Burning bowls

I have watched a few videos of Behemoth X doing rituals. In his rituals he has something burning that looks lkind of like lard. Does anyone know what he is burning. Or can someone please suggest what to burn…
Thank guys…

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I’ve wondered about that, too, as I’ve followed his channel for a while. It almost looks like Crisco. There are Crisco candles that supposedly burn a while. I have done searches for camping fuel solid white -tablet -stove -gas and couldn’t come up with much. BUT when I Googled Crisco Candles and started to look at the results, it made sense.

In some of his videos, it’s obvious that it was spooned or scraped off onto the sides of the bowl. Crisco or equivalent is my guess. I’d love to know what’s in there.

Most saturated fats, like Crisco, Lard, or Tallow, will burn steadily if provided with a wick. However, solid fuels such as you might use for a camp stove are an easier option, and very portable. There are also fire putties and pastes, such as Coghlan’s Fire Paste, which might do the trick for you.

A denatured alcohol flame works as well, and so does any other cheap substitute you’re use in a liquid-fuel camp stove.

Having access to the outdoors, though, I personally prefer an old-fashioned wood fire. :wink:


^ This

You can also look for ‘lamp oil’ - that’s what I use. The white camping fire pellets are kind of expensive and smelly imo.