Black Mirrors helpful tips

Hello my lovely new forum friends :wave:

I thought I would take a stab at creating a useful topic.

I have been working with black mirrors and mirrors in general for a while now. And thought it would be productive to share some of my findings.

  1. you can make your own black mirror any picture fame that you fancy and paint it black will be perfect enough. Though you can always get as creative as you wish.

  2. annoint\ bless, consecrate your mirror. You can even dedicate it to your diety\spirit of choice.

  3. Optional, but I like to let mine sit under a full moon, at least once before I work with it.

  4. you are ready begin your work.

And what work will you do? Use it as a portal to see to other worlds? Use to manifest your desires?

I thought for now I would start with how I have used mine to manifest my desires.

I find herbs that correlate to the working at hand and if I so choose a spirit that is inclined to said workings as well.

So if I wanted to manifest wealth, money, I would rub herbs that are known to aid in wealth and find a spirit as well.
Next, I would if I chose to use incense use one that would be agreeable to my working.

After this has all been done. I would gaze into the mirror and visualize myself with my desires. I would call forth the spirit I decided to work with and make my requests known. But always remember to see yourself how you wish to be. Not how you are.

See the wealth flowing from your mirror and flooding into your room, house, business (however, you choose for this to work)

When you feel satisfied that you have done a successful working, remember to thank your spirit if you chose one and close the mirror. (We don’t want prying eyes)
Find other things to do to occupy your mind and wait for the manifestions to come.
Use your mirror as often as you like.

This the first of my tricks but i have many more I hope to share. :beers:

Have fun ! :upside_down_face:


Having done a few, I definitely recommend using gloss enamel paint.


That’s fantastic, great content thanks for sharing.

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Your welcome! I’ll be posting more under this topic soon! :wink:

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So my next little parlor trick is fun!! :clown_face:

This is how to make someone your little puppet!

You will need a black mirror
A puppet (you can easily make a sock puppet)
Push pins or needles
Paper and something to write with
An oil to annoint puppet that is geared to your desire.

Once you have your stuff and are ready
You bind your target to the puppet.
Use your wand and visualize them binding to your puppet.
Write your name on paper and use push pens to stick the paper to the head and heart so that you are on their mind and in their heart.

Make sure you will this to be so. Then use your puppet like you would any puppet put him/her in front of the black mirror and have them act out what it is you will them to think, say, or do.
Remember to keep this up, work with your puppet at least once a month. Remember you are in control. They are yours and you control their actions.

Of course you can use incense of your choice and be creative with things.

Your are the puppet master!

Note: Be careful after adding pens to the puppet as they will stick you.


I love it @Kirsten_Black this is great. I’m so getting a black mirror now after re reading this thread.


I’m glad you found it useful !

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Dumb question but do I paint the mirror black or the frame?
(know nothing about blackmirrors)

Paint the mirror black. The frame can look anyway you like.:slightly_smiling_face:

In my original post there is a picture of a black mirror. That one is fantasy but it’s gives an idea. Your frame can be fancy or simple doesn’t matter.

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Just wanted to make sure. Thanks

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No problem :+1:

“The spiders come in side by side. Two by two and night by night. Who is food and who is thrown away?”

:spider: :spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web:

This is easier if you know your target has a black mirror. Use can set up your mirror and light a candle or whatever helps you to focus.

The get into a meditative state. Whatever way works best for you. Ritual music, candles ect.

Now visualize spiders crawling from your mirror into and out of your targets mirror. Imagine the entire room where the mirror is being flooded with spiders. Any kind of spider you choose will do nicely.

You can still do this if they do not have a black mirror or your aren’t sure. Its just easier on the mind to visualize it if you know they have one and what it looks like.

Do the same thing as above just will the spiders to go from your black mirror into their reality.


You can add a bit of vampirism to this technique buy linking up to your spiders and Everytime they bite the target you get fed life force of the the target.



But sure to close your mirror 🪞 and cover it.



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Very nice!

I just happen to be in the middle of constructing a black mirror on a wooden triangle, a la the Goetia. I will post photos of it when done. I find it’s a GREAT way to safely (somewhat) welcome dark spirits into your chamber. :slight_smile:

The one I’m posting here isn’t mine, but it may give you an idea of the sort of style I’m working on. Mine will be entirely black, but I’m keeping the names of God around it.


Awesome! :+1:

Is the goal to actually see stuff within the mirror?
I recently made one and tried it once in the dark and once with the lights on.
When in the dark I saw colors floating around (maybe energy?), but about halfway between my eyes and the mirror as opposed to within the mirror.
The second time I tried it with the lights on in a way that my face reflected within the mirror. This time I saw my face morphing and I had more of the impression that it was happening in the mirror instead of in front of it.
I had no particular goal during these sessions, just trying to see what would happen.

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You can use the mirror for scrying, yes.

However, that is not what I am doing. I am with the puppet using the mirror to reflect the reality I want. And bring it into existence.

With the spiders I am sending them through the mirror to my intended target.

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I see, I was just wondering if you could also give some advice on scyring. There is a lot online already but it often seems contradicting.

What method were you wanting to use?

If you want use a black mirror, I would say make one with the style you chose. And consecrate it.

Begin scrying into for small periods of time to start off. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Allow yourself to go into a meditative state. It may help to use a candle or ritual music. But have the music do loud it’s distracting. Allow yourself to get lost in the mirror. The visions should come to you.

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Thanks for the tips.
Tbh I dont know what methods there are, I was however confused by basic stuff. For example one tutorial I read said you have to look at the reflection of your face and let it morph, another said to set the mirror up in a way that it doesnt reflect at all.

Ill keep that in mind, thank you. I believe I already did overwhelm myself so better take it slow from now on :sweat_smile:

Also I realized Im kinda hijacking your thread. Sorry for that as it was not my intention.