Birth chart readings

What information from me do you need?

It is really mesmerizing how people would give personal info to a complete stranger :grin:
At least buy me a dinner before you screw me over :wink:

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It is explained above in the post.

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First of all im not forcing anyone to do it, and second im not screwing anyone over in any way. I mean seriously how would i do that and more importantly why would i do it. Not everybody in this world is out to get ya.

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May 6, 1963
Brooklyn, NY USA
Tell anything and everything you see about me. If you get it wrong or right I’ll let you know. Thanks.

Cool. I will say that you may have to wait a bit to get to your read as i have lots of requests.

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Student of astrology?
Selftaught or there is an actual university for astrology studies?
As you said you’re unexperienced and nevertheless you are offering services.
Forgive my scepticism but this ain’t fair for forum members looking for true answers and you’re a dabbler.

I have my interpretation already, and i can tell you that it is true, olenna didn’t know me before, but she said me things like she knew me close. Using only my birth date, hour, and city.

Still not buying her story and not even yours :wink: it is OK :ok_hand:
All best :facepunch:

Despite this, it is not unfair for forum members- she noted first that she still learning and want gain experience, so members giving questions do it on their own responsibility, they were informed first. Also she do it for free.

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My good man youre in the wrong place to be having this argument. Do you even know what this forum is about? Take a look around. Thats all. All the best to you too.

Not a problem. Take your time. I’m patient.

11/20/76, 10:00AM Colorado Springs, CO

It’s within the rules for someone who’s been a member for 3 months to offer free stuff, to get feedback and improve their skills:

There’s literally no problem with someone doing this, but remember if you spot anything that bothers you, hit flag (three dots … at the bottom of the post, then flag icon - there’s a confirmation stage, and it won’t notify anyone nor will your identity be disclosed).

That way I can take a look, and sort things out if needed. :+1:

And remember folks, this is on the net and archived by Google etc., so be careful what you reveal publicly.

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Do you have a specific topic i should focus on, or question(s)?

Thank you Lady Eva for taking the time to explain. I will add that astrologers have a responsibility and duty of ‘‘do no harm’’ just like everybody else that does this kind of work. At least i like to think so. Any tarot reader, energy healer or anybody in the medical profession that helps others live by this rule. I think people in the occult business have a bad reputation at times but in general we come with a high set of morals from birth. We understand how the laws of the Universe work when approaching magic or anything related to the metaphysical.

I think spiritual in nature. I am clearing House on the rest of things. Job is good, money is ok, health is having hiccups, no relationship, no family but my kids in my life.

Are you exploring vedic astrology or western?

Western for sure, but i do use some vedic interpretations mostly to see if they work combined with western astrology. I am not a specialist in vedic astrology, i only learned a few things. The nature of planets is interesting in vedic schools, so i use that sometimes.

Especially interesting in vedic astrology is, that in this system moon sign is more important than sun sign. And sun is some kind of banefull planet.