought.

End of praxis.

Addendum: I need deeper magick. In my 25 years of practice, I feel like I have only scratched the surface of what is required of me. I think I have to drown…

Edit to add: It was pointed out to me that I accidentally labelled two entries as Day 90 so I guess that means it’s day 97, not 96.


Hmm. I think your onto something with trying to remove them. Granted I am peon nobody, but I never actually embraced the idea like we are supposed to as newbies, and instead operate as if I have one big continuous flow if energy, similar to the the things I’ve read people say about how they operated after first using chakras then removing them.

I mean no ill-so please don’t take this criticism, but rather as a curiosity- I’ve actually wondered off and on for about half a year, why you hadn’t dove in deeper yet. You have many years of practice, a vast amount of knowledge on many topics- even those not related to your own practices, (always a good thing in my mind, this is why I read so much.) yet almost feel… to me as if you are… hindering yourself By not branching out further. Everyone had the right to practice and believe as they wish, but I mean… limit sting yourself to certain things can hold you back, even when they are good proven things- that we know work, can’t they?

I always figure it isn’t my business to inquire about why haven’t taken a dive, that not everyone operates like me- always on the hunt for something even better. I always think wow this works well, so what works better? But I know most people in life are content with what works well, and don’t every feel the need to go any further or do anymore, and truly in my mind, that is okay if it is their wish, Im just different than them and that’s on too lol.

Idk if I make sense. I always get told I’m talking over peoples heads or under it or not even close to helpful so. Sorry

I disagree. I was raised Catholic and read the book of revelations. (the last book of the Catholic Bible) There are several references to the charkra system in the book of revelations. People keep missing it because they are out of their depth with symbolism and protestant Christianity removed it because it was too confusing for the newly literate masses and they wanted to simplify things for people who didn’t get it.

I suppose I could dismiss it as some leftover attachment to another system, if Belial wasn’t so blatent about it when we did the whole project of me channeling images for the tarot cards (spirits appeared and I traced over them, (note, I would not recommend it to anybody, it is potentially dangerous.)

The charkra system appears notably in the hermit card, where instead of the traditional confusing image of a hermit holding a lantern, the chakras appear in all their glory. (as a serpent made of hearts, colors were added later and may or may not help understanding the meaning of the card)

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Day 98:

130 PM - Ritual 4 of Success Magick

Performed the ritual opening, and the Circle of Power before vibrating the third key and commencing the ritual proper. No sensations out of the ordinary to report.

5 PM - Chakra exercise

Pulled power from above and below and vibrated the Bija mantras. No sensations out of the ordinary to report.

End of praxis.


Can you tell any difference since you’ve been so committed to your practices and the different methods you’ve been keeping with?



Day 99:

2 PM - Ritual 4 of Success Magick

I was feeling out of wack due to some internet drama, but the ritual opening and Circle of Power seemed to help put my head right and let me get into the Enochian without much trouble.

615 PM - Chakra exercise.

I was under some minor sleep deprivation so I ended up napping for several hours after the Enochian ritual. I was jolted awake around six (I had a scheduled event on ZOOM at 7 so my brain yanked me out of sleep quite abruptly) and decided I would do my chakras to balance myself out from the rude awakening. Pulling power through my chakras and vibrating the Bija mantras helped to soothe my energy system and enable the regular flow to resume. I had never realised how a sudden awakening could be such a shock to the system and disrupt one’s chi/prana.

My ZOOM event ran for several hours and I wound up going back to sleep afterwards so this was the end of my praxis for the day.



Day 100:

130 PM - Ritual 5 of Success Magick: Desire

First performance of this ritual. It went smoothly. I remembered to write down the next Enochian Key before commencing the ritual this time. It’s good to be prepared :slight_smile: The Circle of Power felt a little lacklustre today and I’m not sure why, but the Enochian seemed to flow alright.

I spent the rest of the day trying to work out some technical problems with a computer I borrowed for an online event I was to participate in at 7 PM so the Enochian ritual turned out to be my only praxis for the day.



I could not sleep last night, so I wound up napping at 10 AM, and waking up very groggy at about 215 PM.

I realised I was late for my Enochian ritual, so I stumbled out of bed to the bathroom, splashed some cold water on my face to get some semblance of consciousness going, and sat down for the ritual. I just wanted to get it over with and crawl back into bed, so I thought about skipping the ritual opening and the Circle of Power, and only doing the main ritual, but finally decided to do the whole thing.

I was very tired and it seemed like I was just going through the motions. I got a slight whiff of the angels during the Circle of Power, but that was all. I felt like I didn’t really connect to anything.

After the ritual, I slept for another hour before figuring I should probably get up, so I forced myself to take a walk down to the grocery store. The exercise helped restore at least some kind of wakefulness to my poor brain.

No other praxis was done.

Now, I’m not sure where to go from here. My 100 days of Back to Basics is over, and my weapons have been sharpened. I’ve been more consistent in my practice than I ever have before, and my chakra work seems to have balanced my emotional equilibrium, making my bouts of depression occur less frequently, and not as severely. I feel that my powers have opened up, and I am more connected to my spirituality. However, I still feel a bit lost.



Had a strange dream. I don’t remember much of it but there was a woman…lithe and muscular, with dark hair. There may or may not have been tattoos along her arms. I want to say yes, but my mind isn’t too clear on that. She wore furs. She threw axes, and carried a wooden shield.

I had the impression she was there to help me with something, though I didn’t know what. I think she may have been of the Norse.



Finally took a journey to meet the angel from the vision someone passed on to me several months ago.

I set the intention to meet the angel at the gateway, and approached the World Tree. Sam was napping between the roots, and seemed a bit listless when he got up and yawned. It has been quite a while since I journeyed, but I don’t know if that can affect a spirit guide.

I knelt down and gave him some ear scritches, telling him we were off to meet an angel. He hopped up on his usual shoulder perch and I began the climb. The tree felt dry beneath my hands, and the climb was long, relatively speaking. When I hit the membrane to the Upper World it was more solid, and gummy than previously, and it took a lot of effort to push through.

I came out upon a desert plain, and in the distance I could see the arch and the angel waiting for me. He was tall, with dark hair, and wore a light coloured robe. He smiled and greeted me, saying he had been expecting me for a while. I asked his name and what I heard was, “Azrael.”

I was a bit taken aback by that, and replied with a dumbfounded, “Um…aren’t you the Angel of Death?” He just smiled softly. I asked him how I could verify he was the real Azrael, and not something my head cooked up.

His face took on a hint of sadness and he said, “Even after all this time, you still do not trust yourself?.” He looked at Sam, still perched on my shoulder, and Sam rubbed himself against my cheek, and then jumped into the angel’s arms. He snuggled into the crook of his arm and started to purr. Azrael stroked his back.

That was good enough for me.

I told him about the vision someone had, and he nodded. I told him him that the person who had the vision heard him speaking Enochian at me, so I asked him why he was now conversing with me in English. He simply replied that he spoke many languages and did it not occur to me that perhaps he knew someone was watching and did not want to be understood?

I replied that it would be a logical assumption, so I moved on and asked him about the arch. He called it the Gateway of Tomorrow. He went on to explain that it allowed a person to jump into alternate timelines, realities, and universes. It could also be used to move back and forth through time. I was briefly reminded about an episode of the original Star Trek, where Kirk and company discovered just such a portal.

He asked me if I wanted to go through and I said okay, so Sam jumped back onto my shoulder, and I followed Azrael through the gateway. I stepped out into bright sunshine, and had to squint my eyes. We were in some kind of courtyard, beside a pool in which swam a lovely bikini clad lady. The courtyard was connected to a manor house, and it looked very expensive. I was about to ask Azrael where we were, when a door opened and a figure emerged. I stared at what looked to be a version of, well, me.

I could tell that it was me, but at the same time, it wasn’t me, and I turned to Azrael for an explanation. He explained that we were viewing an alternate reality, a different universe, where different decisions had led to different outcomes. He waived his hand and the image dissolved to a blank nothingness. Before I could ask, he told me we were in a sort of holding area, outside of space and time, where we could choose from an infinite number of realities.

I started to get a bit antsy at this point because the whole alternate reality shtick kind of freaks me out a little. While I understand the concept intellectually, the thought of being able to actually manipulate things at a quantum level makes me afraid of falling down the rabbit hole of psychosis.

Azrael must have sensed this so he guided back through the gate to where we started. Sam was leaning up against the side of my face, almost as if to comfort me. I asked what the gateway had to do with me, and the reply was a cryptic, “You will know in due time. However, there is much work ahead for you.”

Not sure why I can never get a straight answer about anything related to my future or destiny or whatnot, but okay then, universe, keep your damn secrets.

I bid farewell to Azrael and descended the Tree, talking to Sam as we went, and asking his opinion on what I saw and experienced. Unfortunately, Sam was just as inscrutable as Azrael was. Once we were back at the base of the Tree, I sat with Sam, petting him, and thinking over everything until the drum track changed tempo, signalling it was time to return. I promised Sam I’d visit more often, and then opened my eyes.

I have been reading up on Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping methodology recently, so I don’t know how much of my journey was influenced by that information.


Holy shit.


Don’t you hate it when this happens!?

Story of my life :rofl:


Sounds like me. Pretty sure that’s almost exactly what I recorded at the bottom of my journal a few weeks ago after an unexpected vision. Whines Whyyyy is there always ten more questions for every damned answerrrrrrr.

Side note, I work with Azreal when summoning the djinn. I always feel like… he/she feels more ancient than some of the others.


This has been an interest of mine lately, I always like to find new knowledge to absorb and after discovering journal entries from 2016 happening now made me think did I actually create this reality :thinking:
Or Was I ignoring skills I already had…



I have been musing on my path lately. I feel torn in many directions with no flashing neon arrow pointing the way I should go to arrive at my destination. Nor do I even know what my destination is. Any time I ask an angel, demon, or the general Universe, I am met with a sly smile and an infuriating nod.

Why do I practice magick? This is a good question because I really don’t know.

In the beginning, it was just something I fell into when I picked up my first book about it some thirty odd years ago, inspired by the movie Ghostbusters and the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft to “see what’s out there.” Back then, living in a small town, occult books were difficult to get my hands on, and the only bookstore in town only stocked a few books on Wicca.

It’s been a long and winding journey since then, through the work of Arthur Edward Waite, Crowley, Bardon, and the Schuelers, into Taoism and qi gong, all the way up to EA Koetting, and I have tried to quit many times, but something about magick keeps bringing me back.

It has only been in the last few years, however, that I have felt I’m actually making progress, as nebulous as it is. There is a something, I have no idea what, that I think am supposed to discover about my own personal spiritual destiny, and I am slowly picking up each crumb left for me and trying to glue the cookie together…with silly putty.


it’s easy.
it seem that youve lost youre way…
ive been reading youre journal and i always
Asking my self…what is youre goal??
in the end what you want to achive??
to become? to gain?
why did you turn to magick? what was the help
You needed from that?


The only magick I’ve been practicing at the moment is the Enochian rituals from Success Magick. I’m on ritual 8 now, and have been experimenting with various ritual openings and banishings as supplemental. I’ve been thinking about trying out the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram as an opener to gauge the effect.

I’ve been dreaming of a dark haired woman lately. The dreams are vague and I don’t remember much upon waking but I do feel that the woman is a spirit of some sort, possibly a protector or messenger. She is about 6 feet tall, and is often dressed in white, which makes me think she is possibly angelic, but she could also be related to the shield maiden I dreamed of two weeks ago.