Black magic to get an ex back?

Are there any suggestions out there to get an ex back through black magic ? I don’t have any personal effects other than photos and name and dob. And if so do you guys know of anyone real in the nyc region I can go see personally ??


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Have you browsed through the ‘Love, Sex Magic and Relationships’ Category?
It’s a popular subject.
Re recommendations, those aren’t usually done here, but maybe someone will PM you, best of luck.

The short answer is, change yourself to change your world.


I have looked through that page yes… done a few recommendations I have received. I know this forum is not about providing services, but just wanted to know. Feel like I need some other powers of magic :wink:

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When I was in your position, for me, I noticed it was the desire and feeling of lack that was hurting, but logically there was nothing concrete to be gained from the relationship, so I followed my head and performed a working to sever the attachment.
It worked very well and did not waste my energy or opportunities on a person that was in the end, not that into me and would never have reciprocated my efforts.

That is my recommendation - use magik to forget this person and find someone who isn’t going to mess you around. Make a sympathetic link out of playdough to represent the attachment, like a heart with a nail in it, and destroy it with intent that this will dissolve the feelings, and you will be free.


I can give you a real easy spell but you need a personal item of his. Pm me.


I can’t PM … Not privileged. And I don’t have a personal item from her* :frowning: you can email me if you’d like though. I may try to get my hands on something.

Im intetested too :slight_smile: but cant pm you as im a new member.

You have PM ability now, there is a short probationary period to deter spammers but you’re fully a Member now and can send messages.

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If you dont have any personal links to the person you can always make spirit powder. I write the persons name and dob on petition-like papers (brown bag paper, no straight edges), make 9 of these and burn them in the cauldron while chanting all my intent into them. ‘This is the mind body and soul of _______’. Then I collect the ashes and dress my candles with it.


Oh yea. Dont burn all of them once; just throw one in everytime the previous one has burned.

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yea ive herd of that, the only remotely close thing I have is a piece of paper with her handwriting on it.
but I don’t have the spell yet, lol. still waiting.

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Just build up your own. :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat!! :pensive: :pensive:

You don’t always have to have a link. The method I used with the spirits from New Avatar Power required nothing but my time and effort. No links…no candles…no incense…nothing


You can also try vamping their energy into a name paper if you don’t have any personal links

vamping ? @Dasheen

@Eternal_Idol I did the calling for Sallos the other day, but didn’t feel anything. I’ve been trying to meditate to his enn 10-15 each day lets see.

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I tried Sallos once. He didn’t want to help me. All I ever got from him was “I don’t know if I should help you”

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Can i pm you for this spell please?

But it worked?