Can someone ask Asmodeus for me?

I am not sure what do you mean… Can I make a pact with him somehow and how?

Write him a letter, he likes them, especially if you use fancy writing. Ask him to help you understand how to gain a woman’s attention, how to seduce her. Be polite, and genuine in the way you talk to him. If you promise to give him something, keep that promise. So don’t offer anything you can’t actually get him. Address it with both his name and sigil. Then place it under your pillow when you sleep, burn it, or bury it in the earth. Pay attention. To everything. The conversations in your daily life, the tv, the radio, articles you come across, you’ll start to come across information and techniques that give this knowledge. He’s a lovely mentor. The more you work with him, the more he’ll teach you in dreams, and meditations.


Should I invoke him or evoke him?

The letter is more than enough.


This is perfect. One thing to note is that asmoday can also bring money. Many don’t know that. You can include that in the pact.

I disagree, I think he should at least invoke him.

Either is fine.

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how to make pact?


Here you go: Advanced Pact Making


A note on Asmodeus: be very clear and willing to let out everything you want if you are approaching him for aid. I have noticed he has a tendency to probe your desires in order for to become honest not only to him but yourself as well.

You want women? Okay, what “type”? Why do you want them? What do you hope will happen once he has brought them? Etc, etc. Don’t allow any detail to be left out, no matter how embarrassed you may be. Honesty is the point afterall and, through it, you may find roots to hidden issues that has caused you to be found wanting in life. Asmodeus is great for helping one come to that realization AND overcome it. Learning how to read people outside of ritual will also be helpful, as mentioned by @Narsonix.

A note on the commanding point mentioned earlier. If you are worried about being disrespectful, there are ways to command while doing so. Just because you are being assertive with the demon does not mean you are belittling them. It just means you are recognizing not only them but yourself on equal footing, while establishing that you are not to be fooled around. Or that is the impression I have gathered.


Yes, they like us to be strong and honest, that’s for sure. Demons don’t seem to like it when we appear to be weak. I am always respectful and welcoming to them, but I set boundaries in a very firm way, and I say what I want and never beg them. We can appear weak, even when were not, and it’s best to get to the point with them. One of the demons I work with was kinda toying with me because my requests were kinda mamby pampy lol, but he got it out of me haha


Do I need to make a pact? I would like to work with Asmodeus without making pact, yesterday I said which specific girl I want, offered him some doritos and cup of water I don’t know if it was a good idea… What do you think? I was specific and said what I wanna do with her and I said that I am gonna offer him a lot of good and more stuff if he fullfils my request :slight_smile: What do you think about this?

How do you speak to demons? How do you hear them?

Telepathically. I have never had a problem hearing them, and on rare occasions I may hear them speak aloud. That has only happened three times since I have been practicing.


I’ve never heard them, do you hear them clearly or like what?

If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you? Because if you enter into a pact with Asmodeus, he will make sure you keep your end of it. I won’t make a pact with him, I don’t feel ready. For now I will simply evoke him. I’m trying to establish a good rapport with the few that I feel drawn to. Asmodeus is a great demon, but I know even though I have experience I’m not ready for any pacts. He may help you without one.


Yes. You will know it’s them, and not your own thoughts.


Actually I am pretty young I’m not ready for pact too but like I don’t have any other option if I don’t hear him and I’m not getting any results :slight_smile:

It’s so hard for me to hear them I mean I never even heard any demon I tried to evoke…

It takes time. Don’t be in a hurry. :grin:


I know but I am so triggered that I can’t hear them and almost everyone can haha :smiley:

I cannot answer whether or not you NEED a pact. That is something you will need to sit quietly and think about. While I have a pact with Belial, I have worked with others without one. But I think mediating and making that decision on your own would be the best course of action. Research what pact making entails and take some time to weigh it out, being honest with yourself.

As for the offerings, you are the first I have heard offering a spirit doritos lol. Not that it is a bad thing if you meant well by it. The point of an offering is to show gratitude so if that was your intentions, you are likely fine. Water is actually an offering I have had accepted more times than not. It is one often overlooked as many of us have lost its importance due to modern convenience. There was a time not so long ago where clean drinking water was not available. Giving a small offering while ranging for another offering after manifestation is one way to go about it as well.

That being said, how you described the exchange was essentially a petition. Asmodeus, as a sovereign being, can choose to deny it if he wishes. But he does tend to be helpful as well, so it is hard for me to say one way or another as an outsider. That is the drawback of asking as opposed to commanding