Can a demon help me get a sexy body?

Im 22 and overweight and everyone keeps bullying me for my body,today I started to cry in my room alone.They keep saying I gain more and more weight I want to tell you that since 8 months I been working out, running,pilates,yoga,HIIT exercises Etc Diet… eating on calories deficit, eating vegan, eating no sugar. I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING and no hope. Im not extremely obese but chubby.Like if i lost a little weight I would look great but I can’t lose it! And still now they come to say I gained weight when I tried so hard to lose it and get healthy.
What demon can help me change my body shape and lose weight??? Please please I beg you.


Personally, I have a magical program with the moon phases. We will go into the waning moon now so you could do spell craft to banish your overweight. I focus on to banishing my little fat stomach… Write a letter with the color of the element of earth and do the ritual in the time of the earth which is midnight.


You’re still pretty young and our bodies change over time, especially early twenties. One of my friends had extreme acne until it settled around 27. I know it fucking sucks now to be bullied unfairly but your efforts will be great in the future. For fat loss, you need to do cardio. Running, jogging, jumping jacks, jumprope, etc. It can take at least 6 months to a year to see any changes in a healthy manner. Don’t try everything under the sun, just stick to something basic that you can make routine for the rest of your life because quick fad diets are only for extremely short term. Changing your routine over and over won’t help at all, so finding something you can stick to is best.

I would asked Cimejes. He not only helped me acquire hormones and doctor visits to transition as a man but has helped me masculinize myself and my body. He specializes in training men.

I specify “fat loss” also because muscles are heavier than fat. I used to weigh 130lbs but since taking testosterone and working out, I weigh 160 despite having less fat than before.

I’d also suggesting hexing the people who make fun of you, but maybe I’m just petty.

You got this, amigo.


You shouldn’t let others opinions and thoughts get to you. Fuck them all for being negative towards you.

You have to build up your inner strength.

Just keep on saying to your self how awesome you are.

Fuck the haters.

Use the power of FUCK in spades. I tell people in my mind to fuck off all the time. Irl I never do because they ain’t worth the effort or trouble.

You can do some beauty spells and confidence ones.


Keep in mind, weight loss takes a long time, even with a balanced diet and exercise (trust me, I know). There’s no instant process.

I just called on Thor to help me and it’s working great.


I haven’t tried this personally but some of my friends had significant results by using VK Jehannum’s ritual for weight loss. Here is the link to it

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Congrats for your progress first of all!
Now, after you lose some weight you face a “plateau” which means that you are stuck for a period of time. THATS COMPLETELY NORMAL.
Our bodies do NOT want to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, because it is a signal from our organisms that we are in a dangerous situation. No1.
No2 If you reduced every possible calories you could, you should search for “Intermittent Fasting”, personally it did transformed me. Basically you reduce the window of your eating, i was doing the 8-16 method.
No3 BUILD MUSCLE too, it not only helps you to get “bigger” but it helps you to lose body fat also.
You should not only check about your weight, but body fat also is equally important and sometimes even more.
No4 Do not lose hope, a fit body is an everyday and long term challenge. Keep going, make it a lifestyle and you shall see the results you are seeking, better late than never!


During intense workouts when I start to struggle I call upon archangel Raphael to give me a push for extra strength & drive to get through it in style.

From my own experience losing 86 pounds in just over a year (I was 210 pounds now at 124 currently, still going) no matter who you should call upon to help it is going to require time & patience.

What is most important is the calorie deficit for weight loss - you can do all the working out in the world / eat all the “healthy” things, but if you are over eating / or inadvertently in “maintenance mode” with the calories for your height etc over 7 days at a time the above wont take effect for weight loss.

Don’t let bullies bring you down, for even when you do lose the weight they will just find another reason to pick on you.

There was so many times where I wanted to give up for it is a battle, I’d plateau at one weight for weeks at times. But never give up.


Well, the answer to your question would be yes and now. If you stick to a diet and you don’t lose weight, there may be a medical problem, so please make sure you see a doctor. If you TRY to stick to a diet but you cannot for various reasons, you can work with demons. Now, they won’t just change your body overnight, but they will help with self-control and eating habits in general. Also, try meditating and manifesting you ideal body, it will help you a lot. Also, do some healing meditation/rituals for yourself to clean the negative energy.
If you think you have or may get an eating disorder, I suggest you to see a therapist/dietitian. I think you will get the best results mixing magic with medicine.


Hi Jane, :slight_smile: I’ll give you a few points from my experience, from a life of weight fluctuations and failed diets. It will probably be a long post, since I tend to be over-detailing, so sorry in advance, lol!

I am currently 6.3 feet (193cm) tall, and have gone from underweight around 172lbs (78kg) to around 232lbs (105kg), stabilizing at around 200lbs (90kg).

Starting from a more “spiritual” point of view, I would say that I do not know any spirit that makes you lose weight on command, so your mindset is correct: ask the spirit for the change, apply yourself for the change to happen, and it will happen.

So I would advise you,

  • If you want to approach a “demonic” sphere, to contact some, as I like to call them, “army generals / motivators”. During difficult sessions in the gym, for example, Belial occasionally intervenes, with thoughts like “Is that all? Get busy, you lazy shit!” or simple feelings of incompleteness that lead you to do more independently. Interesting, in this regard, a post made by the great Adam Thoth, which I put below, if you want to take a look at it.
  • If you don’t want to approach the demonic, purely “Martial” spirits like Archangel Michael, and the god Thor (as mentioned above), Ares and so on, are excellent companions in battles of this type, in my opinion at least.

Once the request is made, we must proceed by doing “our part”.

  • As for the diet (as, unfortunately, it covers at least 80% of the effort), I would recommend the simplest possible approach, which is “Calories in - Calories out”. I will not tell you to count your calories, because I myself have had some interesting results while not counting them, and not being a slave to numbers.

  • Make it your goal to have one serving of protein and two of vegetables as an “opening” for each meal. You will realize that there will not be too much space for other food, and it will be easier for you to contain yourself outside of meals.

  • Drink a lot of water (stupid I know, lol), zero calorie drinks are fine in this regard; now you are aiming to lose weight and nothing else, prioritize that. Tea, coffee and herbal teas help to quench hunger (at least in my case), better if you don’t add sugar of course.

  • Maintain a stable program in the gym (or whatever discipline you are attending), be constant even for 3/4 days a week, if the training is done well, it is more than enough. If you work out in the gym, prioritize the largest muscle groups, such as the legs, and use multi-joint exercises, such as the deadlift bench and squats, as in addition to the hypertrophic component, it makes you burn more calories, as more muscles are at work simultaneously.

Last but not least, go step by step, don’t do everything together; proceeding this way will make you throw in the towel quickly, make the process as enjoyable and fun as possible, so it will be easier for you to be consistent (consistency is the key).

Sorry for the length, but I really want to help you with that.
I cheer for you, good luck! :grin: :muscle:


There have been some great Magickal suggestions here so I’ll suggest a non Magickal one to go along with it.

I lost about 130lbs over two years from being on Keto. I literally aged backwards, tightened my skin, upped my energies. There are multiple ways to do Keto but if you do it right, its healthy and can be adopted as a lifestyle change.

You’re young, you’ll get a much better result than I did. I’ll be 40 this year.



I did keto a lot, and I love it! Especially the coffee with butter and MCT in the morning! :grin:


…and don’t talk like you’re ancient! 40s are the new 20s


Yes it’s awesome, however it’s good in the beginning and then once your body is fat adapted, i switch to clean keto. Which is essentially meat with natural fats, eggs, cheese and a fuckton of veggies.

I don’t add additional fat except that’s needed for cooking.

I find this to be the best, most sustainable and cleanest form of keto.

Also it’s best to use organic products for this.

Haha that’s true!! I meant with reference to the OP. I’m almost double their age lol


Rather than a spirit, I’m going to recommend you read the work of Neville Goddard, and start practicing the Law of Assumption and Brazen Impudence.

To sum it up: your imagination is God. What you feel as real inside will eventually become real in your outer experience.

So continue following your plan, but start visualizing yourself as you would like to be. Look in the mirror in the morning and use complimentary affirmations like, “Damn, I’m hot. No wonder all the guys/girls/anteaters want to get with me” and “Wow, I feel so good. Look at me, I’m gorgeous. I am so in love with myself right now.”

Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. In other words, when you look in the mirror, don’t see what you currently think you look like, but instead see how you desire to look, and as you do so, bring up all the good feelings your awesomeness naturally inspires. Stare into your own eyes with love at how absolutely incredible you are. Re-write the story you tell yourself.

Every night, as you are falling asleep, hear everyone around you gasping in awe, and complimenting you on how sexy, confident, and radiant you look, and drown yourself in all the good feelings that brings up for you.

This is the Law of Assumption. You assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Saturate yourself in it. Assume you already are what you wish to be because as soon as you do, you are.

It might take a while for your outer experience to catch up to your inner experience, so this is where Brazen Impudence comes in. Brazen Impudence basically means flagrantly ignoring whatever your outer reality is telling you. Only how you feel inside matters. When people try to bully you, instead of insults, hear only compliments in your mind, Carry yourself as you feel yourself to be. You know how magnificent you are, how powerful. You are God, after all, and have assumed it to be thus, and so it is.


You’re allowed to love yourself no matter what others say about you.
Eating healthy should not feel like “restricting yourself” but treating your body well, because you love it.
The love must come first.

Forget trying to lose weight fast. Love yourself, and that will do the rest.

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I think it’s good to love yourself unconditionally first before initiating any physical changes

I’ve been sculpting my body for 1 year now and I fast, eat 1 meal a day and just drink vegan protein shakes to keep the energy channels clear of stagnant energy, if you exercise you can also astrally transform your body and convince yourself that you already have the body you want as you exercise, combining this with qigong and kundalini has created major differences for me, keep the body light for shapeshifting is essential so the astral energy your emanating can materialize the particles as your physical body

Agni also helps with weight loss


Dont exercise because you hate your body

Exercise because you love it !!


Try working with Greek entitites(Ares, Hermes). But know this: If you really want to change you have to put on the physical work.

I don’t mean to judge, but you say you’ve been working out and eating clean but perhaps you’re doing it wrong… You could try and see a professional who watches your diet and helps you with training.

burning fat isn’t really that hard, it just takes time and effort. Eat lots of protein, healthy fats and do strenght training and you should be fine


There are many demons and other spirits that could “motivate you” to change your habits. Belial comes to mind first but there are others as well. Foras takes the form of a muscular man and his focus is health and longevity. There are Angels that could help you as well like Gabriel or Raphael. You could also try Gods like Hermes (god of athletics/fitness) , Thoth (who rules over all knowledge including health), or even Thor (a god of warriors and courage which if you lead that lifestyle can lead to weight loss). However a more pleasant solution would be to ask them to send someone into your life to help you do this.