Can someone ask Asmodeus for me?

Hello, so I have asked Asmodeus for girls and that but I am not sure did he hear it and accept it, can anyone ask him did he please?

Best to assume that your “request” got accepted and don’t stress about it.


I know but I need someone who can ask him because I cant hear him…

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Man, it doesn’t matter. You care about achieving your goal or not?

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I do of course…

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Then you don’t need clairaudience

I dont know…

Then girls shouldn’t be on your to do list. Its developing your astral skills first. I work with Asmodeus. He’s a trickster but a very good teacher. He’s probably influencing this post now most likely as I work with him much. Don’t listen to @someguy1, never just assume your request got accepted. You could be waiting months for it to happen only to find out Asmoday rejected it. I’m going to be honest with you, he probably rejected it because your astral senses aren’t developed. Develop them first, then call him again.


This is true. Especially with Asmoday. Love Magick in general isn’t very quick, especially if you don’t have anyone specific to target. Usually pacts are in order for these types of things.


Can you please ask him for me? I have been sleeping now cause my head hurted a lot and I was saying in my mind before I fell asleep Asmodeus come in my dream and give me a sign that you heard me, I was like fucking girl not fucking but idk how to explain haha… Does this mean something?

When I fell asleep and I woke up like 2 min after it I was literally feeling like im flying and I am invincible…


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This was most likely his answer, knowing him I think this is what he would say.

He heard you for sure. But don’t take it like he’ll do it. Develop your astral senses first!

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Will it take long time to develop them?

Hell no, your senses are already in you. Your imagination. Make a pact with him. That’s best


“Astral senses” always rubbed me the wrong way lol. It’s clairvoyant abilities. Slapping astral on everything :man_facepalming:


How can I make a pact?

Like pact for not long time just to see how it goes like 1 week or something…

Yes he heard you, he’s one that is very easy to reach. He will not do it for you, nor will any spirit. How they work is they set up situations where you are likely to obtain your goal, but YOU have to reach out and take it. This means that YOU have to put in the work to level up the skills you need to be able to take it. If it’s related to dealing with women, your gonna have to learn how to talk to them, how to flirt, and how to follow a women’s lead. What I mean by this is learning to tell when a woman is or isn’t open to having sex. If she is, would she be open to you? Interested in sex doesn’t always mean interested in you.

Don’t let this get you down Asmodeus also has a way with words and seems to enjoy helping people up their game.


I am not sure what do you mean… Can I make a pact with him somehow and how?