Can you really force love

I’m just curious, I’m in a few group related to black magick and I see a hell of alot of people asking for " come to me" or " bring back a lover" spells. So I wanna know from everyone’s experience is it actually possible to make someone who would other wise have no interest in you fall in love with you? And I’m not talking there is a spark there already to build on,or you dated in past, I mean straight up forcing your will on someone you don’t know to actually fall in love for you. I’d love to hear any experiences or what you guys even think of this.
And no I don’t want to do this, just something iv wondered for while now.


A friend of mine asked me if they don’t wonder about deeper questions, so I had to give him a full presentation on the subject, but even before current Western society, love related magic has been a literary topic and it can be seen even in the Goetia we all love. I don’t persue these objectives, but I’m sure it is possible, however, it would depend on certain skills of the caster whether the effect lasts long or not.


You are not forcing true love, you are creating a feeling of being in love. True love develops later.
I never done a love spell though. But there is a difference between being in love, which is a volatile feeling, and true love which is steady and much deeper.


If there’s a existing feeling a spell or manifestation could feed into that feeling no matter how small it is and make it into something so it’s not forcing.


Yea I can totally see that, I’m more asking if it’s straight up possible to literally make a stranger fall for you, like she/he has no idea who you are type thing. Iv seen people asking this, some guy said he saw a girl at the mall and she lives down the road from him, he wants to make her fall in love with him cause he is obsessed with her. Just wondering if that sorta thing can actually be manifested.

I hate love spells,and won’t do them, not for any price. Yes they work, buy cause more harm than good. It’s forced love, meaning you’d be going against free will, and the gods seem to frown up such endeavours.Love spells are binding spells, usually it doesn’t last and if it works, the couple can become violent, one may be possessive of the other, I could go on. Yeah it would be nice if the heartbroken could cast a spell such as this safely. But it’s never a good idea.


Yes you very right with there being a difference. Iv never done a love spell myself either. In just curious as I see so many people literally wanting a stranger to fall for them because they get obsessed with them. That to me is not something I would ever do for somone. And I’m more curious if the magick can be strong enough to literally make someone now fall for you that has never before even laid eyes on you in past.


Yes, but anything and everything will.go wrong.

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Thank you, I feel the same way about love spells and going against someone’s free will. Iv never done one myself as any I have seen have never worked and like you said had caused more harm then good. I just don’t get why you would wanna force someone to have feelings for you, it’s not real.

To be brutally honest, I have wondered the same thing. But the only thing that stopped me from trying to cast something remotely close to a love spell is the fact that I saw something else within the target of interest that shoved my interest elsewhere. If you are gonna shove love on someone, make good and sure that such a target is truly worthy of going to that extreme.

Plus, I have often wondered what entity or deific being would be most influential to such an endeavor in the first place. Who knows?

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you need some kind of interaction in real life. You can program people to obsess and fall in love. We humans do that naturally. Each person have their own ingredients or list of checklist unconsciously in them. If you fulfill most of it , they will love your or hate you and all in between that spectrum.

And yes, people have been doing it for yrs without knowing how. Due to more understanding about mind process , you can learn it too. Learn influence/persuasion with language through field of nlp /hypnosis application for seduction /love. The knowledge is out there. Applying it is another story. Some people aren’t comfy with it. And some go too far creating psycho stalkers. Depend on the individual’s usage. good or bad is on the user.

Magick is no different from spending money on girls to like you. IT’s all influence. Just different tools. It’s not about force. Force is when you turn the person into a slave partner not allowing them to have friends or meet other people. They are on tight leash. I"m sure your not surprise as it happens often. Many wives follow along being the victim after being use to it.

Force is the gov making us shelter in place for too long. =o)

Your like an actor/actress. you have to play the right character for the person to love you. It’s all chance. Nowadays we learn more about the process of love/attraction. So those info can help you get another to love you too. Everything really comes down to influence when it comes to social interaction relationships.


I have mixed views on this as it concerns efficacy and this is all a matter of the skill of the magician. In my teens I had a business that was connected to the music industry this was my first business ever and it took me slightly into the music business. The things I saw as a teen you would not believe and I was on the fringes of the industry. I saw firsthand how struggling singers especially of a certain race not going to say in case anyone gets offended used magick to get powerful execs to literally love them. Some execs got married to or entered into relationships with these singers. In workplace situations I have seen again people use magick to get professional love from superiors or personal love sometimes setting the tone via magick even before their first day on the job.
I’ve seen situations where people decide that they want this person and do magick to bind them and it seems to work. Of course I can’t speak to if they are happy etc. but come on even relationships without magick can be unhappy.

I will say I am not sure how many of those execs and singers are happily ever after now but remember much of this kind of love was for economic reasons anyway.

Personally, love magick on a specific person just does not sit right with me especially when I just see someone a literal stranger and decide I want this person. I prefer to use love magick for new love based on compatibility etc. and if I am in a naturally loving relationship maybe use magick to make it even better. However, to get exes back and to target someone it’s just not my style.


Hmmm, I never thought of it that way, I like that prospective. Thank you :pray:

That’s some crazy stuff, I can imagine the lengths people go to for success.
I have same way at looking to love spells, use it to enhance something you already have with someone or put little more umfff in the newly budding relationship.
It really bothers me sometimes seeing these forums on Facebook or where ever and most the feed is people wanting love spells. And you can see most don’t have any background or knowledge of black magick and don’t care too. They just think they can do a spell and poof, make this person want me, I see alot of straight up obsession.

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If it targeted a specific person that you had never interacted with or maybe seen once in passing, I feel it would be quite difficult. Firing off a love spell probably isn’t going to work; you have no influence in that person’s life. Say for example someone living in a tiny village in rural Wales casting a spell to make Barack Obama fall in love with them. That is exceptionally unlikely to ever result in anything.

In this case, hypothetically speaking, you would have more success approaching from a bunch of different angles. Cast a sigil to draw that person back into your life by coincidence. Make effort to go out in the mundane world to give the sigil room to work. Cast a sigil to give yourself an aura of charisma and allure, so you can actually make contact with the person. Once contact is established, cast a sigil to make them think warmly of you. And so on and so forth.


Yes, it is possible. Emotions are among the easiest things to create through magick. However, it will not last because you are going completely against someone’s freedom of choice and creating artificial neurochemical reactions so, like any drug, the effect will be temporary unless you can anchor those emotions in the real world.

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The two things you never, ever interfere with are love and happiness.

Happiness is created by seeing the blessings you already have and being grateful for them.

Love spells and break up spells, you’re headed straight for a disaster. If you want to find love, do it the old fashioned way.

Meet people in person and go courting. I’ve never done a love spell. And my version of a break up spell was to cut off ties to a person who lives in my town.

Frankly - you attract what you seek.

Have a wonderful day.


I agree with you, I would never do this sorta spell myself, I don’t beleive in forcing your will on someone for love, like you said, let it come naturally. And from what I’m hearing it never turns out good anyway.

Yes that seems to be what most people are saying, that you can do it but it won’t last or will turn out bad and have a negative effect in the end. I personally could never do this kinda spell, just doesn’t seem right playing with someone emotions when it comes to love.

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$adly, it does work.

Sadly, for 2 reasons.

Those, requesting it usually aren’t emotionally stable enough to do what the seek, at least in that very moment.
Confidence is key when doing any kind of attraction magick.

On the other hand,
doing it on a complete stranger,
is a broad wide invetation for troubles or issues to come forth from that.

And… I’m not allowed to speak any further on that topic,
since i’ve been involved with a case that turned out to be difficult.

So, even tho i am speaking from expierience there,
i woun’t share much else there.



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