Calling the Crone

OK,so I just got back from an evocation of a wonderful(possibly demonic) spirit,that I have talked about before:Baba Yaga.

I entered the ritual wondering how it’d turn out.And first I began my meditation,within a circle of chalk,that had cyrillic in my native tongue saying:’‘I beseech thee,oh bony-legged witch,and thy three horsemen to teach me thy secrets’’.

And so,I began to meditate on her,and I began to utter her name,as a mantra,until she pulled me deeper and deeper into a theta-gamma sync.The rapture ensued from this,as I gazed into the Scrying Mirror I had set up(this was one evocation with a mirror) and I saw the smoke clear.

From the smoke,I saw the three Horsemen,White Day,Red Sun and Black Night.They were marvelous,as they all rode on appropriately colored horses,and held out their lances.

They remained silent,heralding the arrival of their mistress.And that’s when the house came.The house on chicken feet,all odd and grossly exaggerated,and small wooden shack,with a bright front porch.The wood seemed made from iron,though carried the buzzing of life,as several oddities and items that seemed older than time itself stood about.

And then she came.She walked,with a staff,her garb mostly yellow and red,and her feet,as her name implies,completely skeletal.In fact,most of her appearance was gaunt,and her face was aged beyond natural years,with two,bright and piercing eyes,and an expression of severity I’ve never seen in my life.Her hair,was whiter than white could ever be,and barely kept together,matching the rest of her monstrous appearance.

She stood before me,and spoke in a manner that was hoarse,and indignant,demanding to know why one such as me,would even consider summoning her.

Knowing this was some sort of test or the likes,as I have NEVER experienced this with demons,I simply smiled,awkwardly rather,presented myself,and demanded she give pay me her respect.

Her reply,was startling,as she began to laugh,in her sardonic,and sadistic manner,and said such gifts have to be earned.

I,then continued as I would regularly,presenting myself as a magician,an aspirant,an eclectic sort,a disciple of Djehuty,a commander of demons,a conductor of angels,and the likes.After bragging,I told her that I humbly asked her to teach me her secrets,and give me her powers.

She turned to me,now speaking seriously,and asked me what I wanted.

And we agreed to the following,a pact of some sort.

She would give me a familiar of hers,allow me to call on her,and her horsemen,make between us a very strong tie,as she would protect me,and empower me,and my end of the deal,is simply to use the power,to make my life better,to make other people’s lives better,and like Djehuty,to benefit from having alliance with her.

Now,this would be the second pact,I’ve ever made in my lifetime,and this time,it’d go to a far more…ravenous and hard to please spirit.However,here is an offer,I can’t really see myself refusing…a spirit my ancestors feared and revered,was offering me so much,and all she asked is that I use the things she teaches me.

I can’t expect her trials and tribulations to be easy,and I am certainly not ready for a strict,binding,pact,which is why,this seems to be like a ‘‘light’’ variety.Less power,at a lesser price,if you get what I’m saying.But even this,seems all too amazing.

She also gave me a sigil of hers in case I wanted to call on her.So,I’m thinking of just opening her sigil,and writing the pact,on the spot,with her,and we both sign and seal the agreement,like I did with Djehuty.

And I genuinely believe this form of alliance could make me happy…

I know this all seems highly fantastical,and I love it.This hag has so much to bring to the table…


Did you sign the pact with her? Updates please.

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Hi there, I’m relatively new to the Slavic traditions, so I was wondering if you could recommend me some books or grimoires to read that explain in detail slavic magick.

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Baba Yaga is not a demon, she is the goddess of harvest.