Black Sun = Black Hole?

I haven’t conducted any research… although I asked a voice whom is Belial what star he is associated with and the answer was a flash back of when I was told by the voices ‘what else are we supposed to do?’ when i came to an understanding that the stars (or the spirits of stars) are playing a game with us humans…

my initial thought is that Belial is associated with the sun and he said yes to which i thought black sun which i thought is a black hole… i’m told that this is correct by the voice and as such was guided to share this information with you all here on the forum


Interestingly, a week ago, Belial took me to visit a planet that he controls (it’s a planet, so not the star that was in your vision). He is the god of that planet. It looks a bit like Earth, very green with running water. I didn’t see any being on the planet’s surface, but Belial said the beings mostly live underground or close to the surface.

The context of him showing me his planet is to show me how much is at stake. The upcoming battle over Earth is going to affect planets beyond Earth. Many beings around the Universe will be affected whether the battle for Earth is won or lost.


Nice Gnosis,



You mentioned upcoming battle for earth. Can you please explain it? Thanks


The battle has already started. Think of it as demons or ancient gods coming back to help humanity break through the enslavement of the so-called “God”. This “God” wants to control beyond Earth. If we lose Earth, we could lose other planets, too.


Black holes form in space when stars, much larger than our Sun, collapse on themselves. They concentrate large amounts of matter in a very small space. They are so dense that the gravity they exert is such that not even light can travel through them.

The creation of black holes confirm theories that our universe might not be 4 dimensional (3 space plus 1 time dimensions), but could possibly host other dimensions and hence other worlds and perhaps used magically for creating a portal to this or other dimensions.