Blood sacrifice to angels

ALL kinds of blood sacrifice are accepted by archangels, 24 seniors (24 elders), angels, ministering angels, and yehovah. figure out what the book of leviticus and book of the law say in tongues. God likes diabolic enchanting…discuss. al uzza says i can say this here.

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Have you done this yourself? What rituals did you do using blood sacrifice to the angels? Which angels?

Of course they do, he always liked blood. But no way I’ll waste a nice sacrifice to him and his minions.


Sacrifice their blood … to themselves.

Privileged entities that don’t live in the physical should shut their traps and opinions on the living.


They can only dream and beg for blood and scraps. That’s why we should recognize self as LIVING GODS!

Go ask an angel when was it a living being without its godly safe house to go back to?

Ask a demon or god that for that matter…

I look at it like silver/gold/platinum/diamond spoon syndrome and being born into it. They’re spoiled little rich beings given whatever from creation onset. Did they ever work to be in that station? Probably NOT!




Blood sacrifices are also accepted by demons and some gods as well.

Though, if you might want to ask ANY spirit (angel, demon, god etc.) if they want it as an offering first, ‘cause I’ve read stories about people giving blood as an offering and it pissed off the spirit because that’s not what they wanted at the time.

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Yea, that’s why I’m asking what experiences the OP has had with this. I highly doubt Michael, for example, would take kindly to offering some blood sacrifice, but I haven’t tried… And never will. :joy:


Oh! Sorry I misunderstood the question.

I haven’t given blood offerings to anyone really. I can see Kamael taking them (since he presides over war and destruction) and MAYBE Azrael (being the Archangel of Death), but yeah, asking is always a good idea.

No worries. :grinning:

I’m just trying to understand where the OP got this from:

If through experience, I’d love to hear about it…

Well in my experiences they mostly do it for the higher good. So you have to work for it and give permission and a thank you and appreciation. But blood. Not in my experience.

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Hehe, yes. They are Capitalists and we are Socialists :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lmao guys
@dromigarah is saying Legit shit.

I offered a Blood scarifice of my own blood on a Black Candle to Archangel Raziel to help me with my spiritual vision and he delivered a mantra and A seal to help me.

Ive been off of it, but it did help me out when i was doing it.

Point in case:
Angels accept blood sacrifice just like Demons


Thanks, that’s all I needed. Just someone’s actual experience with this. :wink:

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Ill post the seal when i find it. Its in one of my books

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You rang? :slight_smile:
They’re right not to bother though, I mean, look at the state of it. :roll_eyes: :joy:

Except that they kind of do - they can create spirits capable of incarnating and reabsorb them when they die just to gather info if they feel like it. Never judge by our limited standards, there’s a lot more going on than most of us realise.

Also, angel and demons are the same kind of being, so. Why not?
Nothing like blood to makes it up close and personal. Raphael pops up more and more around me and he doesn’t seem to care about it, doesn’t ask, doesn’t mind, so far… I don’t think he’d be upset with un soupçon of blood, bon sang.


I make regular blood sacrifices to yehovah and the 24 elders. as well as 4 watchtower archangels (Michael, Gabriel, raphael, uriel).

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all immortals accept blood sacrifice. I made this post because Yehovah want’s an offering.

How do I say thanks to Angels after I work with them?

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Why not? He’s the archangel of war…which gets pretty bloody! Although I do agree in my limited experience with Michael he does seem pretty peaceful for someone supposedly so bent on war

Just adding in my two cents to the discussion in general

I’ve done this it was appreciated but since experimenting with blood offerings I have gone the route of offerings that symbolize blood because I find I get extremely paranoid about viruses germs and all that jazz which kills the vibe of the offering with the anxiety it gives me

I close my ritual with So mote it be or Amen (means so be it).

And just thank them.

‘Thank you Zoroel, thank you Sabriel’ and So mote it be’…

Sometimes I have so fruit or juice as an offering. Don’t poor to much because it are resources and you throw it away afterwards.

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