Can I talk to King Paimon just with him?

Hey all

So since I joined the forum I have kept seeing King Paimon topics pop up. Also during the day this pops into my head and I have a desire to communicate with him. I haven’t yet because I don’t have any specific requests I am just drawn to him . But also I don’t know if this is okay in my practice? I’ve tried to contact my padrino and ask about speaking with angels or demons but he hasn’t really responded(he’s really busy).

So is this just a curiosity or should I take his sigil and burn frankenscience And give and offering and say his enn?
But then if he does answer like I said I just want a little company and he intrigues me.

Im open to your opinions!


Go for it. He might be reaching out, thats why you feel the need to talk to him. He may wish to work with you or have a message, so call him up and see whats up.


Yeah, you can. He enjoys talking to humans.


Definitely. Remember though that “talk” is a little different here than it might be with your great-aunt Susie. But can you communicate for sure.


Yes, I hold q & a’s with spirits all the time. They are great for training your clairaudience faculty.


THAnk you! So what are some things to be careful of?? I always am respectful when speaking to spirits but apart from this anything else? Does he have an aggressive side? And thank you again!


No, he doesn’t really have an “aggressive” side, but he like to talk business. He’s very straight to the point, in my experience, and can be a bit gruff if pestered for trivial things. He is quite understanding of human foibles, but you don’t want to make him angry. A magician I know went to war with him over a misunderstanding, and it took Lucifer to negotiate peace.

Just always remain respectful, and use his title, King Paimon. Ask him about what he can teach you. He loves being a mentor. He would much rather show you how to do for yourself than to do it for you, and he is excellent. He is master of all arts and sciences, after all.

As long as you remain respectful as befitting a king, you’ll be fine. One piece of advice I have, is bring a list of questions with you into the evocation. As I said, he very much likes to get straight down to business, and doing so shows him that you are serious and not wasting time for idle chit chat. Once a trusting relationship is built, though, then sometimes he’ll just pop up for a coffee date :slight_smile:


Also in my experience, no offerings needed just to speak with him.


I also agree with that!


Thank you this is awesome because I was actually seeking a mentor so maybe this could be why he was coming through? im Looking forward to this.


Update// So i attempted twice both times drew his sigil and repeated the enn. I tried a few different things- meditating in the sigil etc… I didn’t seem to get a response from him however as in any session I did feel a strong energy. Maybe my issue was that I was abruptly interrupted both times.

So I will see where it goes from here. I was apprehensive to attempt contact because I never contacted a Demon much less a Demon KING! Lol so yes maybe that caused some static also. Will see :slight_smile: thank you all for the info and experiences!!


I was there child you just do not know how to hear me this one is letting me use his body to tell you you did well do not fear me respect me and I will respect you listen to me I will bring you a symbol shortly to know it is me


Itd be perfectly fine to contact him just for the sake of talking to him. In fact in my experience they actually appreciate that. After you meet him and feel comfortable you can then go to him for whatever requests you do have in the future.
I always try to just summon them and introduce myself, get to know them a little before I make requests.


Nice channeling Rise


Thank you very much

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Update// so finally at 3 a.m. my living space was silent. I began again to call to him the same way. I definitely felt a strong presence that time I believe the other two times I was distracted. Also his presence seemed EXTREMELY PEACEFUL——like I hadn’t experienced before!! Funny because the natural thing is to think that it will be a heavy scary energy but now I am relearning everything I thought I knew about what an angel is and what a demon is.

Overall a very good experience thank you to King Paimon :crown: for making your presence known!!


I’m so glad I came across this, because I’ve been getting a similar calling from him since I was a kid. And for similar reasons I’ve been apprehensive about contacting him to that level. I call his name and meditate about him but it doesnt go any further than that.


I really want to meet King Paimon.
I’m tired of my life and I’m really to make a deal with his majesty. Unfortunately, I can’t summon him the traditional way (chalk, candles,etc). Is there any other way to contact him. I’m ready to runaway.


Search the forum, there are already countless threads about that.

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Sure can.
Demons are a wealth of information, it’s one of my main reasons for summoning them.