Can a servitor attack you?

I’ve seen some of my first coincidences that appear to be successes with my servitor. I’m very excited and pleased. However when I work with any angel or demon or conscious entity , I do this thing sometimes where I wonder if they can harm me and then imagine a scenario where they attack me. Then I fear the act of imagining will cause it to happen.
Is this something you’ve ever heard of?
How at risk am I if I can’t stop a fearful imagination?

They won’t attack you, but what’s more likely is you attack yourself, and/or interpret energy from them as an attack, then blame them, when it’s just you jumping at your own shadow. Another risk is the fear attracting parasites that behave this way.

I would say this sounds like a case of needing to build trust in some new relationships. The more you work with them and don’t get attacked, the more you can relax into it and the fear will be unlearned.

I would say, add extra banishings and wards to keep off parasites attracted to the negative energy, which will minimize the risk from that quarter at least.


Thank you!! :blush:

Program your servitor to never harm you or your loved ones and to self destruct if ever it tries to harm you as a fail safe.


I have seen them seem to rewrite their programming or absorb outside influence and start questioning you. That’s when you sit down, lobotomize and reprogram them.



@Post_lux_tenebrae I came back to give an update because I think this may have happened already.

I think my servitor took my blood without my offering it first. I don’t like that. That was not the agreement. I will make a new post about it and link here.

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Yeah you have to spell it out and do check ins.

This is my new post about what has been happening with my servitor .