Can someone coach me how to make a pact with lucifuge

Can someone help me to make a pact with lucifuge lofocale I have been trying for myself but it doesn’t work :disappointed_relieved:

Howcome you think it doesn’t work?

I don’t feel any changes :pensive: recently I was very happy while I tried to invoke Azazel because I was able to feel some changes but now it’s different.

Like changes to your mood, to the energy in the room, etc., when you are evoking/invoking them?

It’s not 100% guaranteed every time that you will feel something external. And you may be blocking yourself by believing it hasn’t worked. What does your intuition tell you to do – e.g. try again? Research more about the entity? Change what you are asking for? Choose a different offering to give? Can you perform some kind of divination for yourself to see if you get a sense of what the result of your attempt was?

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It is very important to raise your vibration in order to connect with spirits. Sometimes it’s very hard to not feel down when we have so much going on at times. But a real satanic has to always have the inner power and strength to overcome fears and doubts and never Lose faith. Faith and determination is key for everything in this path. You need to deeply meditate first for several minutes with a blue candle while staring at the Sigil of Azazel in this case. Azazel is awsome, that I can tell you.

Make a formal invitation first and then proceed after seven days on full moon with the pact. It is very important to have a relationship with the spirit established first.

You do know that to make a pact, you have to be able to communicate with the spirit, right?

If you can’t communicate, then you can’t make a pact, because a pact requires negotiation and agreement from both parties.

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Lucifuge is the master of pacts, so (unless I am misunderstanding) he is the one to assist / help / oversee in making pacts with other spirits.
I made an ink from walnuts and dedicated that to Lucifuge, to use it when I make a pact. I added a drop of blood as well.

Find another demon.
Lucifuge takes years from your life in exchange for his gifts.