Black Magick Dating site?

I like your thinking XD Lolz hahahha

Here it comes the tuff part, as an IT guy- if you make the site…well free who ish going to pay for the hosting and not to mention the bandwidth… ?


This a great idea. I’d pay $25-30 per month for a service as long as there were enough girls to pick from. The huge obstacle to this idea, though, is pictures. Just look at all of the profile on this forum. Very few have pictures. That’s because we all tend to not want to be “outed” or cursed. I would never pay for a site where I could not view pictures of the girls.


Middle aged, hairy lhp Magician needs sultry, seductive and sinister Goddess to worship as a special, singular embodiment of the feminine. Like anti-Nicene church father, Tertullian I appreciate that “Woman is a temple built over a sewer,” and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. A bruising bitch who isn’t afraid to joyfully inflict physical pains upon me when needed, which can be often. There’s spiritual and psychological reasons why I need this masochistic grounding.

Obviously, a stylishly Rubenesque, menstruating femme fatale with untrammelled pubes and a thrusting genital-centred knee; long, lacquered fingernails, cruel hands and who smokes would be highly appreciated. As I enjoy housework (sick isn’t it?) and am a great cook all you need do is Magick, dirty sex and sit around looking beautiful whilst wasted on nicotine and hyper on caffeine. I’m vegetarian, but I won’t let that stand in the way of filthy, bathroom sex (and I recommend at least a whole pack of OREO biscuits for flavour and soft textured consistence – just letting you know).

Please forward pornographic pictures and a no longer than 69 (or 181) word essay on why you deserve to be cherished by me. If you love wearing stiletto heels but are also prepared to wear and know how to use high gloss boots and a riding crop don’t hesitate to kindly be so good as to let me know and I’ll bring my crop for you to use before we adjourn to take introductory drinks, assuming I can still sit down…or walk…not that I want to rush things…



You don’t want dating you want a budget escorting service - girls to pick from? Who says you are the one choosing?

Well if anyone is willing to put this idea in practice, think about a name, buy a domain and a server host, then hit me up. I can code the site to be mostly very similar to Facebook or any other platforms that you love, to use. I have some servers, but I use them for other things, not hosting websites.


POF (Plenty of Fish) started as a “free” site (paid for by ads) and still is but now has certain features there and upgradable to those special features for a small fee. Such as knowing when someone has read your message, etc. But the basics are still free of charge. One good thing about paid sites is they tend to attract more serious users because they are actually paying for the service. Therefore, it’s likely that finding a meaninful relationship is a definite priority in thier life.

I use to do website design, coding and etc. I wouldn’t mind trying to help make something if I had people Interested and if i had some support (by that I mean some people that would help/i could bounce ideas off of).

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Absolutely amazing description!


I’m a disturbed, lhp head-case, that’s why! I loved hairy women who were clean but unwashed and full of spit. Generally women didn’t appreciate my proclivities. I was enraptured by their invitingly fundamental smells and deep, salty tastes. A lot of women I knew smelt like fruit salad but tasted dry and sour. I think it has something to do with the consumption of diary products, but please don’t quote me on that.


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Oh @Uncle-Al… If only I were single and interested in dominating…
I read this this morning and thought of what the life of your lucky dream woman would be like. Apparently you need to find one that is vegetarian and eats lots of fruit. That will clear up the taste issue. Pineapple works wonders for women as well as men.

This whole black magick dating site thing has been tried. A former member of this forum made one called Forbidden Nexus, but it didn’t work.


Thanks so much for the pineapple tip. Always something to learn.

The lhp is the feminine path. Too few practitioners appreciate this. It’s lunar, not solar. Darkness, not light.

In Thelemic Magick the woman has the power, the man directs that power. This is one of the very oldest Magickal paradigms, mirrored in early European kingship and some North American Indian tribes.

P.s. Some people, me included, have their brain’s pain centres too close to or cross wired with their pleasure centres. It’s sick. It’s sad. But I can’t help it.


That’s sad… do you know why it failed?

Many reasons, but, in my opinion, one of them is because it is such a small, niche market that it is unsustainable.



Well there is fetlife a lot weirdos on there but there are some lhp groups and few magic groups on there as well as satanist extra
I’ve talk to a few people from there almost slept with one lol before changed my mind about getting involved with anyone at moment
But it’s free check it out

Let’s make a group there? It is easier than making a new website…

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Ok my profile name is darkheart1976
I have a group I started cult of the dragon
Hit me up there
I also belong to a group called sigializees interesting posts ectra there
But like I said there are some weird people are out there you been warned

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I agree. Plus, the reality of the situation is that most people have a narrow taste range in terms of “appearance”. So we are in a situation where: 1) Finding anybody in the occult is very tough. 2) Finding someone that is in the occult and that you are actually attracted to is even slimmer chances. 3) Finding someone that is in the occult that you are attracted to AND is also attracted back to you is virtually impossible. So a dating site like that is a nice idea, but I think many people won’t be willing to fork over much money for it given the above slim chances of it working.