Can I do This Evocation?

Hi I am new to evocation and I have noticed that most whom practice evocation have tools like circle or altar and a Sigil of the spirit or entity my question is I don’t practice meditation,energy, or have yet performed my first astral projection can I actually do this ? and I have another question I l live with my parents and they are very strict religious family if they find out I am into any of these occult studies I would be in very serious trouble and I don’t what that because I wanna continue these researches and go further more in magick/energy/evocation/divination/soul travel and more.

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You don’t need tools to do modern (or ancient, shamanistic) methods, these differ because we treat all spirits as “just some dudes” - albeit worthy of moderately respectful treatment at first - and not dark beings who can only be summoned with special equipmewnt to keep things safe.


Lie in bed while listening to or reciting the enn of an entity. Relax and let everything flow.

Yes, it becomes so natural that I call them more often than I call human people