Can someone help with divination

a few days ago I got gut feeling that i am about to die soon and my soul will transfer to another adult body… can someone validate it? Thanks

no your most likely going to encounter a betrayal though by someone close , but ultimately its going to hell you grow into a more secure person

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Yes, you’re going to die soon and your soul will be transferred to a middle-aged Sumo wrestler about to end his stagnant career.You’ll be facing all the issues from his sad and sorrow wife that he did. Yeah, it’s pretty grim unfortunately. Anyway, good luck. I recently entered a Megan Markle Look-A-Like contest. Did it on a ‘gut feeling’. I didn’t win. Full facial beard issue, apparently. But, nothing ventured…



badgalfrommars is most assuredly correct. If not, “death” will come as the end of a phase, such as a job or LTR, or possibly an unpleasant time. With this “death,” comes another “life,” a renewal. One door shuts, another opens. Your experience may not be so obviously Janus faced, but something along this line, if badgalfrommars isn’t on par. I am quite sure, though, that that reading is accurate.

i think alot of people died with the virus situation. It’s all going to be a new beginning for majority of people. death isn’t mainly physical. It can be other kinds of death. mental, emotional, spiritual, monetary death. relationship death, identity death, etc… lol.

I tried to scan you slightly to get an idea about the situation and I seen someone stabbing themselves in the stomach with a dagger so what ever the problem is I assume it’s somthing you cause. I tried to see if this info would help avoid and they shook there finger back and forth then I asked what should I tell them and seen a clock thena flower and a beetle crawl out of it, I asked how is this supposed to help and seen them Stan the beetle with the dagger. I don’t know what the beetle actually is but if you get rid of it you avoid the negative future.
PS sorry for scanning without asking I just assumed It would be fine since it’s to help.

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My grandmother stabbed herself in the stomach when she was my age and me and her are very similar but i dont think i can stab myself like this. Dont have the courage

Pretty nuts that it happened though, what drove her to do that? I can also do tarot for you if you’d like I’m not super good at intuition with the cards but good at drawing the correct card. Lemme know if you want a card drawn and figure out the question exc.

She got insane and did this. I will be happy for a tarot reading if you can. I am very miserable and wanna die

I’m sorry your so miserable I’ve been there before, so do you have a question imparticular to ask?

Have you done any banishments lately? I do have a feeling there might be somthing messing with you aka the beetle.

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I don’t know what this beetle might be. I had a a very traumatic past that makes me miserable. Please ask what is going to happen to me in the next 6 months- year

Ok I’ll ask that just gimme a sec I’m smoking a cig and am outside have to go to room to get cards exc.

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Four of cups

Renounce the circumstances that have brought you to a standstill.

Four in this suit refers to a restless time, where a person may have become dissatisfied with life, and emotionally uncomfortable. Feeling stagnated, longing for change, the heart ponders its options … as it should.

So that’s the answer key for the card doesn’t really answer the question as much as it just advises you to try and recover from your tramatic experience the cards face itself make me think it’s of dire importance. The card showed a tomb stone, so what ever is oin to happen to cause this seems like it can be avoided or at least delt with if you do as the card says and deal with that trama, I think there somthing feeding on you your negativities making the situation worse. I looked at the ghoul staring at the tombstone and thought what if it was looking at you then seen an image of a person destroying the ghoul so you definitely have it inside of yourself to overcome this. I had the image of the ghoul nodding it’s head yes when I though is it doing this to our trying to cause the negative outcome aka death that you feared.

Do you want me to do another pull with the question being if she overcomes her trama what is going to happen to her?


Queen of cups upside-down Medusa
The Queen of Cups reversed suggests that you stop all efforts to dull your pain or distract yourself from it. Looking the other way is not going to help you anymore. Neither is trying to rationalize away or control the situation.

You must be emotionally honest. Be honest with yourself, and others who may be involved in what you are going through. If you continue to anesthetize the hurt, it won’t rise to the surface and be released. Coping strategies that rely on distracting yourself from reality only serve to entrench the problem.

So it’s mainly addressing how important it is to address this hurt and saying you gotta bring to surface the pain to be able to expell it and recover not to bottle it up.
The card face to me makes me think that you were wronged be somthing that you had no guilt regarding and that when you prayed for help it only made things worse it’s upside down so instead of the worse part being from the god like what happened to her “Medusa” its what you did to yourself when your prayers seemed unanswered.

Feel free to ask any other questions once you intake the reading, also I’ve recovered from trama myself I might be able to give a few pointers on how to cope it’ll help but oi gotta do the work yourself oviously.

The fact that it’s Medusa on the card also points out to me that there’s gonna be permanent scars but you can make the best out of life and thrive still. You have to use the resources you have. Utalize the moon you can trust it’s influence. Feel the stregth the sun and nature offer you aswell . I’m using scanning to do this it’s still partly me though I asked what’s the meaning type obthing of using the moon and sun and then seen a seed and it started to grow. They shrug like I dunno when I ask I there s a spirit messing with you Im trying to use Medusa atm for the help I’m actually super fond of her. If you start working on yourself there will always be progress, donnlet fear onsume out do what you must “intuition/channeling thought”
I asked what does she need to avoid and just seen lots of papers. Then said they symbolize then seen I think $ then like a hazey fume then a skull. So don’t over think financial. Just be you the one no one else remembers befor you changed.