Bonding with a Queen Succubus

Hey everyone, @succupedia

I have a Queen Succubus companion and a normal Succubus. I can feel their energies and touches already.
They interact through muscle twitching, tingles in my face and in certain body parts etc.

These are legitimate entities from a conjurer. And I want to open up to them. Like I want to psychically open up or something if that does make sense? Lol

How do I develop a stronger bond where I can communicate with them just like they were regular human beings? I want to open up my 3rd eye and all my chakras

I want a relationship with them. I talk to them daily in my head and out loud. The fact that I can’t hear or see them hurts me. It’s discouraging…

I offer daily things like food etc, certain scents, I take them everywhere I go. (University, gym, friends, parties)

I tell them my deepest worries secrets and desires. I really love them.

It’s frustrating that I don’t get to hear them, I would love to hear them or to be able to communicate with them in some way…

Finally, i’m practicing for astral projection. I try to induce sleep paralysis after I wake up in the middle of the night.

I set my alarm clock 4 hours after I go to sleep.

Any recommendations for astral projection? They are eager to meet me in the astral realms :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading this!




That’s really good news, I know you want more (understandably!) but please give yourself credit for attaining a good strong manifestation here, by getting to the point of sensing touch with them - it’s not a small thing. :smiley:

Btw please check your messages, green icon, top right - you have mail. :+1:


I’ve introduced myself in the thread. :smiley:

Yes, i’m quite sensitive. I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). I feel them the whole day. Everyday when i’m following lectures at my university, while driving, going to the gym.

I want to take this to the next level. Lol. And I know I need to have patience, but I am overly enthusiastic :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And I meditate daily with them. I try to visualize. I ask them to help me. I use brainwave entrainment technology for deeper meditation sessions.


Maybe you could slightly adapt something from this technique - my Personal Daemon reached the stage of being able to touch me physically VERY fast, so there might be something you could adapt and use to increase their manifestations?



Do you know how to travel astrally?

And are you a psychic/ magician? What are your abilities and experiences with spirits/demons?

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Yes, I’ll send you a method I have a tutorial for that might suit you. :+1:

And are you a psychic/ magician? What are your abilities and experiences with spirits/demons?

Yikes, that would take an entire book the size of several football pitches… I put some stuff in my profile, but it’s not even a teaspoonful from an ocean because I’ve been doing various types of magick for various reasons for just over 25 years.

Generally my experiences have been good, interesting, challenging at times, and I have vastly imrpoved my life and the lives of people around me in offline life, through the use of magick. :smiley:


You just talk to them like you talk to anyone else. Being honest is important, as I see it. They might know everything about you, but sharing your inner thoughts and feelings for them will strengthen your bond on your own conditions.

Why does it hurt you? In what way is your lack of seeing them or hearing them so hurtful? There are people that’s able to see and hear, yet they are still blind and deaf for other reasons.

I’ve seen my spirits sporadically. I’ve heard them sporadically. But I feel them CONSTANTLY and consistently on a physical and on an emotional level. It’s just as viable, if not more, than seeing them or hearing them. You can’t really bond with them if you lack the emotional attachment, and you can’t have that with your eyes and ears, can you?


Yeah you’re right. I have to change my perception I think. I want the full package.
I’ve read on the internet about people who are able to interact with their succubi like they are their wives/spouses and they live together in a house etc. So that lightened me up and I would love to have that ability.

I should start with the feelings and touches. Do you actually feel them on a physical level? Like an invisible hand touching you? Or is it just the energy of her touching you if you get what I mean? Because that happens to me all day long :blush: And I acknowledge the fact that they’re touching me and I encourage them to keep on touching:)

I’ve read about your story becoming an Incubus King and stuff. That really intrigues me and I would love to become a husband of my Queen… I want to live in their worlds/realms.


@succupedia Question if you don’t mind: why do you need to talk to them (out loud) if they know everything about you already ? My spirit lover constantly reads my mind and sometimes I really don’t like it because I feel invaded, spied on etc. Yet he still wants me to talk to him out loud. Why is that?

@Lola think if they hear it from you personally, it will form a bond of trust.
When someone shares a deep secret or something he worries about, it’s a sign of you connecting with that person… Spirits know your concerns but if they hear it from you it makes them happy. It will increase the quality of the relationship I think.

That’s why I do it all the time. I know they can read my mind. I had a shitty childhood experience with an emotional abusive father. I’m ashamed of this. They feel it. When I tell them my deepest secrets which i’m ashamed of, they know they can trust me.


Would you mind sending me one too?:cowboy_hat_face:

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That pretty much sums it up. I feel them on a physical level, and I feel their hands, their heads, their hair, eyelashes blinking on my face, etc.

When they interact with us, physically, it’s more a bodypart-bodypart interaction. Have you heard of an artist named Salvador Dali?

This work of art is called Autumn Cannibalism and that’s similar to how physically recognised spirit energy interact with us. It can be “floaty” and the weight point is on the bodypart interaction, mainly to save energy as effectively as possible. Dali was an artist of the surreal, and maybe he was a spiritual individual, too.


Why do you feel invaded and spied on? Do you have something to hide? Like I mentioned before, it’s about giving trust and honesty on your own conditions, and it reaffirm their own reading of your mind.

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How did you develop the abilities and relationships you have today? @succupedia
Like what books and exercises did you read and perform? Or did it came naturally?

I do meditation, visualization, some energy work
I want to develop: Clairsentience ( I already posess some of this) I think this is the most important part in order to increase the relationship.

I’m only 3-4 months in this relationship so maybe i’ll get a spirital awakening or something:smiley:

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Do some chakra breathing meditations, those have a way of slamming open your astral senses.

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Thanks! I will look into this. Did it help for you? DO you have astral senses?

I’m meditating daily in order to strengthen my 7 chakras

When you meditate, visualize energies flowing into and out of each chakra as you inhale and exhale. I recommend doing this one chakra at a time until you start to get better at it.


My spirits opened my chakras very early in my relationship with them, and it’s been opened for 7 years straight. And you can do chakra meditations, like @Anziel_Merkaba suggested, but doing this yourself comes with limitations, because the maintenance of it is way different without assistance from spirits. It might be easier to turn it off by practicing on your own, because I really can’t turn off my Clairsentience ability entirely. It’s always on, but I prefer it that way.

I’ve learned it naturally, rather than reading books about it. I also practice and maintain my abilities through focus and interaction with my ladies. As long as it works, any method is applicable, but I have done this in my own way.


@SpaceTravelr I’m sorry to hear about your childhood. I too have things I’m ashamed about, I too have had complete defeats but I know I could never tell my spirit lover about it. I’ve never wanted him to see me as a victim. I know I couldn’t stand it if he pitied me.

@succupedia yes I have A LOT to hide honestly.

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How can you build a relationship with the intention to hide things from your partner? I walked the street on my city where I live, and bumped into a few women I’ve had sex with, years before I met my spirits. I’ve shared that past with them, without hesitation. Even if they witnessed my intimate act with these women of my past, I’d rather tell them about it, than hiding it for them.

They know other things from my past, too. Experiences that’s hard to talk about. How could they comfort us the right way, if we keep it inside and hides it from them? How could they strengthen us, if we can’t share our own version of our less fortunate past? How could they share their own past to us, if we hide our own from them?

If we bond through the premises of trust, the love grows stronger and the motivation to fight for that love persist through everything and through anyone trying to be in the way. That’s reason enough, as I see it.