100 Day Kundalini Challenge

Hey, ladies, gentlemen, demons, angels and everything in between,

After some prodding from my baby girl, I have decided to embark on a challenge to complete the Kundalini. Not have a “kundalini experience,” like most people talk about but to actually complete the full circuit. This can be done through a variety of methods, and not necessarily only through the chakras, and I thought it might be helpful to document what experiences i may have or obstacles I may encounter, to help others who might decide to complete the Kundalini for themselves.

The 100 days is completely arbitrary. It could take less, or it could take more. I will be following the meditations given in the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master to accomplish this challenge, which uses the qi gong sytem of meridians as a basis, rather than the Hindu system of chakras

I will also be working with the chakra system but only because I will be working through the exercises in EA’s Soul Travel course at the same time as i am progressing towards the Kundalini.

The preliminaries have already begun, with 20 minutes of meditation twice a day, and breathing exercises to lower my breath rate. Next on the agenda will be including what is known as Dr. Death’s Badass Brain Scrub.

Wish me luck!


I’ll tag along, if that’s ok?


Absolutely, sir!


Babygirl, cracks the whip! :speak_no_evil:


Baby girl, stop playing with Daddy’s whip…


By completing the full circuit you mean completing the Microcosmic Orbit?

Just remember to keep your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth during meditation, lol.


No, the Microcosmic Orbit is not the equivalent to the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a far greater amount of energy. The Microcosmic Orbit is a precursor though.

Yes, the tongue press is most important, as Path Notes makes clear. Thanks for mentioning it for others.


puts Daddy’s whip away

I…I. . Was just making sure it was working properly. …for you Daddy… …:blush:

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The average breath rate for an adult is around 12-18 breaths per minute for a non smoker. Mine is currently about 10 breaths a minute. Years ago, due to my theatre and martial arts training, my breath rate was around 3-5 breaths a minute, and i’m hoping to get it down to around there again, as I progress in this challenge.

The author of Path Notes, Glenn Morris, says that you want your body running as efficiently as possible to make the Kundalini easier on your body, and, since he fried his brain when he went through it due to being ill prepared, I think I’ll follow his advice.

Lowering the breath rate brings health benefits even without the Kundalini so it’s good to do regardless.


Hmm, I’m confused then. The Microcosmic Orbit comprises running energy up the Governor channel through the spine from the perineum to the head, back down through the Functional channel in the front of the body, and then back up to the spine again. Isn’t this called “completing the circuit”?


Yes, but it is a minor circuit compared to the Kundalini. Near as i can tell, the Taoist Macro-cosmic Orbit is a closer equivalent. At least, from what I understand of Mantak Chia’s work.

In Path Notes, the author provides exercises for the Microcosmic Orbit as a precursor to the Kundalini. He states that it is not the Kundalini itself, and that is the program i am following for this challenge. I have previously practiced the Microcosmic Orbit, and I know from my experience that it does not match the results of the Kundalini that I have read.

One thing Morris makes clear is that the Kundalini is a biological process, and is not cultural specific, though most in the West know of it through the Hindu yogic practices. It can be accomplished in many ways, and has many names around the world. He was an overweight, white American, when he went through the Kundalini, with no interest or knowledge of Hinduism, and approached it through Chinese qi gong, yet he had visions of Kali dancing, as the Serpent began it’s rise.

It should be very interesting as it is said to lead to a permanent change in perception.


Gotcha. :+1:

I plan on experimenting with Kundalini eventually but want to get the basics of energy work down first before I start tinkering with something that could potentially fuck my reality tunnel sideways. :sweat_smile:


I know what you mean. After the Kundalini, Glenn Morris started having visits by spirits, and a few even moved into his aura, including an ancient Japanese Samurai, who didn’t speak English and just grumbled in Japanese all the time.

And he originally went through the Kundalini with the only goal of generating enough chi to break bricks. His reality suddenly got so much bigger :joy:


Please do keep us informed!

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A little fasting might help.

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Very interested. I’ll take the challenge.

There is something to be said for consistency.

I have meditated off and on for over ten years, rarely on a consistent basis though, but today, when I did my meditation, my mind quieted itself quite readily, like it already knows what to do. My 20 minutes turned into a full half an hour, but it felt like only ten minutes had passed when it was done.

What I’m doing for this preliminary step is simple: i’m following my breath, while mentally reciting So on the inhalations, and Hum on the exhalations. I have read in various places that the mantra So Hum is meaningless,that it only represents the sound of the breath, but in the book Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound, Dr. David Frawley writes that the mantra So’Ham (Ham is pronounced ‘hum’) actually means, “I am God,” and in EA’s chakra exercise given in Questing After Visions, as well as the Soul Travel course, the mantra “So’Ham Akaal” is said to mean ‘Immortality of the Soul.’

So, essentially, if So and Hum are the sound of our breath, then we are reciting the mantra “I am God” with every respiration. No wonder the breath is considered to be the key to everything.

Edit to add: When I did my chakra exercise today, I felt some odd swirling movements in the four upper chakras, the Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and Sahasrara.


I’m starting tonight

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I don’t know about So, but Ham is a Mantra that is associated with the throat so the swirling in the upper chakras makes sense.

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Rereading Path Notes, the author, Glenn Morris, states that the practice of qi gong or Taoist esoteric yoga, when combined with Zen meditation, results in the the kundalini if done religiously for 30 to 90 days.

It seems my arbitrary choice of 100 days wasn’t so arbitrary after all.

I have added a bit of basic yoga after my morning meditation because my body is pretty stiff and unbending, but needs to be supple so the energy can flow unhindered. When it comes to the kundalini, you can shine or you can burn, and I’d rather not burn.

The Brain Scrub is coming along; I will probably be able to move to the next level in the coming week. My mind is relatively quiet most of the day, though some days are better than others. This morning my mind wouldn’t shut up.