Can you get rid of the feeling of love?

Long story but can you permanently kill and feelings of love and lust within yourself and possibly other emotions as well?


Love is a natural feeling. It’s not something you can get rid of like the flu. I think there’s a medication that prevents sex drives, but I don’t know for sure.

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I see…well that’s a start

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That’s hard to say. Love typically will fade on its own accord, but I did once perform a ‘‘cutting of the cord’’ ceremony to severe an unhealthy attachment to someone.
I felt like it really cleansed me, gave me a fresh outlook on life and the strength to move on, and day by day, I learned to refocus my affections where they were appreciated and reciprocated.


Are you talking about the feeling of being in love, or real love?

Real love does not fade, but the feeling of being in love does.


I would argue that depends on the person and the form of love being discussed. Personally, I have felt real love and it has faded.
Everyone is different.
And the cutting of the cord helped with the situation I was in at the time.
Again, all comes down to the unique situation the person is in.


Yes but imagine permanently stopping your ability to love

That’s not something I can imagine because it’s not something I desire.
I hope you find your answers :slight_smile:

No you can’t kill your emotions, you can bury them and ignore them but that’s more of a in denial kind of thing. But emotions are a natural part of the brain, only cases I find where a real disconnect comes from is if the person’s brain function that controls emotions (the limbic system) were to have some kind of malfunction or disconnect.

In my early days of practice I created my own method I called Pandora’s box (which I didn’t even know about the Greek Pandora) and shoved all my emotions into it and metaphorically “sealed it” which was basically burying it deep down.

In hindsight it made my ability to understand others on an emotional level difficult even after I started processing my emotions again.


So you almost turned into a sociopath lol


I had a phase like that too.
But I swore to never block my emotions again. Because if you do that you will end up an empty shell, and unable to do anything. Emotions is what makes us accomplish things.

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Exactly, it pushed a lot of people away and resulted in me always asking myself why they’re reacting that way or what’s the point of their reaction lol but in the end it was me being hella insensitive or uncaring about what I said and how it affected them. I still have moments where that happens and I’ll start to understand and do better.

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I mainly tried to block out pain and fear, but I realised you can’t single out emotions, you always end up blocking out the ones you wanted to keep, too.


i had a friend like that, he was a psychopath, he never changed


Really? No way to kill them? That’s disappointing. No spirits that can help or something?

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Do you mean feelings for a specific person?

Or the ability to feel love/lust in general?

The ability to even feel them. I don’t think I want them anymore. @Veil

You do realise that is part of what makes you human, right?

To destroy emotions is to destroy a very pivotal part of humanity

Do you want to be a soulless robot? Or a monster?

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Well, like I said, you can lock them away, block them, freeze them, but it has a prize. I’ll not be moralising here, just explaining. Emotions are part of our nature, and they secure our survival. Successfully shutting them out completely will end your life sooner or later.

You can however control them, to an extent. Some can be controlled easier than others. We all do it, we learn it when we grow up. We don’t throw ourselves on the ground and scream when we can’t get something at the supermarket. Controlling our emotions also helps with our survival.
So maybe you could rather work on controlling certain emotions, rather than killing them.


Hmm. I guess I can think of a couple things you can try.

The archangel Haniel is strong in love matters. (S)he may be able to deaden or lock away your ability to feel love and/or lust.

You could employ a simple freezer spell on your own ability to feel those emotions.

Failing that I’m certain you could find some demonic force to help with this. Either one that has powers in love or lust, or alternatively, one whose nature is so removed from and alien to human emotion. For the former, a petition or pact should suffice, for the latter, likely an invocation, a pact, perhaps a talisman.

You could, idk, close or remove your heart chakra. You could align yourself so strongly (again、pact or invocation/possession) with an entity antithetical to or very removed from love or emotion, like an entity of a mercurial current or a death current. (Note I’m not necessarily saying those currents have no crossover with love/emotion – this is pure speculation on my part.)

For your own benefit I would strongly advise including a clear escape clause in any pact, or having a known method of reversal in any other ritual, in case you change your mind in future.

Or as an alternative to all that, if there is some other reason you would like to no longer feel love/lust, for instance if you believe it only leads to suffering, there are likely other avenues you can explore – similar to what @Helena mentioned.