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Continuing the discussion from Black Magick Manifesto, the Religious RHP and the God of Pantheism:

Alright folks. I’ve said before that I practiced alone until recently, so I’m still learning a lot about modern occult philosophy. I learned everything I know from old books and such. I never fully understood the LHP vs RHP argument. To the ancients, magick was just magick.But I just listened to Timothy’s manifesto and I understand the need for the distinction. I found myself in complete agreement with the LHP philosophy as presented by Timothy. I did a search to see if this was already being discussed, and found this old shit. So I’m bumping this up. I think there’s probably a lot of confusion about this whole idea and Timothy hit the nail on the head with his manifesto. I’ve never heard such a thorough breakdown of the opposing world views.

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Look into this it discusses a a lot about the LHP and RHP argument.

Plus it delves into a lot of similarities between both path, Eric does a good job raising interesting discussion and delves into to the ONA about human sacrifice, it’s the first time that a theistic satanist, a black magickian, a isis goddess, a fairy witch and RHP golden dawn members came together to break bread

( Metaphorical of course ).


I’ve seen it before, and I called myself middle path after hearing that. But that’s not really accurate because the RHP seems to be imposing a limitation on individual freedom that I can’t get on board with. To me everything is up to the individual. There’s no supreme being doling out divine justice to those who break supreme moral laws. Karma then is nothing more than cause and effect, or energy making a complete circuit and returning to its source if it exists at all. Based on the distinction laid out in the manifesto, I relate almost exclusively to LHP ideology. Still, magick is just magick.


The issue with this debate is, because of how loosely lhp and rhp were defined, you have an endless supply of personal definitions with various differences. The chief one you mentioned is an inherent constraint on freedom and am adherence to a set moral code.

I believe lady Eva posted a good post on this (I’m on mobile now so can’t quite look for it )


I completely agree. In fact, that’s actually the formal definition that’s found online.

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To me the idea of Grey Magick or middle path is like a magickal agnosticism i used to be one of those but why sit on the fence know what mean.

To me the LHP isn’t what it’s mean’t to be because i agree it’s up to the individual, but orders and lodges of the LHP specifically satanist’s give us a bad wrap.

They have committed acts of terrorism and human sacrifice in order to keep their order going.

So that gives us the same extremism as most dogma filled religions, so i don’t like that these groups join the LHP to change it.

LHP in my opinion is the path of self, you are the judge, the jury and executioner, the individual should not only obtain godlike power and knowledge but they should know how to use it.

A lot of racist and neo nazi’s join LHP lodges just to use that as a podium to spread their hate.

Which isn’t right, the LHP isn’t what it was now i believe that even in some LHP lodges which i’ve been a part have, they introduce a huge amount of dogma and will often bully the lower ranking magicians just to get a rush of authority.

So this does raise a lot of questions the LHP does thrive but at the same time is being slowly taken over and changed and modified by groups that have no idea what the truth of the LHP really is.


This may have to do with people stapling lightness and darkness to only one “side” for lack of a better word and an individual trying to find balance, if you know what I mean

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But dark and light isn’t RHP or LHP

RHP is allowing a being or force to have influence over you, plus it is following certain dogma like turn the other cheek and there’s a lot of absolution-ism where they believe you have to use certain tools with certain colours and certain god names on athames or the ritual won’t work.

Where as the LHP is supposed to be about looking into a system scrapping the useless 99.9% dogma from it and use and incorporate the true magickal mechanics, we also believe we are the only authority that dictates our life and that we don’t join in on any form of dogma or sense of rules.

There are no rules, in the LHP we follow what we believe works to me these are only a brief examples of the whole RHP vs LHP discussion.

It has nothing to do with Light or Darkness


You may have misunderstood what I was trying to say. Have you noticed how rhp practitioners ascribe themselves to “love and light” and whatnot?

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Yeah because they believe nothing is greater than the cosmic love, i how ever agree it is potent but that not the absolute power.

Ok. And are you also aware that lhp is sometimes INCORRECTLY ascribed to just darkness?

What I’m saying is, some see this abscribment and pick the middle path as a means to find balance between light and dark. Do you understand me now?


Yes this is what i’m saying LHP isn’t all Darkness and the RHP isn’t all light that’s a misconception made by hollywood movies on shit like charmed etc.


Charmed is still a good show regardless.

Back to topic, I agree but some people may not know that. At least not yet. Darkness is something that’s misunderstood.

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Yea I think that’s one of the most common misconceptions- that darkness, negativity, demons, black magick, LHP, and evil are all one in the same- as if darkness is somehow inherently negative or evil. And light, love, positivity, angels, white magick, RHP, and good are all the same- as if light is somehow inherently good and positive. To a spirit you’re blasting light at to banish it, that light is a negative thing. To the operator it’s positive. It’s the perspective. But that’s what had me on the middle path- the idea that LHP meant darkness and RHP meant light, and I felt that choosing a side would be an unhealthy imbalanced hyper-polarization. Through watching EA’s lecture to the Golden Dawn and listening to Timothy’s audiobook on YouTube I’ve realized that’s not the dilemma at all.
I’m LHP. Fuck bending the knee to a higher power.


I brought this up to play devil’s advocate and see what RHP may have to say. Anyone feel like debating and making my day less boring? :thinking:

Yep, here’s the updated reply I did of my current thoughts on the matter;

@J.A.Ragnarson I’ll take up debating on behalf of Team RHP if no-one else wants to and if I have time later, I think I may have some good arguments since I’ve been on both sides, and won’t fall for the easy “gotchas” of LHP? :smiling_imp:


This is basic rhp philosophy without getting into theosophical debate the known christian 10 commandments goes againsy human nature in itself.

As E.A states in some if not most of his videos LHP philosophy is freedom at least the video on homosexuality state from E.A that he does not judge anyone from their views or beliefs within their reality but i believe im mixing up topics here

I may have linked the wrong post above, though it is on topic, this was the one about how LHP isn’t just all evilzz and demons and darkness etc:

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This ia quite common and as someone who is aiming towards the middle pillar believes that there is merit to both sides. I simply take what is good from either side as both have value. To ignore one or the other is simply none beneficial. Our great friend EA himself stated that he as a black magician feels everyone should conquer the light before the dark.

Light and dark depicted as good and evil is overall BS. It isnt real, and is a mass programmed thought process as any dogma is. It is as simple as who is willing to bend the will of others. However as a grey I call myself this because I do not need or want to be labeled based on this dogmatic man made rule of thumb. As stated in the post, the ancients saw magick as magick. Nothing more or less. RHP simply has many rules and is guided by love which is fine, but their rules are bs in themselves. If you cast a money spell, where do you think that money comes from or who youre harming in the process? Harm none? Well I dont see how that is possible. It is ok to cast for a promotion when we have NO idea if the person who deserves it actually is counting on that extra income.

LHP disregards light and even this is so misleading and everyone has their own definition of darkness, everyone claims to know it all, its all bs. This is all UNKNOWN. We should all be working together to find out what this all is.

This whole LHP and RHP seems like a bunch of politicians and if we all came together, perhaps we can find answers much faster.


Yep… Couldn’t agree more

Or even worse - when both sides start arguing over who is ‘Right’ and who is ‘Wrong’… Everyone starts to sound like the J/C/I current of arguing over whose god is the one TRUE god… :roll_eyes::unamused:

Like, whateveeeerrrrr…