Can someone be Half Demon or anything related to that?

OKAY THIS SOUNDS CRAZY AND YES IM VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! But, I’ve been doing some meditation and I’ve been seeing darker parts of me. As I’ve been aging, my personality has gotten more melancholy and just darker/mean (I’m still in my teen years.) But these parts of me… I see them hurt people with the darkest of Magick and it doesn’t even look like me! It looks… well obviously it looks like me but with full back eyes, bags under its eyes, with symbols on its face (I’m calling it “it” till I know what it is.) There was a black Diamond on my Third eye Chakra area and there were black dots right on the outside of my eye on each side. I’ve been trying to tap into this side with oracle cards, but not really any luck. Yesterday, I did some Research and Apparently, it’s possible to be Marked/imprinted on by a demon at birth… I’m not sure what this is, but I NEED HELP! (Sorry if this Post is all over the place, but it’s hard to explain)

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Yes, I believe we as humans can truly be Deamons. No, I do not think you are crazy. All is balance. We must have balance to exist. Know your darkness, know your light, know yourself.


My take on this is outlined here - some will flow so naturally with one current that is it as if they were its Child, and on occasion they may be exactly that:

How to handle it, and keep your shit together? Try deploying a “kitty box” when it suits you to do so:

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So you are still in that phase where you are really edgy and feel that nobody understands you?

Regardless, you seem to be working with your inner darkness and seeing some results.

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