Bune Sigil



How do i summon Bune ??


Research and practice.


OMGosh, Bune is calling me, I heard her name in a soft womans’ voice a couple of weeks ago, just as when i was thinking i need tools, green, orange candles etc etc, i received a gift in the post from a family member and in the box had a beautiful green candle!! I am feeling Dutchess Bune’s call, she’s helping me collect all the right tools and can’t wait for the right day to call on her.


That’s fantastic, please let us all know how it goes,! I’m going on the Great Bune soon, I have sandal Wood incense a nice drop of rum, and a nice slick of cake for her, also thanks to this forum I have also found some nice music for her. I need help selling my flat and big help, as the property market in England has really slowed down, and the agent is on to me to drop my price even further down but I just can’t afford to do that.


This is by far one of the most amazing altars I have ever seen.

Kudos to you.


Thanks @Freespirit I will post here when i do the Invocation of the Sigil. I still have to do some research on how i’m going to go about it, although i clicked on the Link above posted @MagickMan2018 and read the instructions, i want to make sure i know exactly what to do without referring to the instructions.
Last night i listened to the Bune Sigil Chant on YouTube, then i saw a video after that that someone posted working with Bune and it kind of scared me a bit because he said that he knows someone that asked for money from Bune and his house burnt down!!! :fearful: Soooo, today i am trying to think positive, i think i will wait a little while longer before i start any ritual for Bune. Maybe she’ll send me another sign to reassure me that’s not going to happen to my house!!
My main reason for envoking Bune is to get more clients to my home based business, i wasn’t sure who to call on and after reading heaps of posts on this Forum, i was a bit confused which spirit to call on, then i heard Bune one night and she obviously is helping me to get all the tools needed.
I was looking forward to it but after seeing that YouTube post it scared me a little. I’ll just have to take it as it comes and i believe if Dutchess Bune is calling me she will send me another sign.
I’ll post further later next time.


As for your house to be sold , we went thru the same 3 years ago, it was a slow market , we had built our house and had just 6 months to sell the one we were in and needed that money to put into our new home, our agent was on our back also, ne thing I done before we sold our house is this: On one of the Flyers/Brochures that had our house picture etc from the Real Estate agent I wrote SOLD and the price we wanted to sell for, across the flyer. Then i lit a candle and meditated on the house as sold and envisioned a family loving the house and giving me a cheque for the amount we asked for. Lit the paper/Flyer with the candle flame in a fire proof dish/container, then threw it into the air where the wind carried the ashes, said Thank you and forgot about it. 4x days later the Agent called and said one of the couples that looked at our house will buy it for the asking price. :smiley:


I’m not sure how to just write a post without having to add to a Reply ???
I feel the need to THANK DUTCHESS BUNE for connecting with me whispering her own name into my head a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the night. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t think Bune would of burnt the house down,more likely the person was carlesss with a candle or their electric wires weren’t up to standards. You could always say in the ritual no harm to anyone or me and my property.


Thanks for the reassurance, you’re more than likely to be right! I will say Harm none etc.


A new sigil for Bune