Can you be catholic, Christian, etc and still work with demons, dark spirits etc?

I pray to god and read his psalms. I wear him on my necklace but I still work with manipulation magick or magick that’s not really considered “white”. Though, I never really called upon something dark. I have tried working with Amina Sola once. I’m not against any religion, I never really cared about someone’s religion as long as they were good people to me. Although I don’t really consider myself to be religious I am spiritual and I don’t know if I worship god (because, to be honest, I’m confused as to what he is. I do pray to Jesus though) it’s a little confusing. I don’t really understand it myself. Anyways, so my question here is, can I still do what I do- even if I try to summon, invoke, work with demons or spirits?

Update: Also, do the demons, gods, dark spirits care or mind? Would I be able to work with them the same way anybody else can or would I have to go about it in a different approach?




I do daily prayers to the Infernal Divine. I also do the St Patric’s Breastplate every day. I’ve a relationship to Lilith, and also working on a litany of saints. I grew up secular and I am not particularly religious… But!

There is a difference between invoking the ‘magic’ of Christianity, and to adhere to the institutionalized and organized religions of the Christian Church - if you focus more on the Faith than on the Church you should be ok. Get where I am getting at?

Also, one could argue that Jesus was no less than a magus himself, so there’s that… And the Saints were basically mystics and ‘people of the people’.

And I know a whole bunch of chaos mages that used to call themselves christian but are no longer, but still have a chat with good ol’ Jesus from time to time.

Basically, having a foot in both worlds? Yes, you can definitely do that.

And what will the Daimons you evoke think of it? Probably nothing. :relaxed:


Some Bible verses are opposed to magical practices; but the classic grimoires invoke God and his Names in order to summon demons and other spirits, employing a cosmological/hierarchical logic. So, in this regard, yes.


Which I as an outsider find hilarious because Catholicism looks just like magic, with their sermons and their invocation of a higher power and their robes and their books and sacrifices and all that stuff :smiley:


Tho I am still new I would say yes. As you look into other religious works and groups you’ll see that the christianity is used in them. Also look at the inverted cross it is on the popes chair and others see it as a sign that we should not be crucified as christ was so kinda a holy symbol but some use it as a blaspheme against god. Also look to The Baphomet the symbol was made by a chatholic from what I heard but is used at a symbol of black magick and Satanism.

This right here, look at the old grimoires like “The Faults Hierarchy of Demons” or “The Keys of Solomon the King”. Tho these books more force demons to do their bidding I would avoid that side of it.

“The Left Hand Path is power without restraints” E. A. Koetting.
“Black Magick no gods not masters” Timothy.
“Do what thou will shall be the whole of the Law” Aleister Crowley.

Some of these are paraphrased but you can see where I’m going, If I were you I would ask all the parties involved if it is a problem and if there is ask others until you find some that are okay with it. But your magick is yours do as you will, this is your journey and it’s up to you to decide where you go.
I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this response. It makes me feel a lot better. I just found this site yesterday night and I’m getting my mind blown. There are so many things on here I never even knew was possible. Or maybe I have heard of them, but never seen real people with actual testimonies without them being bots. Everything is hard to process. I have so many questions I don’t even know where to begin. Well I guess my journey starts here :slight_smile: I’m excited.

I’ve heard of black, white, hoodoo, santeria, wicca- you name it- any kind of magick. Though I never really heard of ‘Christianity’ magick, or magick that comes/derives from Christianity, until now. I thought it was all prayers and faith. But in some Hoodoo spells (even if they’re used to manipulate someone) they do say to read some of the psalms, especially the 23rd psalm. Why’s that?

Also, there’s this book this site keeps recommended to me. I think it’s called “the awakening of Lucifer” or books on how to work with him. I grew up thinking working with him would be betraying Jesus or God. But like you said,

I still want to ask- would it still be okay to work with Lucifer?


Wow, those are some very interesting facts I was not aware of. Thank you. It’s all starting to make a little more sense.

I’m curious as to why you would stay away from that side. Why? If you don’t mind me asking.

And thank you for the rest of the information. Will do! All the responses I’m getting are very detailed and kind so I want to say thank you all for helping me understand :blush: I appreciate it a lot.

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Haha I know that feeling. Then ponder this also: Basically all western magickal practice (of european origins) are actually originating from Alexanderia, one way or another. So basically Alexandria is our heritage :smiley:

Well, it’s not ‘officially’ magick… but if you would approach it from a chaos magick perspective you would see that it is there, behind the robes and the titles and whathaveyou :wink:

Most definitely. Lucifer is very accommodating and caring, and he would not hold it against you. You should probably not curse his name or anything like that… but you know… the daimons that we are evoking are not really anti-christian, but rather from a time and place before Christianity :slight_smile:


When you are practicing something that straddles the fence of two different sides that are vehemently opposing to the other I think you’re going to find problems.
It’s kind of like the saying that the friend of my enemy is also my enemy. loyalty and faithfulness may come into question with those that you are serving on either side.
I am a very solid person who is either or and nothing in between I don’t do gray areas but I believe that everybody has the choice to make on their own as others have said. Though the seals of Solomon and calling on God to bring these particular Angels which others know as demons under strict control has been done, it was done by force. If you are calling them or evoking them per se of Their Own willingness to be there yet you are loyal to who they perceived to be there in a me then they may be less willing to work with you in any regard. I have been a student of world religion for 20 years and I study it in Great depth so I know that it is contradictory what you are proposing according to the abrahamic religion. Just a breath of Suspicion in regards to what you do with working with them would have had you burned at the stake or worse not so long ago because that is what that religion calls for. And it is not the only religion that calls for death for those who work with such beings. We are in a period of time that is so unique and liberal that we have the ability to choose for ourselves without serious social repercussions however there are still spiritual repercussions to consider. It is not for any of us to judge but only to give our own insights into the matter but ultimately you are the one who has to make the choice.


I have never heard of Alexandria. Would you mind providing your best link on the information you’d recommend me reading on?

^ This is very very reassuring and calming to know. I’ve been growing up believing they are evil and want to do you harm, especially if you worship their so called “enemy”. This is crazy and honestly a little to hard to believe. But I believe it!

I hope this is not rude to ask, I’m genuinely curious :slight_smile: - how do you know/believe Lucifer does not mind that we worship Christ or God? Considering they have all that history I have been taught to believe.

Ah, the Library of Alexandria. Alexander the great gathered pretty much all that existed at the time in regards to knowledge (which included local mystic practices and so on) around the Mediterranean, and the occult practices that came during the medival age and later Renaissance and so on basically came from all that ;D

It’s what the church want you to believe. If you examine what ‘evil’ is, you will soon realize that those beings we call upon are not it. Sure we call them ‘Demons’ but that word itself comes from the greek work ‘daimons’ which basically means tutor. The only reason people think of them as ‘evil’ is because the church, well, demonized them.

Because he is simply better than that :smiley: And he understands that you’ve been taught to believe certain things and untruths…

And I am not entirely sure about the ‘history’ there either… I think, like someone else here pointed out in another thread, that the newly created jewish sect called Christianity needed a perceived enemy to unite themselves against, and as such they picked Satan, or Lucifer, and so on as their #1 enemy.

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A choice to choose between Christ and working with these beings?
I understand a bit, though this is quite different from the responses I’ve been getting on this thread from this question. So both information is very contradictory to me.

I decided to check your page a bit out of curiosity, since you seem so wise- I’d like to learn more from what you believe in. I saw that you said in a post-

“I acknowledge the necessity of light and dark both. I do not classify myself as any particular type of title.“ To me, this seems a bit similar to my situation. Light and dark, and how I am not religious but I am spiritual.

If it’s not similar, is it different because it is Christ and demons? Please tell me more :slight_smile:

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We also had a nice little chat about this the other day in this thread. Might be worth looking up :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never come across any. The only part I came across was in the old testament, condemning those who use enchantment, talisman, etc for evil purpose, wicked selfish gain, such as Balaam, this sorceress that lay spells on young women to get them sleep with men for money, and so on.

If you don’t mind referring me to the verses that opposed occult.

You may email with me here: [email protected]

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Thank you I have been reading up on it and will continue to do so!


Google has 186K results.

Lol I don’t like stuff like this, but I will check.

So, I read just 4 to 5 verses there and I understood it already.

Same thing I have said. Necromancy - dealing with the dead; Mediums, Sorceress, etc they all do dirty stuff and does what i have listed before.

You should know that Moses is an occultist, a Magician. Same as Jacob, David, Abraham. You don’t know that Jesus Christ Himself was an Occultist? What is miracle if not Magic? Even Job was an occultist. I have a talisman which was said that Job’s friends gave to him during his trial, the talisman heals different types of diseases.

But then those Shamans, Sorceress, Mediums, etc lead the Israelites into idol worshipping so they were told to severe ties with them.

They began to offer their child as offering to demons, burn themselves with fire, etc not that occultism itself is wrong.

When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord.

Understanding is needed here. That’s why most newcomers that are Religious people, Catholics etc that registered here start feeling like they are sinning against their God, doing something wrong in one way or the other.

You wanna dive into Occult, go ahead. It doesn’t mean u want to become a Satanist or start serving another God.