Blood offering

I want to ask about the blood offering
so when I put my blood on the sigil
for example, when I want to open a sigil or offer my blood
as perceived by the demon?, both methods are offer ?
I read somewhere here that it creates it connection.
Can someone give me a more precise answer as to what it means in translation what a connection ?
what are its positive and negative sides?
thanks for all the answers

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Opening a sigil is not an offering. It’s like making a phone call, you make a connection for communication. When you close the sigil, the communication is closed: you hung up the phone.

Optionally, if you put blood on the sigil, that is an offering of your personal energy, and can make a personal connection that is a commitment, like you made “friends”, sort of.

Not everyone you have a phone call with becomes a close ally or friend, kind of thing. This is just an analogy, but you get the idea, hopefully :slight_smile:


aha ok thanks for the explanation

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Some info here, if you are curious like me:

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