Calming down the Goddess [Namaah]


I want to share with my experience and I ask for opinion/advice. Last September I was invoking Namaah form the Draconian Ritual Book. Effects of the ritual were catastrophic. My intention was not clear (it was something between rite of passage and gain some pleasure in life), I lost focus during the ritual, and the ritual itself was an act of desperation rather than consciously directed will. I lost my job and large amount of money, I had episodes of anxiety attacks, insomnia and general deterioration in mental and physical health. Despite the general suffering, I have learned a lot from this experience and I think I needed such a shock to reevaluate my values and to prove that I am strong enough to rise from the ground. What doesn’t kill us, make us stronger but but there are more sensible ways to do it. Additionally, I have summoned some evil, probably a parasite that had settled down in my home or he have an access to enter there. The external symptoms include knocks on the window as if someone were throwing a stone, crackles in the fridge, furniture and walls, a strange noise in the boiler in the bathroom and a knocking on the training mat as if a dog was walking on it. The spirit can also stir up the water in the kettle. As for the internal symptoms, during an attack, I feel like he is draining my energy, I may feel cold over my body, I may have self-destructive thoughts or have sexual fantasies over me, sometimes I can feel really anxious or stressed and there is a strange feeling in the gut or stomach. Over the last months I have learned how to handle that. When it comes to fighting, the visualization of the fire that cleans me is very helpful in the attack, I can break the connection and the above-mentioned symptoms disappear. I can also banish the spirit with the white sage and Koetting’s incantation (Ashtu Malku Ta Dat Arkata, Sastus Seckz Altamu Partu, Ire Tempal Krez Ta Felta, Vaskalla Regent Met Senturus, Ta Sastrus Estos Melta, Kelta Kelta Kelta Hine) but the spirit returns everyday. Now I am energetically balanced, I have found new job and my life is going in the right direction, but this spirit is really annoying. I think the spirit is associated with Naamah anger. So I plan to do a ritual that will calm the goddesses down. I want to make an offering from incense, silver bar, alcohol and my own blood.
Thus the first question arises. Is it better to repeat the invocation from the Draconian Ritual Book or try to summon her in my own words with the intention of making an offering?
And the second question. What is the best way to permanently banish this unwanted guest? I know there is a lot of stuff in this site how to banish a spirit but this one seems to be a strong entity and I want to hear someone else’s option. I don’t want to call any other Spirit for help, I want to do it my self. I am considering doing something form this Banishing tip please.. thx :) - #4 by C.Kendall

I hope my beginner’s mistake won’t cross out my spirituality. I know that Dark Gods, especially draconian Spirits are not gentle beings who can be easy calm but I hope they might have morality similar to this way of thinking (Nietzsche’s quote from “Will to power”; my own translation) “For people I care about, I wish them suffering, abandonment, disease, mishandling, desecration - I wish that they would not be left with a deep contempt for themselves, the torture of disbelief, the misery of the vanquished: I have no compassion for them, because I wish them only what can prove today that someone has value or does not have - that he will endure a hard test”.
Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker and thanks for your time.

Very interesting story. I have had a strong reaction from Naamah myself too last year. I think it is wise you do a cleanse of yourself and your house and do some more work with other spirits for protection and see how you feel then before returning to her… Regarding your questions about which banishing would be best, I think that is personal, whatever feels best to you and what you are convenient with doing. I do think she is trying to have you pay attention to parts of yourself that needs strengthening, so also look very deep within what that can be.

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