Can anyone help me with free spellcasting to regain the love of my life and have him never abuse me again?

“In forum about magic, run by magicians”
“Then why didn’t you use magic to sent him away/get over it/put a death curse that looks like an accident”.

Correct thinking…

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Courts don’t believe in magick

Men don’t change for a woman’s sake. They change for their own.


Nobody does but for their own sake and even then it’s exceedingly rare.

I wouldn’t say that, but her best bet is to look for someone else.

You think gender makes a difference or you think more people change than I’m giving credit? It takes a lot of effort and will power, and persistence for someone to change and they really have to want to change. Rewiring the brain takes a long time and huge amounts of course correction.

My original post was meant to be gender neutral. So yes people do not change till they make the choice for their own sake.

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she could always go the route of magick causing death instead of physical one in real life. there are many ways to die. Still think self defense is good to learn. Build self confidence in all areas of life and it’s to protect herself if things go south.

Base on mind process of hypnosis. People can change quick if they have enough emotional motivation.Just have to get that reason to click in their mind. Most often people change when they have no choice. By life’s necessity.

Yeah, that was my point.

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I really didn’t want to touch this topic, but I just can’t since I see it keeps going still.
You’ve been brainwashed by that guy and the reasons why are way too deep to give an accurate explanation without knowing you. I was there once, my mom was there, trust me I know. I’ve seen that shit before. And I might sound cruel to you with my answers, but there’s no point to sugarcoat anything.

You want an honest answer, based on what I’ve seen with my own eyes? No. If you’re skilled enough you might turn him to a “zombie” like state for some time so he won’t beat you, which will intensify other violent reactions, but at the end he’ll break down and it’s going to be worst than before.

It’s sad that you think that’s what love is. This is what I was thinking when I was in my first relationship and If I have one single excuse for that mindset I had (which quite honestly no excuse is good enough for this), is that I was 15y.o. What’s your excuse? What do you say to yourself for keep being a victim? That you don’t deserve something better? That you’re not good enough? That no one will ever care for you and love you? Congratulations, you just repeat in your mind what your abusers wants you to think to keep having you under their control.

While your pain is less important? What kind of joy have you received from being in this kind of relationships? Do you enjoy it when you’re been beaten, when you’re been send to the hospital, when the cops are called? Do you feel happy? Our experiences are there to shape us to become better, stronger. If we don’t know how to handle it, we ask help from specialists. We don’t beat the shit out of people.

If he felt he doesn’t deserve your love he’d try to change his shitty behaviour. But lets be honest, he wont because no one stopped him. He was beating you, his ex’s, his current gf and all the future gf’s he’ll ever have.

First you need to heal yourself before you even think to heal someone else. And you have a lot of work to do on yourself.

You’ve allowed yourself to be victimised. That’s your mistake but that doesn’t mean that you deserve to be treated that way. We all make mistakes, growth comes from our determination to fix them and never repeat them.

You adored what? A man who treated you like shit? That’s not the best of you. The best of you is a strong woman who doesn’t take violence as a form of love. A woman who believes she deserve better than this and is pursuing a better future based on that. What future you’ll have with men like him? How short your future you think will be? And what about your (future) children? You want your children to be taught from a man like him? Do you really want your children to be mini copies of you and be treated the way you are treated? Is that what you want them to see?

No, sweety, his behaviour wouldn’t be different if you were “better” or “more”. But if you believed more in yourself and valued yourself more, you wouldn’t allow men like him in your life. So he wouldn’t treat you like this, because he wouldn’t be around.

Stand on your feet, woman. You’re a survivor, don’t let that go to waste. Value yourself and your life more.

That’s exactly his goal. To keep you under his control, to feel lost without him, that only he would ever “care” for you.

Ok, I’m repeating myself, but before you start thinking about how to help others, help yourself first. You can manipulate with magick, yes, but its temporary if the person in need doesn’t want and actually work towards “fixing” himself.

Love yourself first, then you’ll know who deserves your love and who doesn’t. As long you don’t, you’ll find yourself in situations like this.

I’d suggest a serious shadow work and cleansing/balancing your chakras. After that, start working with female Goddesses, they will teach you how to be everything now you’re not.



To plea insanity you mean? I don’t know if it would work.

Nah. Is just that if you go to court and speak about magic they will ask a lot of things, just to discredit you as someone who can’t even make a competent lie. I’m sure is what any court will come up with.

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Thank you. I can’t. I can’t hurt someone I love even to defend myself. It’s not in me. I don’t know if it’s wrong or right. It just is. But thank you ALL for hearing me, acknowledging me, caring, when I was convinced I was nothing but a shadow of something that once had value. Thank you for making me feel…human, again.

it’s about getting your power back and self love. If you love yourself you won’t put up with his BS. if you can’t hurt. then use magick and let them demons do the hurting. =o) If you still can’t do that. Atleast do something so that he can’t hurt you. Magick for regret, to cause darkness so he learns spiritually, suffering to teach lessons… there are plenty magick to do other things besides harm.

Seriously, if the “love of your life” abused you, have some self respect and move on with your life.

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Yes, I love the idea of his learning, so he doesn’t harm others. He is a vortex of anguish. His brother killed himself on his birthday and his first wife attempted suicide, his second killed herself in his bathroom. I would have been the 3rd to die if I had succeeded. :disappointed_relieved::frowning::disappointed: I will gladly read anything you suggest or do anything you recommend. I’m so happy to be a part of this place. I didn’t know it could feel so nice to have all this interaction. I’m usually weary of more pain and devastation, it feels like the first time I’ve felt the warmth of the sun on my skin in such a long time. Thank you dear friend.:heartpulse::hugs:

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Errmm… do you want to hurt him or have him back? I’m confused. Again, have some self respect.

I do, but coming from a home of abuse, one becomes accustomed to a certain degree of cruelty. He surpassed this by leaps and bounds. But having the great faith in magick and the power people have, I think that he could be helped. I “hope” is more accurate, actually. I don’t want him hurt, because I didn’t like being hurt. I would love to heal him and myself and what we share if it’s possible. I see no point in wasting energy on causing harm if healing could be done in its place. But my knowledge is very limited so I have no idea what is possible. Thank u for the tough love though. I know you mean well. Thank you for caring.

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