Calling a jinn spirit

Plz has anyone got an idea of calling a jinn spirit before. And how successful was it.

I haven’t tried it, but there is a book by Corwin Hargrove that explains how to summon them

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In ‘Evoking Eternity’ is a fire spirit called ‘Djinn’.
If you mean elemental spirits of fire, Bardon mentions some in his second book.

I’ve called djinn from the book of Smokeless Fire, and they showed up but I didn’t get results.



So you summoned a jinn from Smokeless Fire? Those are exclusively for total obliteration and destruction of an enemy.
My guess is that the results may be on their way.
How long ago did you do this ritual? Did you use the triangles and cirlces from the book?



Yes, and I was in contact with something. Either, I was talking to impostors the whole time over several weeks, or my targets resilience did it. Maybe I just did it wrong.

I’ve done a lot of work on this target, freeze spells do great, all others are diminished. E.g. targeting the car to crash twice, caused the engine check light to come on twice, cost him some money and inconvenience that’s all. I’ve caused sickness but he healed etc.

I’m still practicing various techniques, it’s been about 4 months and it may be a matter of time, but since I’ve at least have some results with other methods, and none with djinn I’m not working with djinn right now.


Thanks for responding. This info is very interesting.
I’ve had interest in jinn since I joined the LHP. But I guess it’s
safer and more efficient to stick to other entities (demons & angels).

My current theory, I think, is that you have to go the old fashioned force route to get them to use thier power. That’s when it gets dangerous, because they will fight that and use the power against you if they can, much like the Goetic entities would if ‘used’ the Solomonic way. Nobody really wants to help a jerk.

I won’t do that, I think it’s unnecessarily rude when there are other options, and rudeness gets up my nose, (despite being rude myself sometimes).

And I think that’s the issue, they don’t form relationships the same way or have the same motivations for helping humans that the Abyssal higher entities do, and with a regular pathworking type of thing aren’t going to make the effort for ‘tasks’.


Agreed 100%. Thanks for the insight.

I’ve had excellent results using Corwin Hargroves book on this subject manner.

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Djinn tend to generally be untrusting and resentful towards human practitioners due to them typically being abused through involuntary binding. They were betrayed by humans in the past and some tend to hold a lot of spite and rage due to that.

I have worked with the djinn for over half a decade and even despite my spiritual connections to them they were wary of me at first. The key to getting a djinn to work with you to get the results you seek is to summon the same djinn over and over again to gradually build your trust with them (at least, this is if they don’t show outright hostility and refuse to listen to what you have to say initially).

I suggest never binding a djinn because all that will do is cause a considerable amount of rage and they will fight you every step of way as well as have things backfire on you a lot of the time.

Out of all the djinn I suggest working with the Marid, Jann, or Peri first. They are more laid back and typically are more prone to hearing you out compared to the rest, especially with a lot of flattery. DO NOT summon an Ifrit when you first start working with these spirits. They will not listen to you and will be very malicious and hostile without any sort of reliance of the previous djinn that you have worked with.

As for methods of drawing in the djinn, I typically create sigils of my own and charge them with the intent of calling on the particular djinn I seek. After I do that, I typically offer tabacco, wine, and occasionally blood if it is an Ifrit.


Hi John, from my experience evoking djinn, they like strong incense, you can use incense stick like the one you can buy in Chinese shop. They too like blood offering, just a small drop of it. Strong smelled meat like lamb or goat meat also help. Oh and they like bone and alcoholic beverages too.

From what I’ve experienced, please be aware that djinn tends to come with other djinn spirit.

Good luck John.