Bune spell backfired

Check out Jupiter, Jove, and Tzadkiel. They are all associated with wealth and money. Maybe you’ll click with them.
Edit: The above posts have great points. For example, I frequently butt heads with Marbas. This moment I realize that I should accept that and work with other healing spirits. It happens


I know this one. It’s a good one which I already planned for tomorrow. Gives great results
I used the method with Asasiel

This is a great choice. But if you ever in future are tempted to work with him/her could you include a safety clause ,?

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I do think that with the Shem angels there would be less of a backfire. But in my case, it is still up to debate if that spirit would deliver.

I remember many many years ago on a Facebook page, there was very wise and skilled occultist who gave really great advice. He told me to not call on Bune. Not because he is per se against the daemonic. Because he knew that Bune is known to be tricky. Man I really loved that guy.

Anyway, if you do wanna try again use the angels.
But there are many other money spirits.
I just felt playful yesterday. I definitely paid for my naivety