Chakra opening or just remove them (kundalini)

Removed chakras? This sounds binding to me.

Kundalini is the key to open the centers in the body. Raise only Kundalini with the adrenals can kill you.

there are always methods like sound or image shaktipat to awaken kundalini

Chakra removal is a follow up technique after opening them and raising kundalini.
At least i teach it that way.
And for good reason:
You can’t remove, what you can’t control.
Learning to control them first, in that sense,
is necessary.

Opening Chakras:
Try to feel - not imagine, not envision, but feel, them each one individually.
At some point, you’ll notice that you have way more than 7 chakras.

Opening those is the simplest when you actively channel energy through them,
just like you breathe air into your lungs and out of them.

Raising Kundalini, fast way:
Separate your positive and negative energy.
Charge your left hand with absorbing, negative energy,
and your right hand with positive, expanding Energy.

Hold your right hand below your root chakra, and your left Hand over your head,
onto the Sacral Chakra.
Pull Energy through your body, from right hand to left hand, and push it with every breath,
by adding The Energy you breathed in into the Energy Cycle.
After a while you’ll feel a intense Energy wake up at your root chakra,
and even if you want to, you can’t stop at this point anymore.
It crushes through you, from bottom to top,
and indeed it feels like a snake that’s spiraling it’s way up.
That Energy must leace through your highest chakra,
it needs to access the source outside of your body.

From that point on, you’re no more mortal in the common sense.
Controling that Energy allows your body to heal thing’s it usually wouldn’t be able to heal.
Same goes for spellcraft.
You Magick isn’t bound to gaze, sigils, and pens anymore.
You breathe it, through the nadis of your body.

In order to get rid of the chakras, first,
understand why they’re aligned the way they are.
Your chakras control vital functions of your body,
and are connected to different planes as well.

They are trapped within the Energy tubes Ida and Pingala.
To free them, just do Energy ball Cycles, similar to what you felt and learned when you raised kundalini.
The Energy balls go:
Left side up, Right side down (for male, female opposite direction)
Spine up, Belly side down (for both genders.)
Alternate between them in your praxis,
knowing that the back front version is charging Life Energy in you,
While The Sideway motion is distributing the Energy in your body and making it available for it.
(With a proper understanding of the own body you’ll start regenerating and balancing your organs from there on. So becoming sick for a while is a possible side effect you should know of.)

To release a Chakra - i don’t know that’s not exactly how i teach it.
Open the chakra, and push it outside of you, into the corresponding planet / Sphere.
That shouldn’t be done before the Chakra’s are free.
The technique will either not work without preparation or hurt you and leave you wounded without having separated from them.

The projection of the Chakra’s leeds to a general empowerment of your body and mind,
but it also changes your perception.
You’ll be able to see single photons, and there are uncountably many spiraling down from the sun.
you’ll be able to hear through walls without even trying.
But i don’t want to go into detail there to much.

I’m not here to sell you anything!

It’s merely a practice you can use and follow,
otherwise i don’t want go deeper here.




Honestly I had not heard a compelling argument for chakra removal that made me think until this post. Interesting. Superficially considering the removal of chakras just to do it seemed like a terrible plan to me. Your post stimulated some thought. Thank you.

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the problem for me is I like my ego desires better. I want to travel and have freedom. but my true will is for the kundalini to rise. and it won’t stop trying again. it did three years ago and I did everything to fight it. I ended up with neuropathy and now it tries to raise again. my ego mind wants freedom to be happy and experience life. but my higher self wants my kundalini to rise. I dont want powers, or to serve others or have anything the kundalini offers. I really just want to be healthy but I have never been. I dont know why anyone would want kundalini. kundalini has no use for what im trying to achieve. it forces us to give up all our desires and old life and then we have to follow its will. all the old things we enjoy dissapear. I want to use its power for who I used to be, but I cant. the kundalini uses us instead

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That is not always true.

So this might sound the a stupid Question but does Kundalini help with Ascension

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Yes it can

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Okay that is gonna be the only purpose for me awaking or raising mind then

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It was an interesting subject but removing them will also be for some a direct doorway to death: one chakra filled of parasites for the one who can’t do energy work.



If they can’t do energy work, they would not be able to do it in the first place.

but how? kundalini destroys our person goals dreams and desires and merges us with the all. we have to surrender to it and allow whatever it wants to flow through us. how is that ascension?

@DarkestKnight, it’s been awhile since you commented on this post. I’m currently working on my Chakras and raising my kundalini. I was wondering how it worked out for you, raising your kundalini without your Chakras?

I never completed it. I lost interest, and went on to other things lol

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