Bune Sigil



ok so I’ve been watching this video for about 2 or 3 days now and my request was to attract more customers. So last night i was sitting in my business(fast food)place with no customers for a few hours and i watch this video then customers started coming, i sold out. help from Bune or coincidence not sure yet but am thankful .

today again i was thinking about Bune and how i will prepare his/her altar and same thing no customers then i was thinking that if Bune is really working with me i want him/her to send me customers but not too much, 3at a time then customers started coming 3 at a time so Hail Bune


I would like to know more.


What kinds of specifics may I help you with? I’d be a pleasure to help provide useful or practical guidance.


sequential ritual performance.


well, thought I would share this , while evocating Bune with the hand drawn seal, 1 tea light burning in my dark study, I noticed the seal fading in and out and the texture appearance of the entire paper seal changed to a soft brown looking skin.
Absolutely amazing event, a different working with another spirit produced the fading image and also as if the seal was lightly illuminating around the drawing, also notices a small ball of light to my right side out the corner of my eye, the ball of light appeared for several seconds before vanishing. Contact, I would say yes, value of contact to be determined.


I am interested in knowing of any ones experiments with Bune I am looking for any connected pieces of information.
I was thinking of an experiment with 5 others, sorceresses, using an agreed upon ritual aimed at say, a lottery jackpot.
If any are interested pm me.


and I reckon not. All is well.


Praise Bune!

Beautiful, sweet Bune is still helping me.


I just did the rite yesterday, I hope that she heard me


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I want to start working with Bune and how should I start and how to summon


Here is what I do …

  1. obtain sigil and copy it myself or print it out — all Goetia spirits can be found by doing a google image search “Bune sigil” images.google.com
  2. obtain the spirit enn for chanting — all Goetia spirits can be found on YouTube. Just type the name and then enn afterwords and you’ll likely end up with several results. “Bune enn chanting”
  3. follow these instructions here in general: https://www.becomealivinggod.com/newsletter/how-to-start-using-spirit-sigils-to-get-anything-you-want.html


I work with Bune and find Friday during Venus is best


My altar to Bune


What have you found in your workings that Bune prefers, offerings wise?


This is a beautiful altar to Bune.

I’ll let them answer that but from what I’ve found Bune really likes gold and silver. Readings and practice as experience.


Thank you.


For sure, someone else may have a different answer for you. So take your time and make sure you read everything you can about Bune. I’m actively working with Lord Belial as we speak and I would have never dove in this deep if I didnt read first.


I have given him Jameson Irish Whiskey and incense each day


Thank you.