Bune spell backfired

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I called in Bune. Now before I share my story I just would like to say that yes, I thanked her here in the past but it does not mean that she delivered “big” or what I asked her to do. I found some money in the street but I was really thankful. Other then that I never really got results with that entity, which brings me to my current story.

As I said I called her yesterday for support of my business. What ended up happening is that 2 sales come in on top with a over the top bad review. You may say, well that’s normal and part of a business to have a bad review but trust me this one was straight up rude and threatening to my business. I spend the whole night messaging back and forth with the buyer to solve the issue but she keeps on being rude and wanting to hurt my business on purpose. I never had a case like this.

I really feel like Bune does not like me. I’m gonna be honest, every time I called her I could tell that there was a light animosity coming from that spirit.
I know too well that they aren’t human, but I do believe that some spirits vibe better with others.
Also the results were not fully there or no results at all. With other spirits it’s not an issue but I feel like Bune just is not the right one for me.

I am thankful for the few sales and the money in the past but I won’t call that spirit ever again.

Everytime I work with Lucifer or other angelic beings I’m not having these issues with negativity coming my way.
Will do some cleansing to remove any leftover energy.

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It’s a bit too soon to blame that on Bune.

The difficult customer could also just be a scammer, trying to be obnoxious to get free stuff. It’s unbelievable, but those people exist and it’s how they live, and it’s possible that person had already targeted your store and maybe even Bune made that less difficult, you never know…


I knew you guys would say this, but when I know I know… as I said, obtaining results with Bune was rather difficult compared to other spirits…

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It’s only been a day? Don’t forget money is a very contentious topic for many people, so your lust for results and the emotional loading behind the working could be an issue. I would suggest meditating on this.

Bottom line, it doesn’t sound like the spell backfired yet. Not after only one day.

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Honestly I share the same view about bune. Tried working with her about six times(I didn’t ask for a $1 million dollars) yet no help.

I do believe,spirits have people the love to work with . They can’t love everyone or want to work with everyone.

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Yeah for sure. I’m not saying that’s not happening here, I’m saying 1 day and one poor performance is too soon to tell. This is the level of knowledge that you see appearing over time in a carefully recorded journal. Jumping to conclusions, (and I’m not saying we are, just noting that’s easy to do), is usually unhelpful.


Well , going in public and spit on the name of this spirit ain t gonna do good things either , just move on . I feel like you give the same energy that you get , that client gives you a bad time being bad for bussines , you give this spirit a bad name saying it has something with you . I always said , mostly , mudane things are for people alone , be better in your bussines .

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Yup. I also remember a candle and table catching fire. This spirit just does not like me and that is what I wanted to communicate in this post.
Sometimes we don’t get results or even bad ones because the spirit doesn’t vibe with us.
I also felt tricked by this spirit in the past.
Lesson learnt, I’m moving on

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Bro I think you got me wrong. I just wanted to share my experience in regards to the spirit so that people know that not every spirit is for everyone. That is how stuff is in life. The incident with that costumer happened one hour after calling the spirit.

I have a bullet proof intuition :wink: as I work for years now with spirits on and off I know when things are off. As I stated above it’s not the first time weird stuff happens with this particular entity. But because I’m open minded and willing to experiment I thought to give it another shot.

I just try to communicate that some spirits do not vibe with us. Again, I do get results fast. And more so when stuff is off. That’s my observation from the past years

Honestly, if you’ve been practicing for years, then you should know by now that not every result comes swiftly. Some results happen the next day, while others can take the next month. My take on this is that you’re being impatient. Perhaps your usual swift results has spoiled you over the years.

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Ohh, so you were not asking what was going on, you’re simply saying that you can’t work with Bune. Yes that happens.

But if your intuition is “bullet proof”, then, I"m curious, why did you call it in the first place for this working? You worked with it before and so didn’t you already know it would be a no go? Did you ask Bune to confirm it would do the work as part of the ritual?

I see now that you said this… I would never call spirit I feel didn’t like me or didn’t want to work with me. Seems like this is a lesson learned then… if you trust your intuition, and you’re getting this kind of feedback, then honor it and do as it guides you. If you knew this and you kept calling it anyway, this could also be seen as disrespectful and be making it worse.

For sure. I think this is normal, as human energy systems are very variable. But they are not just variable from person to person, they are variable within a person day to day and year to year. So I would not assume one bad relationship will always be the case: things can change.

Case in point I had a very poor vibe with Asmoday, and I avoided working with him out of respect. I didn’t work with him in any way, shape or form. Two years later he came to me and taught me very valuable information. I let bygones be bygones and it’s working out great now. :slight_smile:

But, I was the one that changed, not him. Change yourself to change your world. I don’t think it’s easy to identify what it is within you that causes a bad vibe, but if you keep working on yourself and doing the great work, it’ll come. :slight_smile:


Ok i think I should delete this post as everyone is missing the point. It’s not about the result that I wanted, I’m very very very patient person. I have a strong Saturn in my chart. I know what it is to be patient.

It’s about that some spirits simply just don’t vibe with us while others do. It’s about that incident that happened right after calling her, which is not be taken lightly.

Yes I’m crazy and that’s it. I tend to ignore my lessons and intuition because of others that had great results. I let myself be blinded by other peoples results while forgetting what happened to me in the first place. And the intuition thing is more about what has happened after the ritual.
I know that working with Bune cause the bad review and that is how it is.
Im not saying it was coming directly coming from that spirit, even though it could be.

And no, I don’t think it has something to do that there is something wrong with me and I can’t work with that spirit. I simply don’t apply to this idea, as im by now to a bit too mature and not 20 years old :wink:
I had to go through many life lessons. If I would tell them here some people would say how did I even stay alive and continue with life.
It was the magick that kept me going and made me the person that I am today and I’m proud of that.

Certain spirits are just not for you.
Just like people. You do not like every person in this world. That is just how it is.
I remember other occultists who are 30 plus years in it (and being successful after testing like I did) telling the same.

Anyway, thank you for your perspective :pray::heart:

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Thanks for getting me :wink:

Yes and thank you for that. Michellekabod and I both agreed with you.

Absolutely. It’s not the first time people have said this on BALG either, and I shared that this happens to me as well.

Sometimes it’s just not the right time, and sometimes it may never be in this lifetime. Plenty more fish in the sea! Just chalk it up to experience.

What I’m trying to offer, if not for you, you don’t have to listen to me at all, but maybe for others reading this: If this happens, it’s telling you something about your own energy. So it’s worth squirreling away that this is also giving you some potentially useful information about yourself. Know thyself is the greatest purpose of magick, imo, and there’s no such thing as knowing too much. :smiley:


I still don’t apply to this. I mean in all honesty, what could it be?!
I didn’t ask for a million. I did not ask for any ridiculous time frame. I also have channels where the money can come in.
Don’t get me wrong, but this sounds a bit too new age to me how you see it. Btw I used to spend a lot of time in the new age community to come to conclusion that not everything is just us.
So if someone abuses somebody the victim is fault of it because of attracting it?
Sometimes other people are just aholes without you doing something. We can’t always blame ourselves.
Stupid people are part of this 3 D experience.
As it is part of this 3D experience that we are not like everyone.
I am aware I’m stubborn here, but I do know what I felt and what was the outcome/consequences.

It just verifies my own theory I have on the goetia, which is for another thread :wink:

And sometimes other people simply just don’t like other people just because. There doesn’t have to be a deeper reason behind it other than personal taste. Someone completely likeable doesn’t have to be likeable for me, maybe I perceive them as obnoxious for something random. That doesn’t mean I want to downright abuse them or anything, it just means that I simply avoid contact and I won’t get out of my way to help them with something.

It happens. Even with spirits. There are spirits around that simply don’t like me and I don’t see a reason to employ them for anything if there are plenty of other similar spirits around that get the job done without making it weird for the both of us.



Anyways guys, have a good one. Thank you all for your perspective.
I’m just going to move on and never ever calling this spirit again.
Much blessings to you

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