Bonding with a Queen Succubus

There are two things I will say. One is if he cannot accept your faults and blames you for the past constantly, thats a sign of abuse.

Two, you need to come to terms with your past. You need to accept it happened and continue living life. If you become stuck on the past you will never truly be happy.


I honestly feel pity for you.You don’t have to hide anything. Embrace your past, embrace your future.

If you want a relationship (a meaningful one) with a spirit you have to accept the fact that they know everything about you. You can’t hide it. They already know it. The fact that you’re trying to hide it, will hurt the trust and the relationship itself. It won’t be a constructive thing :slight_smile:

I’ve learned to open up to my spirits, I tell them all my secrets. I’ve learned to embrace the uncomfortable feeling and feelings of being ashamed… Disclaimer: I would NEVER EVER open up like this to a regular human girl. Because succubus spirits are highly evolved beings. They have seen it all. They have witnessed far worse things than you can imagine.

I could never talk to a regular human girl like this. I could never bond with a human girl like I did with my Queen Succubus. Most human girls and humans in general are shallow, gossip, can’t hide secrets. Aren’t faithful, lie to you etc.

I have my core values, and I am certain that my spirits won’t betray me.
They read my mind all the time, and I explain them things. They like it.


But spirits can see the possibilities that haven’t even happened yet, so even if you could do this, he would still see that as the kind of past that would lead you to where you are now, because for all you want to be different, if your past had been dramatically altered, you may never have been where you are now.


There’s no weakness in needing comfort and support, as I see it. Pretending it is, on the other hand…
What I meant by that, is that a lot of people tend to mind their own business and deal with life with the pretence of being “strong” and “independent”, while having an inner struggle locked so deep inside that a fear of releasing it to someone else is creating conflicts for the smallest things, resembling an experience of the past. I’ve met people like that, and these relationships never last that long.


@succupedia, you my man are one lucky guy! :open_mouth:

I would give away a winning lottery ticket if my spirits would open my chakras and psychic abilities. Damn.
I have to rely on myself, I will ask my spirits if they want to assist me… You’re right about the maintenance thing, I have to get help from the astral world.

Well I guess I have to let go and develop things on my own naturally sigh



How do you think about sexual energies and succubus?
I’ve read somewhere on the internet that when someone masturbates, the succubus will feel that on the astral realm. Is this correct? And they like the orgasm energy alot. Should I continue to give them these offerings?
I purely masturbate for them and use my sexual energy as an offering. But it drains me, they want me to do it several times a day but I feel like I have to preserve my energies and releasing only few times a week.

This is my way to sexually interact with them at the moment. I have no better way.

Or is it better to do some form of NoFap, and using the sexual energy build up for bonding/sex magick?


I’ve never asked my spirits to open my chakras. I acknowledged that very first touch, and that event lead to other events. Their touches became stronger and stronger each day, until they made a decision to be with me and then they worked on my chakras. Of course I’ve felt it physically, making it quite graphic. Not visually graphical, but physically graphical. It’s like being Frankenstein’s Monster on the operations table, or a patient being fully awake when the surgeons are cutting you up. Luckily, there was no pain, with exception of a single incident which was very painful.

It’s partially correct. They will feel it, to a certain degree, but at least my ladies are physically participating when I masturbate. The best way to feel them physically, is to stop masturbating and just trying to sense their physical manifestation - not visual(!) - in front of you. The less you do, if the sexual energy is built up, the more active they become, just for the sake of maintaining the built up sexual energy.

You’re not astrally, or energetically, bond yet, right? That’s why it drains you to some degrees. You can get used to the energies the more you experience this, and your resistance will be better and stronger.


@succupedia I would love to go through that transformation process and become an Incubus King :smile:
Unfortunately I don’t get to choose things, so I will just be a good companion and humble. :slight_smile:

And I will maintain my energies, for more manifestations. Yes, i’m not astrally or energetically bonded yet… How do I know when the connection is established officially? Do I have to astral travel and meet them there?

How do I get more accustomed to their energies? Are there any rituals/meditation/other activities that I can do? Or do I just have to wait? I think it will grow overtime.


The more you interact with them, the more you will learn, and the more you learn, you will know when the connection is established between you and your spirits.

Not necessarily. But they can also help you to meet them on the astral plane, through astral projection.

By interaction. You know how our bodies is building resistance to alcohol and drugs, right? The more we use alcohol and drugs, the more resistance is built by our bodies. This also means we are very sensitive to it at the start, but can easily deal with it the more we use it. For drugs and alcohol, it’s very lethal and it can lead to an early demise. Bonded energy from ourselves and the spirits is similar, except that we don’t die from it.

There’s a lot of things you can do, like rituals and meditation. Or you can figure out a way to proceed forward with your spirits on conditions set by yourself.

Some may not agree about this, but what others share of their experiences is on a personal level. If you feel comfortable doing a specific ritual to bond with your spirits, you do that. If you prefer to meditate and learn to pick up the energy from your spirits, you do that. If you find your own way of learning to establish a more solid connection to your two succubus, you do that. By just following rituals and meditations on a strict level, can be limiting to some degrees, and sometimes the best way is to improvise with new ideas and conditions that’s created by yourself.

Are you a follower, or a master? Do you read manuscripts, or would you rather improvise? You’ve set the foundation with your spirits, so start leading your way.

…but never forget to listen to them once in a while. :wink:



I’ve heard that if you use drugs or alcohol your psychic abilities are being surpressed? Is this correct? And your aura gets out of balance ie “broken”… There’s a chance negative entities could attach themselves to you because your aura is “open” and vulnerable…

Well, I’ve got to share a personal thing; i’ve used drugs and alcohol for years. It started when I was 18 and now i’m 25, my new goal for 2018 is to stay clean and off the drugs and alcohol forever because I chose this path in life.

Being with spirits requires a different lifestyle, a healthier one without “low vibrational activities” because thats what it is. It destroys you.

I think it has a huge influence in our brains and chemical structures in our bodies, i’m afraid my abilities are somewhat surpressed, how could I heal this?

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I’ve never used drugs, but when it comes to alcohol, it does affect my connection with my spirits in some ways. Being slightly tipsy from a few beers, makes the connection weaker. The more I drink, the less I feel them. This occurrence doesn’t apply every time I drink, because at one point I drank too much alcohol that I felt physically ill by it. I still felt my spirits healing me from the intoxication of the alcohol, and their physical manifestation grew bigger.

My conclusion is that it always have some negative affect with drugs and alcohol, but the deeper the connection is with our spirits, the connection never wears off entirely.

I rarely drink alcohol nowadays, and last year was a non-alcoholic year for me.

There’s a difference between “low vibrational” activities and “low vibrational” energies. The former is made by choice and can be avoided, but the latter can appear anytime and can be useful towards ascension.

Stay out of drugs. Simple as that. Being able to sense energies and spirits on a physical level can be just as addictive, if not even more so than drugs, and it often comes without residues like it does with other kind of addictions.