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Greetings. Call me Wolf. I’m 41 years old, and essentially a baby on my path even though I have some history from when I was a teenager including energy vampirism, energy manipulation, meditation, self study in Taoism which introduced me to Kundalini and dabbled in Wicca and was a member of the Temple of the Lady.
I left home before I was prepared, ended up homeless, met a Christian youth pastor who took me in, and I set that aside and dedicated my life to Christ. Over the years I’ve struggled with a draw to magick, and still held on to my Christian beliefs, primarily due to fear and programming.

I’ve recently been able to set aside that fear and have fully embraced my destiny, and my own self deification. I feel particularly drawn to the Draconian Current, and the teachings of Asenath Mason as well as Michael Kelly, and am currently reading Draconian Ritual Book in parallel to Apophis.
I would also consider myself a chaos magician as I am also drawn to Draconic Magic as well.

I’d love any tips, advice, recommend reading, although I’m currently limited to free resources. I’ll gladly share my own experiences as well, and my messages are always open.


O ra welcome, I’m still a newby too . I’m a penticostal luciferian you can keep your Christian faith and still do magic just gotta make sure God gets the worship but you can love and respect all and other then that just don’t go against your morals just saying cause it sounded like you were sorta saying fuck it I give that up for magic.


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For some, that might work. But for me, it didn’t. It was an ongoing struggle. No it isn’t about giving up my morals. I still have the same morals I had as a Christian. It’s just my beliefs that have changed. My focus is now on myself, and the light within, rather than trying to emulate Christ I am just seeking to make myself the best I can be.

I can understand that I have internal struggle inside sometimes. It’s nice to hear your morals are the same, keeps you true to yourself while accepting the change. I just try to make sure I share in his love when ever I tried to emulate him I kept getting weird thought about how dare I try to put myself equal with him. It’s probably a rare occurrence. But I’m weird. I hope you Kindle your inner light strong and have lots of progress in awakening your potential.


I agree with the weird. I think most of us on here have probably felt or been called weird for thinking, believing or accepting such things that we do, especially when so much of our civilization doesn’t believe what we do, that these things are possible.

Yea that’s for sure alot of people hide there spiritualty from other in real life and I sometimes have the same urge. I’m trying to be revealing to those around me. The whole concept of feeling socially awkward in America for being spitual would be so much different if we didn’t kill off the native American who as a whole embraced the spirit realm. The ironic part is within our civilization the one who believe it the most are the ones in charge. I’m curiouse what kind of response we would see if a reporter asked the president about his beliefes about one of the main gods and if he has directly interacted with him/her. Put him on the spot do you deny him or do you break the silence.

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You’re right. Part of it of course is the risk of unbelief. Especially on this path, for someone new like myself. Unbelief can be the bane of magical workings. Especially if you allow the unbelief of those you know to cause your own confidence and belief to waver. Doubt will cause the work to fail. So I think that keeps many people from being open about your beliefs to begin with. And then by the time you do reach the point when your confidence won’t be shaken, secrecy is already an ingrained habit.

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Yea I’m definitely under the effect of disbelief now days when I was first starting to wake up I truelly believed in myself and was able to levatate a few times did a few minor heals. Im pretty good at blocking out other people’s disbelief unless they say it as I’m trying to do it that’s always a wtf ass hole type of moment. Just always remember ICan something that really helps magically is just being near someone who’s magically capable it’s even proven scientificly that the frequency of active Psy cause others with Psy to start activating. Something that helped my mind to get past doubt when I was gonna try something was just telling myself I will do this maybe not this time but I will do this just reconfirming to yourself you have the power. I have never liked the idea of secrecy about being able to do magic I implement it at times but I just think God made us this capable what’s wrong with using what your given. Then I would remind myself sure the Bible says that the sorcerers were bad and wanted the congregation to kill them in old testament times but yes look how much magic Jesus used not everything written in the Bible is God’s opion alot was just mans. Fuck doubt. So I was strong when woke up then got attacked by technology and lost my gifts starting to regain them but I have to do it while still being attacked with synthetic telepathy.

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I repurposed one of my Instagram accounts to reflect my current path, and one of my pictures was liked by someone who wasn’t following me. I followed them, checked out their profile and it led me to a link to their website, which gave me a new perspective on the Bible. Nothing negative, just allowed me to see it in a different light. It might possibly help, to have some confirmation of what you say and believe. If you’re interested I can DM you the link to the website. But you’ll have to DM me first because I’m still learning how to navigate this site and not sure where I would find the DM option. :joy:

It’s a trust leavel thing once you rank up they let you pm people won’t take long.

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Both of your sources(ToAF & Order of Apep) are great! You can also research out the works of Daemon Barzai and some of the BALG authors also contribute to The Temple of Ascending Flame. But please, for your own personal gnosis- not everything done by both groups does not always need to perfectly reflect you. Not everything has to be accepted 100%.

You are your own Magus in the end.

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Yes, I definitely agree. As do the books I’m reading which I am definitely happy to see. No conflict. No “it must be done this way”. They are guides, but the path is, in the end, very personal and specific.

Welcome :blush:

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Thank you! :wave::blush:

I also highly suggest Mark Alan Smith’s Trident of Witchcraft Trilogy which is also associated with the Draconian Current.

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Sharing your experiences in the journal section would be a great read. Your background is very interesting and pretty advanced already to me. Welcome.

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