Black Magick Dating Site, We can do it!

So that was the original thread where someone asked about it, I wanted to say I use to do a lot of HTML code, website design, and I use to be an IT guy for occult websites. It would be interesting to actually try and make this, which I would be down for if I had some support. By that, I mean motivation, helpers, an actual want for it. So if that’s something you’d be interested in feel free to tell me! Please comment below thoughts.


Yes, I would like to contribute to this project. We will need to code the site in PHP is much stable then HTML, and then we can create scripts. Or we can do another thing, we can modify heavily some already codes that exists around the internet. At the end of the day, what counts is when we uploaded the scripts into a server, the mysql data base needs to recognize those…if the process is successfully, from there is very easy.

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I have no relevant technical expertise to contribute, but I would absolutely be down for testing something like this. Shut up and take my money~


With the amount of crazy on regular dating sites, plus the amount of crazy that the occult world draws… just make sure you guys have a top notch legal team. For every awesome magician that won’t stab you to death for eating the last pickle, there are at least 3 that will.


I like that metaphor.


Yeah that’s my one concern, just knowing some occult kinds and of course the wild world of daiting and daiting sites are a whole other struggle

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Thats why i think that the best thing for the start is to make a invitation link…in this way we wont have to deal whit trolls.

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Wouldn’t it be better if someone has to be invited from a already established member? That way we get not as much members (in a short time) but they are a lot more trustworthy…

Put a disclaimer.


This is a dating site for LHP practicioners. Before you join you must show that you are aware of the risks and agree that the site cannot be held responsible for any lust Spells, curses, demons sent your way for any purpose, or any magickal workings of members on the site should they cause any harm to you or not. We will do our part to maintain a safe environment as much as we can. Please note that you have read this to start setting up your account.

“Maintain a safe environment as much as can” should cover you 🤷


If we did that then it kind of makes the whole daiting thing hard. We want it to be welcoming and etc making it invite only kind of ruins that vibe

Any updates on this black magic dating website?

I think the invitation by already established members of BALG or something is better.

I don’t know who is coming through and who is trustworthy…

I vote for a website where anyone can get. Making clear that the person must assume the risk. All date sites/app is dangerous. Also maybe an app is better, no?
Either way, the best would be if was like a Facebook, the person would be able to post things, share things, take part on a forum, this way the relationships would be able to grow based on what the person is not how is look.
Those are my thoughts and suggestions :slight_smile: Either way, I’m excited about the idea. Will be awesome.

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Yeah good suggestions :smiley: If there will be a black magick datingsite… How are we gonna meet up lol
I mean this forum is very international, people from literally all over the world… Americans have the most chance relatively to find like minded black magick people…

The distances are way too much. If I find a girl in California, I will have a serious problem in order to get there. I’m a poor dutch college student :joy: and there’s no dutch girls on this forum.

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I feel your pain :joy: I’m from Brazil. I saw a couple people here from it, but as a big country is quite impossible find someone at least from the same state haha
Even if there was a way of choose from what area do you wanna see people, like those relationships site/apps usually has would be hard for some of us find. USA might be the winner haha Still long distance relationship might work sometimes :joy: I mean is still worth the site/app for us :smile:

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And thats why I want to move to usa… there is so much more variety… but if one is not an american citizen then its tough…


Ever since I was 12 I dreamed in go to USA. But as I grow up this dream got cold, and after Trump got elected (don’t wanting to get in politic) I started to dream about Canada haha I heard is easier to get in and get a job, all legal so…