Can You Help Identify This Sigil?

Can someone help my identify this sigil? I found the necklace in the back seat of my car one day, it doesn’t belong to any friends who have been in there and I’ve owned my car for many year. My conclusion is that it has come to me somehow for me to work with it. Before I go diving into the absolute unknown, has anyone seen this sigil before? I’d like to know what I’m getting into…

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It’s not Goetic or an angelic seal.

It’s most likely a game symbol. Not a lot of money in very obscure sigils done in metal jewelry.


I think it’s getting more and more popular to wear any and all ‘sigil’ around your neck to show the world

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It may be something from full metal alchemist.


Have you done the ‘Search by Image’ on Google?

I did, a ton of FMA came up, but that symbol never came up

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I think it’s related to alchemy and it’s similar to what this site explain the shapes of “Sacred Geometry”:

I did a Google picture search, and this site was the closest in resamblance to your picture.


Looks like an “Alien” type design.

Thanks everyone.

Yes I did do an image search but nothing concrete came up, lots of similarities to symbols from FMA though. I guess maybe it’s just some junk.

Just struck me as strange that it seemed to come to me with no logical way of getting there…

Well, I would hold onto it, it came to you for some reason.

Possibly enochian…