Chakra opening or just remove them (kundalini)

I’ve been working on raising the kundalini for a while now, the energy is active but doesn’t seem to want to rise. I’ve had multiple healings on the chakras and meditated on them for years literally.

A few months back I came across chakra removal and paid some guy to do this for me.

I still fell they are still here but blocked or just running at a trickle.

What are your guys take on chakras has anyone successfully removed them but still managed to raise the kundalini?


You don’t need to even use the chakra system to raise the kundalini. it is a biological process that is available to all, and can be raised through other ways, like the Chinese system of dan tiens and meridians. The Hindu system of chakras and yoga is simply where the term “kundalini” originated. It is known as the Greater Kan and Li in Taoism.

I am in the process of doing so now and you can read about it here:


how can one remove chakras? :thinking:

the kundalini rises when you let go, when you don’t even focus on rising it, you are to conscious about that i guess and that is the blocage :thinking:


my question to you, is what do you wanna see? what do you want to feel doing it?

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I’ve been on the path towards enlightenment, non duality to be one.

I’ve been lead to believe the completion of kundalini will be what I’m looking for. At the moment when I relax and bring my attention to the kundalini/shakti my body starts to shake and it’s similar to an electric shock.

It shakes me so fast and vigerously I need to stop before I ruin my back as it’s happened before.

The feeling after these events is of peace and a bliss. So saying that I’m sure if my body could handle the tremendous energy I could reach the heights of enlightenment.

Btw ebdr

I was looking at your topic yday where you have various chants etc for different demons. I’m still a bit fearful to work with a demon but your work seems to have ALOT of ppl excited.

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Thanks for the reply, I’m going to read your topic and maybe move away from the chakra system as its so annoying.

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I had my kundalini raised without chakra work by having a guru lay hands on me and activate it. I fell to the ground and writhed like a snake, trembling and quaking, then laughing and crying, and it was actually painful at times. Afterward, pure bliss and love for all creation. It was after that I started to work on my chakras because the kundalini gets blocked again. A lot of blockages can be emotional actually, and not some spiritual woo woo.


Master yourself, before you raise the serpent force.

Otherwise blockages will make your enlightenment momentary.


Yet ironically enough.
Enlightenment is mastery of self in my personal opinion.

Some call it a state of bliss, but let’s be honest we’ve been in that state before.
By that logic getting my pay check also brought me enlightenment!

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How did you find this guru? As a person that lives in NYC how would I go about finding one here that not fake?

Honestly? Watch them work and your intuition will say if they’re real. I have no idea how to go about finding one. For me it was a matter of right place right time. I knew someone who knew someone, I went to see the man at work, I felt he was real, and he was.

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what you just wrote is what i felt…
state of bliss and enlightment can “not” be linked. you can be enlightened and not be in a state of bliss 24/7 unless you’ll end up in an asylum.

if what you are looking for is the state of bliss, it seems like it is only temporary because energy is always in movement, and we give and receive energy each and every second of this present moment.

what are you trying to flee from? the more you will be in a state of bliss, the more you will want it like a drug, and this is not balanced

as for enlightment IMO i don’t link it to kundalini whatever.

look for testimony of non-spiritual people reaching kundalini rising by accident and you’ll think twice- i can imagine it and to me it would be a nightmare… you cannot walk in the street because you have to say hello to each and every flower or tree or bunch of grass you cross in the street… no thanks…
and for the states of bliss i’ll just stick with the orgasme Sitri gives me :joy:

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you wanna raise the snakes but you are scared to call on demons?:thinking:
it should be the other way round? nah?

@AlphaC is right master yourself first :slight_smile: and in this position demons can help you :smiling_imp:


Practice Kriya yoga and sreevidya path … its the ultimate for energy work and Kundalini … :pray:

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I could argue the path of smoke is just as good.

There is no true or ultimate path, friend.

From my understanding there is a layered process of sorts with awakening kundalini energy or in the case of the path of smoke kunda force. There is not one awakening but several. In the case of the work on the path of smoke in black magick of arhiman it is explored through working with the divs and anchoring this power in the body over time.

As each div is an aspect of the potential within self and has its own opputinites for pathworking this is a lengthy process but a powerful one. In this was the power of self or Siddhi’s can be awakend and explored in length.

At least this is how it seems to me at this point. Kurtis has talked about this it a bit but i cant remember if it was here or on a podcast.

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I’ve been told that you can’t raise your kundalini by someone else’s help… It’s something you must prepare and do alone…

Well, is it expensive? And did it opened your psychic skills? After kundalini your “chakras” are flowing with energy and everything is clear and open, you can see/talk with spirits.

That’s what I want, but I don’t know where to find someone like that, and i’m hesitant because of fakes / scammers.

Other people can assist you, guide you, and impart to you through laying hands on you. That being said, the kundalini is a personal experience that only you can actually awaken and raise to full potential. There’s a difference between receiving an impartation of the energy from another person, and actually raising your own kundalini. I received an impartation from my mentor and I experienced the kundalini awakening, but I had to work under his guidance to actually raise my kundalini. The impartation did, however, speed up my own progress and make it easier. The kundalini can be dangerous when raised prematurely or without a proper understanding of it. You should not attempt to raise it without educating yourself or being guided by a competent teacher. So, that being said, I can’t tell you how to find a good mentor. First, all I can say is that when you find him/her, you will know intuitively if he is legit. Your solar plexus will tell you if you’re being conned, and you should always trust that gut feeling. Second, it’s believed by some that the kundalini will begin to awaken naturally when you’re ready, or when “it’s time”. What you choose to believe is up to you. Research it like you’re trying to set the record for most badass researcher ever, and follow your gut. I’m not the type to pay for a guru, but there’s nothing wrong with it. People pay me for mentirship (though not kundalini or any of that sort of thing). But usually the best mentors are the ones you just happen to meet by coincidence, as in a seemingly random synchronicity. My mentor picked me out of a crowd and chose to teach me privately. He said Spirit led him to do so, which in hindsight was probably my spirit guides looking out for me. Sometimes the more you look for something the further away from it you get. You’ll meet the right people if you’re following you true will, your higher self. Does this help you any?

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Yes, but now I want to find a pro kundalini mentor :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I know I can’t do this on my own without proper guiding / mentoring lol. I will fry my brains…

I live in the Netherlands, it’s really hard to find someone who’s magically/spiritually inclined. There is no magick group or kundalini group. Or I don’t know where to look. :open_mouth:

I’m really impatient with all this stuff, lol I want it know and be done with it. I’m tired of practicing psychic exercises to open up my abilities. It’s do annoying.

We are accustomed to a consumer society, we are accustomed to rushing. We’re always on the go and if something needs patience or you have to wait long it gets frustrating.

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