Can beginners do these curse

Theres this one bitch I hate
She ruined my life
I need her to be cursed with big effect on her life
Like getting hit by a truck and loosing a leg
Or falling from stairs and getting brain damaged
I never made a curse before
Possible or not?

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It certainly is possible. It will take a lot of focus, mediation skills and a method you can channel that hatred into. It is definitely not the easiest form of magic, as many have an internal block that prevents them completely letting go if themselves, but I have learned not to underestimate anyone with enough rage and focus to channel it. A tip though: often, the bigger the damage, the longer it takes to manifest (not always but seems to be the case often enough)


You can do this. You must fully commit to it and you must fully accept that these horrible things are going to happen.

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Yes. Use the ritual of destruction in the Satanic Bible.

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Ha ha ha I missed all the previous post requesting intro, sorry guys they just popped up now. Nice to see were all on the same page here :slight_smile:

The more trained you are, and the more successes you have had before in spell casting, the better the results, but if you are new to this craft, then you can also have good results if you perform the ritual with real focus, and put ALL your true intentions and desires in it. Also, you have to let go all lusts for results once you are done with the ritual, or it will never succeed. I wish you success.


my Introduction: I am 25 years old I come from Argentina and I am new to magic. I want to do curses.

What is lusts for results?

Lust for results is your obsession from the spell to work, your constant thoughts about it, you stalking the victim to see if he or she shows some sign that your spell is working.

Contrary to popular thinking here, I don’t think that the lusts for results has anything to do with the action of the spell. And with the results from the spell.

The spell working depends on two things - the power of the caster and if it is genuine, or fake.

If the caster lacks power, the spell won’t work.
If it is fake, it won’t work.

The same with deities. There are lost of made up deities who will never work no matter if you lusting for results or not.